Some Kids –


Working with a child who is difficult can be challenging  for parents, teachers and any other adults that may be in the child’s life.

Balance discipline and love. Constantly yelling and chastising for poor behavior is not going to make the behavior improve. Find a way to address poor behavior without making the child feel unwanted. Explain the reason for the disciplinary action but reassure the child that you are correcting him out of love……

Of course when the kids get at a certain age – they are NOT going to want to hear any kind of explanation…….. The same concepts can work for teenagers or young adults but it has to be done in different ways….


Whew…… some Children who are difficult quite often require more love and attention in order to overcome the underlying issues that are causing them to act out or be disruptive. Finding ways to address the behavior while still making the child feel loved can be challenging. It takes patience, but loving a difficult child can be rewarding for the child and the adult.

imageHOWEVER, time and change will have to take place for a number of things to work out within the child!! Whew, Jesus!!!!! Kids who grow up in two type of households MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE and can sometime be a GREAT detriment! Choices, how they live, their morals, views, stances, beliefs and their WHOLE outlook i n life!!!

Helping Self...

Selah –

Listening to this song ANSWERS a great deal of questions that I have

Listening to this song ANSWERS a great deal of feelings that I have


It’s A Terrific Tuesday –


Good Morning…

Today, don’t be afraid to Dream Big and step outside the box, there is only one you.I encourage you to let go and let God,stop underestimating yourself,for you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.

Let the weak say their strong,Let poor say their rich, I pray that today you would get in his presence and get your Identity Back!! Don’t let people define you by what you used to do,who you used to be,and what you have done in the past! YOUR GREATER IS COMING…….Be Blessed!


Being Kind v.s Being Right


Being right is a matter of perspective as well.  I may see right differently than you do…so we get back to the greatest law, which is the law of love.  God is love and if we show his attributes, we will truly be in the right in the end, even if we do not see things the way others see them.

Showing love and understanding towards other people’s frailties and weaknesses is what God prefers. We could be right but let it be tempered with kindness towards the other person. God commands us to love one another, that includes being kind.

 Something God slowly whittles away at over time until your life is no longer about you if you give your life to Him. Life  becomes about serving God and serving others above all else. When we can come to a point in our life where what we want is of little significance, we no longer have to be right, our personal value in this world means nothing!

As the bible says, we are stronger when we are at our weakest moments, when all we can do is turn it all over to God, He then fills us, build us, holds us up.

Dear ( ME )

This is NOT facebook!

Okay, I was sent these questions to answer….. a lot of bloggers I am assuming are asking each other questions to get to know one another better…… HOWEVER, MY MIND IS THINKING – isnt that why I am bloggind and YOU ARE READING IT? GEESH….

I will do this ONE.. I repeat one request and if you desire to know anything else… read my blogs or just continue to read your imagination okay! Again even doing this is REMINDING me of facebook! ( I could of sworn that I got off of facebook a year ago) GEESH!


1. Describe yourself in one word.


2. Favorite childhood memory

They all stem around my father and brother Lamonte

3. Best accomplishment/moment of triumph.

Getting over what people wanted for MY LIFE :)

4. Your current job and what you wanted to be while growing up

I am a Drug and Alcohol Case Manager and it is NOTHING that I ever desired to be. However, it is ministry to me so it feels like I am getting paid to come to church everyday and minister. I wanted to be a Politician and a Lawyer. ( Still is not too late ) I work in the political arena still

5. Something that you are good at skill wise

Website Creativity, Administration, Marketing. :)

6. Name one self invented superstition

Showing people how smart you are backfires because it makes THEM lazy and unappreciative of what you can offer on a PAID basis

7. A real life story that you would definitely tell ur kids someday .

Help my 18 year old twins of every incident of cruelty that have showed toward me and other family members :)  ( LOL )

8. Name one regret that you have.

One? Only? Sigh……I HAVE MORE THAN ONE! However, I wish I that I would have joined the Air Force when my kids were 4 years old :(

9. If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I have MORE than one thing being honest but to choose only ONE – I would have to say knowing when to take bigger risks / learning to accept help :)

10. Something that scares you?

Not having the ability to create and be productive and NOT MAKING IT INTO HEAVEN

11. An experience that changed your life.

Dropping and changing my whole life as I knew it without even thinking about the consequenses in 30 days to take care of my mother


Kind of glad that I did it! LOL