Such An Embarrassment –

These folks are FOOLS! I mean, I am NOT ONLY upset because George Zimmerman got off guilty …I AM UPSET BECAUSE A GREAT DEAL OF THINGS go wrong in the American justice system. To be honest, Trayvon Martin’s case just was yet ANOTHER cherry on top of the high stack of issues in this country…. BUT the people in this video are very foolish!

I am not and will not go out and loot neighborhoods and these folks are so idiotic that they are LOOTING and ROBBING their OWN neighborhoods!!  Ugghhh – so idiotic that this is crazy! People any type of education and with  jobs who had to get up in the morning surely was not out there robbing and attacking the police in the late hours at night acting a fool and trying to use TRAYVON MARTIN’S DEATH for the excuse to steal and act a fool! The stores that are being looted..those people own businesses and HAVE INSURANCE POLICIES for this type of nonsense……

Only in AMERICA –

P.S. African-American black men NEED to take this same anger and STOP fighting and killing EACH OTHER too!!

Because I am sooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing that “THE WHITE MAN” did everything wrong when it comes to things that do not go right in their lives!!

Light skinned man kills Dark skinned man BUT blames White skinned man?? STOP IT!! The white man cannot take all the negative credit – look on the news…look in your neighborhoods….look within your household….look in the mirror too! Come on people – this anger is NOT ONLY about Trayvon Martin, it is a multiplicity of things why people are angry – let us have a few in depth conversations to see where do we go from here and how MORE things can be fixed! It is a crying shame to use the death of a mourning family to use the death of their son as an excuses or scapegoat to act a fool when the problem indeed is bigger than poor Trayvon Martin and a whole slew of other African American murdered males.


Boy HaveTimes Changed!

Who would have EVER THOUGHT that you would hardly NEVER be able to tell what “a child’s age is”…….. Scary and Sad all at the same time!

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Graphic but REALITY

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Forty-nine decapitated bodies were found Sunday dumped on a highway connecting northern Mexico with the U.S. border. The incident appears to be the latest salvo in an escalating war between Mexico’s two dominant drug cartels….

For starters….Sounds like the Mexican government needs a little HELP!

It’s Mexico, and it is sooooo unfortunate but this type of thing happens all the time. If AMERICA does not STOP their back alley sneaky contributions to the drug billion dollar business, we shall all see headlines stating….


BREAKING NEWS: Coming soon to a state in the US near you!

Think about it people… How can we have gotten Sadaam Hussein and other terrorist in other countries thousands of miles aways BUT  cannot STOP crime that has been going on for years within a country that is a ” HOP – SKIP and a JUMP” from us?

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Hmm.. maybe this is why Arizona is so gun ho on “some ” of their new legislation that has caused an uproar. I am NOT SAYING that people should have to walk around and be pulling out papers like the Jewish Immigrants were sadly FORCED to do by what ” I call ” The German DEMON – Adolph Hitler.

However on the other hand some could say…. See why we need to control our southern border?!@$%#@!

 So… in a nut shell –  Thank you to all the politicians who support the Drug War. Your drug prohibition policies will only bring more violence just like the Prohibition against Alcohol brought out violence!

For them to be that bold to leave 49 HEADLESS and some HANDLESS bodies in the middle of the STREET not only were they sending a sign and a message but it shows the control that they have over the country that they live in!

It is almost to the point of saying that “The War on Drugs” –  is over and We lost!!! I mean this is some real serious – dangerous – scary and mind boggling stuff to say the least!~

The bodies cant even be identified because there are no hands, some have no feet and there are certainly NO HEADS to identify the bodies! So it is like whatever FAMILY is missing relatives – ” they have to assume” that one of the 45 bodies were theirs! That is crazy and the sad thing about it is that AMERICA is not placing a HOLD for AMERICANS to stop going into Mexico!

We used to have a “ban on entering” certain countries like Cuba and the Americans who were visiting and already living there was told to FLEE quickly due to their safety due to them being Americans. I wonder why our country is not doing the same thing for Mexico?

Yeah, I keep forgetting that crime – drugs – killings – bombings is a very lucrative BILLION DOLLAR business for The United States as well as Mexico becuase it will indeed scare all of the tourists away, the kids on Spring Break, the weddings and all the already booked and paid for family vacations!…..

College Kids who want their Spring Break? Go to Miami!

Families that want to go to the beach? Go to Maryland!

Couples that want to get married? Go to California!

Tourists that want to sight see? Go to Virginia & learn about U.S. History!

It may not be want you want or expected but remember…..THE WORLD is fighting to get into OUR country and OUR country is fighting to visit others!

GO FIGURE! Americans have everything and want to leave…Foreigners have nothing and want to come here and get everything….. backwards.com!

Politicians / Government Officials do not care that killings make them rich until “it touches” them across personal lines! However, they all need to understand by now that there has NOT been a government official who has been apart of being apart of the Drug Cartel in any facet who has not been killed, monitored and threatened.

” If I know the names” of the main Mexican Drug Cartels………

  • Gulf Cartel
  • Beltran-Leyva
  • Los Zetas
  • Sinaloa Cartel
  • Tijuana Cartel
  • Juarez Cartel
  • La Familia

Then of course you know that  The America Government knows the names of the main cartels, the chain of command, their command posts, their route in and out of the country to distribute, their landing destinations etc!

They need to take action…espcially since it is literally living next door to us at this juncture. As ‘tough” as Texas law makers are, I am really shocked that more is not and has not been done – makes you wonder huh!!…..