Weekend Part 3

On the road to fun! Picking up my mommy, meeting up with my sister and hoping that we arent late catching up with the rest of the family…. Umm.. I came dressed and ready to just PICK UP people to keep the flow going so I would not be late – but I have this sad huge feeling that these two lovely people that I love to life WILL INDEED MAKE ME LATE! ( AS USUAL )

God knows how long I will have to wait because my mom is slow but my sister is SUPER slow!!!! Talk about me being IRRITATED ALREADY!!!! Big Sigh

Can we HURRY up and leave you guys? Who changes clothes 10 times? ( I do! ) LOL However, when someone is waiting for me and we have places to go – Im ready! Did you ever see that movie called 27 dresses? Well that is how many times my mom needed to change her clothes and my sister changed her shoes and her pocket book to match!

Finally we are ready to leave her house! Geesh… Thanks mom for changing your shoes 3 times and taking 20 minutes to find a certain pair of earrings! Oh wait, let’s not forget trying to pull you from the house because you was watching a reality show!! Really mom?? LOL Nonetheless, by now it is so time to leave – its 91 degrees outside – I do not want to freeze in the air conditioner of my car because you are over heated either!! So this is going to be an interesting day – evening and night!


10 to 6

Ummmm 10 to 6 is NOT  a shift that I am talking about…. that is the losing score that my son and his team experienced today! Honey, I was so mad that they lost because I was in 91 degree weather and it is ONLY worth the heat if you win!! Listen, I do not understand how either of them are able to co – habitat in the hot summer weather with barely getting a drink / a liter of water to drink….  I am so not that type of person to be the point that I spent a whole 45 minutes in my car with the car blowing on me!

I am so serious…. being at this game with the heat and NOT being able to keeo my weekend of 4 days of being alone, relxing and enjoying womanhood and NOT motherhood was very irritating! I mean the mere fact that his team lost by 4 points was just as bad but the 4 runs that they obtained was a curteousy of my son pitching and allowing players to get on base because he was ONLY throwing “balls” and only a handful of strikes!  He did good overall but my focus was on my alone time that was yet AGAIN shot to ruins!

Of course, as parents that we will do anything for our kids but I MUST SAY that this weekend was all about ME and it was taken away from me and  I am focusing on what is the most important ………………………… at least for tomorrow! >> ME  I have managed and proven my “amazing parent” award by my deeds and do not need a television t oshow me what else needs to be dealt with!