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Have we gone too far? It’s a question we ask at the outset of every outrageous new reality series—be it “Survivor” or “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” It’s also usually an early sign of a show’s success.How reality TV hurts girls

But response to a new show teased as part of Oxygen Media‘s spring lineup, seems to mark a momentous moment when reality has truly jumped the shark. Collective and largely unchallenged outrage over the network’s upcoming show “All My Babies‘ Mamas” is the unusual case of a show sparking enough controversy to potentially kill it.

“All My Babies’ Mamas,” a one-hour reality special slated to air in the spring of 2013, features Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker, an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist with 11 children by 10 different women. Oh, he’s also got a 19-year-old girlfriend, who’s a year shy of his oldest child.

Everyone is upset at the TV NETWORKS for showing these types of shows…. BUT I am siding with the TV NETWORKS…. they are in it for profit only right? So their take on it is they need WILLING PARTICIPANTS to even make a sure and to bring in ratings…

So if people would find some morals..stances..beliefs….ethics….and values then soo  many networks would not be able to make millions of dollars on the stupidity of women…..kids and silly males!

Dont fight the networks and boycott…. why not find out who the actors are or the reality tv people and boycott outside of their homes!

Most reality shows are a political money making mess! Dont want the tv networks to make any more ghetto shows? STOP WATCHING THEM because the ratings tell them that DYSFUNCTION is what sells!!!! Just like music sells shows the music industry that SEX AND VIOLENCE sells! Stop being apart of the problem and finally take a stand to be apart of the solution!!! Stop complaining and do something!


A “tiny” Little RANT

No longer am I making myself accessible to EVERYONE at any given moment. I will HANDLE people only as God leads…. God has blessed me to network……rub elbows…..break bread…minister with… humbly minister to a few big name folk and BALANCE has became “my new thing” over the last few months.

Balance sounds cool but that is all it is until you indeed actually practice it!! LOL  I promise you that everybody in the church does not have access to T.D. Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Joyce Meyers or anyone else at that level.

I DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE a national platform to maintain my personal space – I do a lot and I certainly give a lot of myself TO PEOPLE all hours of the day and night and when it comes to MINISTRY – I realize that ministry does not wear you down and kill you but it is the people’s issues and problems that ” we choose to take on”……

National leaders take breaks and certainly have a line that they do not allow everyone to cross and it is just plumb craaaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyy to me that people want to STALK you and make them your friend when they find out who you know.

Trust me people like Joel Osteen, preach, teach and impart and if the people don’t get delivered after all of that then that’s between them and God. What I have seen and discovered is that the local church will kill you or TRY TO RUN YOU RAGGED! I have seen too many preachers die at an early age. I refuse to be weighed down by a repeated cycle of telling people the same thing on the phone that I have said in services or what God has given me to tell them but they refuse to obey God.

Leaders have to prepare for where God is taking you. I’m in a different place, God has shifted some things in my life. My suggestion is for people to really seek God and pray for every appointment…connection…networking opportunity etc. because EVERYTHING is not God telling you GO or DO or SAY!!! So instead of blaming others, I will blame myself – and making better / wiser / healthier choices is my goal!

I am “so new and grateful to be made WHOLE again”……I love the people of God, REGARDLESS in they are in the church or out the church…….. but you “‘ain’t” killing me!!!

okay i’m done!!!!!!!!!!!


Different is “oh so good”

I so love the different types / styles / sounds of Christian music!

Most of my life I grew up ONLY listening to gospel music and over the last 5 years I have FELL HEAD OVER HEELS with the “other sounds”….

It is amazing because now that I have gone through a major metamorphis era in my life – I can NO longer only listen to one kind of music.

I sincerely obtain something different from each genres and I NEED THEM ALL to sustain my sanity via this thing called Life and Ministry.


civil rights in vain?

Monkey See, Monkey Do…. Simon Says … etc. I wonder what has transpired to the willingness for people to desire to strive for greatness? The slump of the African American Communty (ies) is just soo heart wrenching at times, that it brings about a pain for my people that I sometimes NO LONGER want to feel.

This is all I want to know……

Do you think that Martin Luther King Jr. has asked the Lord if he could leave Heaven
being escorted by one of the angles.. at least just for a minute… I mean seriously!

Gabriel or Michael so that he could ask the African American Communities if he DIED FOR NOTHING..

Good question dont ya think? He just wasnt for black rights… but for civil rights.. HUMAN
rights.. but of course being an African American himself..he wanted the best for his people..

