2 Different Versions – ( love this song )

Weird video – a fan is acting as if he is the singer……GREAT SONG but horrible video concept


This one has a little URBAN nitch to it…..



Dear ( ME )

Protection – 101

This is how I feel when I spend time with God…..

This is how I feel when I pray to God…

This is how I feel when I talk to God…..

This is what I see when I am crying to God…..

This is how I feel when I am singing to God….

This is how I feel when I am learning from God….

This is what I know TO BE as long as I STAY with God…..


Love You BYE!!!

He went to camp for a week!! Oh how I love Jesus!! LOL Okay – I do not mean to sound so OVERLY excited that my kid is going away for a week BUT whew… I needed the break!

Back in April… I did a blog stating that I was sending my son to at least 5 different camps over the summer which 3 lasted a week each and then 1 camp was just for the weekend…..

Weekend or even just 1 day….. how my year has gone – I will take it!! Nonetheless, he is on his second trip for the summer and he goes AGAIN at the end of the month…

Whew again… Oh how I love Jesus!  LOL  I recall before that I would send him to camps because he is basically the only child and it is just me and him….. so of course to keep him from EVER being a momma’s boy…..being too dependent on me or anyone else…. staying a tough …rough and rugged boy…. maintaining his Christian values – I must allow him to be apart of several things so that he can not only have balance but also have FUN! He is certainly turning out to be an AMAMZING KID – thanks to God for showing me how!

School starts in 30 days and I am making the most of MY SUMMER for a change! #teammommy!  LOL


Downloading Apps!

 Camera ZOOM FX  Product Details    

We are indeed living in an “app addicted” world if you own a cell phone…. There are “apps” for ALMOST everything! There is even an app for you to send information if you feel that you are being “racially profiled” in the airport by the TSA!!!

However, watch what apps that you download because sometimes not only do they attempt to wiggle person information from your phone but also via the sites that you have visited.

WordPress and other blogging sites have allowed people to create apps and  apply them to the Google – Android market and consumers can download them. Nonetheless, I have learned the hard way that some of these “verbage editing and word recognition apps” replaces words that are MAINLY USED in today’s society!


I had did a post and stated the phrase ” an itching ear ” and the app allowed my phrase to say ” a bitching ear” PLEASE EXCUSE the language because I surely DO NOT USE PROFANITY! Even when I was NOT a Christian woman – I never cussed. Well wait… let me take that back… I used to say words like ” hell and dam” and I even thought that was HORRIBLE language coming out of the mouth of a female.

Welp, I said all of this to say that if you have EVER read any post from me lately, please know that language is not condoned by me and does not display my character. I have gone through a few post and deleted a few things already but MY CONCERN IS that the people that follow my post DID NOT EVEN MENTION IT!

Hope ever...

That shocked me because I blog about My Family….My life in Ministry… God…..My Political Views….Relation – Friend – ships…..and Women’s Issues… and using profanity is not the FLOW OF THIS BLOG!! I wonder why no one even questioned it…. So that allowed me to think that they must be used to CHRISTIANS  saying one thing and doing another..

Because if there was a blog that I followed and the man or woman was DISPLAYING Christian values….Christian living etc..etc.. I would sure nuff post  a comment asking them …” HEY!!! What is going on with the content of your blog today?”….. 

Well wait…… then again I do not know  my supporters reasons on why they follow this blog SPECIFICALLY. It is my desire because I am saying / sharing things that are productive, helpful and connects with them in some form of common ground in this life that we all live in.