Mothers and Sons


As much as my kid works my nerves… I do love hanging out with him…. Just going out to hang out with friends is soo relaxing mentally.. It’s been just me and him for so long that as a single parent..I need space a few times a week.

However, it is rightfully so (in my son’s mind of course) that if we aren’t together…he needs to know my very whereabouts! ! I used to tell him ALL 10 things…  BUT know I had to literally scale it back / down to like 4 things.. . .  I set up an atmosphere that he felt as if it was his RIGHT TO KNOW my every single whereabouts!!! Lol
WhileI’m out doing MY own thing and just breathing my own air without my kid trying calculate how much I breathed WITHOUT HIM…..

When I pick him up to head home….I actually have the nerve to miss him as well…LOL – He indeed is a special kid…


Two Is A Crowd – LOL


This is for all the SINGLE MOM’s out there who have kids and especially young boys who adore them…… Take more time away from them!! LOL My son feels that if he is not away at some type of camp, or baseball practice, basketball practice, band practice, martial arts practice, soccer practice or at school….. That he is indeed supposed to be with me!!!!!!

Talk about 2 is crowd lately …forget the number 3… When I pick him up from different places and he sees that I have bags OF ANY SORTS or my phone rings and ” HE DOES NOT RECOGNIZE” the person’s voice, name or face on my smart phone – he feels some kind of way!!

Mom’s I tell you…….lately TWO IS A CROWD in my book!! Geesh… This boy! Yes, we are disgusting close BUT at the same time – he knows that I am not and have NOT raised any ” Momma’s Boys” either.  It is a shame that a mom would RUIN her son like that because it would make him NO GOOD to women as he gets older….. Something about mothers and sons….. I tell ya! Yikes!!

Had to vent because over the last week – my son has been SUFFOCATING me! LOL – It is like he misses me and does not want to tell me – he went away for camp again and was gone for a week but the camp is only like an hour and a half away – and he is just…… UGGGHHH!!!..  Like I said – two is a crowd! LOL

Helping Self...

Making Time


It is already Thursday….. So ask yourself if you have YET placed aside any time for yourself? If not, then you need to re – evaluate and re – adjust your schedule weekly. How can it already be Thursday morning and you have spent EVERY MOMENT focusing on other things and people but you yet again you obviously IGNORED YOURSELF?

How about start caring about yourself a little bit more than you are doing? You will LOVE yourself for it but you will then KICK YOURSELF after you see / realize how much that you needed it and you should have been “taking care of you”…….

During the time you take for yourself, look at your goals and what you want to do with your life. Think about your goals and how you are going to reach them. Think about the things that make you happy and think about what you are going to do to ensure you reach your goals. Taking time for yourself is a lot about goal setting because you can sit back and determine what goals you want to reach and how you are going to reach each of those goals.

Talk to your friends and family and let them know that you are taking time for yourself. Tell them that this time is for your personal reflection and that means no interruptions. Do not take phone calls from anyone and ensure those in your house know to leave you alone.

During your time, turn off the television, turn off the computer and sit down and surely let’s NOT FORGET to cut off that incredibly distracting CELL PHONE!! LOL

This is so you can be in your own mind. This keeps distractions from becoming a problem and it keeps you from worrying about things, or thinking about anything beyond what you need to.

Personal development will change your life but you need to make time for it and that means making time for yourself. Do not skimp on time for yourself because you want to ensure that you do everything right and reach the goals you want. Time for yourself allows you to think, plan and implement towards that end.

Helping Self...



Ummm….. yeah  – lately I have been very irritated and there a thousands reasons why!!!

I honestly do not even think that there is  ENOUGH  blog space on the internet for me to share!!

Yesterday and today have been very testy for me……..  I mean sometimes I am feeling just a tad bit out of it…. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, Do you hear me? Can you see me? Do you feel sorry for me? Do you want to help me? LOL

My first name MUST be Miss No Coleman for a few months until I am able to breathe……. Yeah, im ranting and raving but I will be okay….

Even an ENCOURAGER needs to be ENCOURAGED at times…. and this is MY MOMENT that I am trying to encouraging myself and it starts with telling everyone NO…..for a little while!  (so serious )…..

Nonetheless, this too shall pass and I will continue finding ways to maintain my peace and happiness….

Dear ( ME )

Weekend Foolishness

Okay… you see my son’s face sooooo……that tells you that he either thinks that I am REALLY amazing or that his mood is great for maybe getting what he wanted… Both ANSWERS could actually work on today….  By the way and this is sooo random – with it being Saturday and all  -Why do MY SATURDAYS feel like work days? Why do MY SUNDAYS feel like work days? That is not how weekends are supposed to be correct?

Saturday is supposed to be a free fun filled day to lay around….sleep in… shope…eat…have fun…chat with friends…go to dinner.. etc..etc..

Sunday is supposed to be a peaceful, short day after attending church, breaking bread with friends or family and come home EARLY…

One day when EITHER of those things happen to transpire for me on EITHER a Saturday or a Sunday – then  I will be a changed woman! (for the better of course ) I guess until then…. my body will suffer from sleep deprivation and yearn tremendously for relaxation more than once a month!

Now by the end of our conversation AFTER he had discovered that he would NOT be getting his way as usual – he pays me back by NOT smiling for the photo –

Women's Stuff

Thoughts –

Women are known be much more enduring, tolerant and patient than men. In the present generation, they are not merely confined to households, rather, they aptly participate in every sphere of life. However, life does not follow the smooth path always.

There are times when a woman’s life seem to be submerged in delusions, where hopes become volatile and the thought process is reduced to mundane. When darkness of negativity surmount them, then they should be encouraged with positive thoughts, that have the ability to retain the lost spirit and instill self-confidence once again. And this is exactly what positive affirmations for women are meant for.

If you feel the aura of optimism around you, then nothing can subdue you. Love YOU today!

Dear ( ME )


I met Facebook, hung out with Facebook, dated Facebook, fell in love with Facebook, got engaged to Facebook and happily married Facebook !! However, I then felt that it was in MY best interest to go and get divorced from Facebook. It was a little hard at first and we went through small spurts of seperation and then finally I knew that I had to end it!

After prayer and sleepness nights and not being able to focus on the normal things of Life….. I finally FORCED myself to “let go” of Facebook a l little over 2 years ago…..  I realized that my life was better WITHOUT it than with it!! ( insert tears here ) LOL

Like any other relationship, who could forget all the nights of staying up until the late hours into the morning! Getting in the car, catching the subway, walking down the public street, getting waited on in a restaurant holding up the line, almost getting hit by cars and buses because I was so focused reading what you had to say or wrote on my time line, what new photos were being put up, where did you go last night, what were you planning for the day etc!! Who would want to give all of that up!! ( LOL )

Nonetheless, I had to grow up and realize that it was indeed taking a vicious toll on my life that I didn’t like! LOL Blogging is better and more therapeutic for ME anyway….. Being on social networking sites can be great but being on a “social” site everyday like IT IS APART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE is “not normal”……..  If you do not believe me check YOUR OWN routine and see how many SOCIAL sites you actively participate on.