Nonetheless…..because as a people.. yes A PEOPLE.. we have not totally taken the open doors that he ignited for HIS people as well as others.. Hmm.. maybe some of our communities ( these young kids as well..
no respect.. in any form or fashion ) need to have the luxury of getting sprayed by forceful water gushing hoses and being chased and bitten by dogs to fully understand what he was trying to accomplish…. It is a suggestion that is all. Understand my frustration yet? It is not rocket science to obtain information about the Civil Rights Movement and then figure out what is done  >>next.

Problem is that the ACTION – WORD called >>> Unity has almost been depleted from the vocabulary of African Americans to the point that the actions that are put on display shows you that every single day. Morning, Noon and Night, we as a people NEVER let the media down by showing what “we are indeed capable of”……

 What about what Malcom X did for the African American Comminty (ies) as well? The religion that he chose to follow was Islam and I feel because of that, the black community (ies) seem to hold that against him when it comes to the part that he “played and participated in” via the black community.

The same kids that are getting shot and killed, bullied, verbally abused etc. kids do not think about the long term affects that their actions have. They take a life and think that it is cool and will make them popular. They rob and steal and brag about it like they just scored a “A” on their Alegebra Test in school. They bully kids like they are the Osama Bin Laden, but where is Osama now???  >>>> buried 6 feet under, burned up to never be seen but more so “dealt with again”…..

 Is it me? Or does it seem as more women appreciate the marches and the strikes etc? I mean where IN THE WORLD are all of our male role models for these black young boys and teenagers? They are dying so fast it is like an epidemic and feels as if there is a disease that has been let loose in the atmoshpere and it has now reached its “airborn state” that it is indeed infectious…. I am just venting of course but also through my venting, the truth is surely being spewed from my lips.

The fathers that leave, run and abandon their children are also growing in record numbers and if there were stiffer penalties for this, men would either be more careful of who they have sex with and have children with. Or it will surely cause them to think twice about not having protected sex. Make it into legislation about a few other things and that will erradicate several issues.

What about Medger Edgars? Did he die in vain for the generations of the 1990’s to present? Huh?

I wonder very often if the anointed, tenacious and tactful Civil Rights Leaders from our past was able to see how the world would be in the next 20 to 40 years, ” WOULD THEY STILL” have gone through everything that they for OUR PEOPLE? I feel that they would have still spoken up but not risked their lives for people who would only appreciate it for “the now”…….

I am beyond embarrassed, hurtful is a more concrete feeling that I constantly feel seeing the people of my color, my skin, my ethnic group, my sisters, my brothers, my family, my children CHOOSE to be a statistic without any current regets…

That right there for me is enough to make a blind man not even want to see! My heart is just grieved and prayer, faith as well as action will make the change but it indeed truly takes a village to not only raise a child but it takes a few villages now to raise 1 kid that has gone astray in this day in age. Nonetheless, it is now 2011, and for every “village it takes”… there are at least 10 kids from that very same village that are acting in disarray so a great deal of help is neede. Help Lord, Please…

It is not fair to allow people to feel that A DEATH was in vein… God knows all of the answers of course but I am venting from the aspect of being an African American Woman, a mother to a black son, raised by a black father from the south who experienced racisim his whole life and has been chased and threathend by several white men……he made his voice heard when it was time….. i was nurtured by a beautiful black women who also was raised in the south via the era of racism and was there to witness the Atlanta as well as the Alabama Church burnings….

My father pushed, and pushed until I understood the importance of education by making me read books on presients, political events, federal budgets, understand the stock market, and a whole slew of other things that has made me into the woman that I am today. He self taught himself all of that and he only had a middle school education due to the South being so bad when he was growing up as a boy he had to leave because he couldnt take it anymore and that is what brought him up North.

So as his daughter and the things that he had to go through along with a great deal of other African American families it hurts me to my very soul to see THE STATE OF black males today. Sadly to say, a great deal of the African American little girls, tweens, teens and a few women make me EQUALLY sad…. People when does it stop? If you need counseling, lets get it, if you need this…. if you need that…. let us as a people get it please!

I am soo over hearing, watching, experiencing the death and downfall of that black males in American Society… People are hurting and may dont know how to get out of their mass hysteria and I do “”” GET THAT “”” …………….. however, can you at least meet us half way?

 Even if you dont like what you see when you look outside your window… brown grass or green grass… a picket fence or barbed wire… find that place in God because only He can take you higher….

Regardless if you grew up in the projects, on the porch  or in the palace……E–V-E-R-Y-O-N-E  has a dream!