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Just Wondering Why –


Why are women always so catty with one another? I think of all the EXCUSES that people can use of WHY THEY ACT the way that they do and it still makes no sense besides low self esteem.
Some naive people could say that its the nature of the FEMALE.  Or maybe even humankind in general is the most warlike of all species, and its even worse if they are fighting to protect something. 
Is it that they will fight to the death to protect something they hold dear if they feel the enemy per say, is a threat. Or how about they will fight for the death if the enemy has something they want or need, or if they interfere with their lives.  I am assuming that 2/3 of these scenarios are why most of history’s wars are started.
There are more GIRLS who have the AGE BRACKETS of women but they are not happy with themselves so although they are 40 years of age – their behaviors clearly place them at a age of a 18 – 21 year old GIRL and not a WOMAN!  ……. ( sad thing is that this has been going on for centuries )
Honestly petty girls who do not know how strong they can eventually be like revenge and getting back at each other because it disgusting makes them feel better about themselves! But then you have the guys who too can be petty at times, however find a way to just hit each other and they are done with it.  Ummm…. and maybe I’m a girl and most of my friends are guys b/c girls like drama!!! LOL – geesh…..
One day a majority of women across the world will realize that we are BETTER and STRONGER TOGETHER!!

Parent Teacher Conference!

My son is just so so smart and I am glad! Whew – Although I am very elated that my son had all A’s a few B’s and 1 C – I STILL wanted to choke him!

Ugghhh why do little boys like to monkey around in class, why do they talk too much and cant stop, why do they chuckle and think that everything is just so  funny as the teacher walks on by?

Yeah I may be smiling but I have practiced my facial expression to STILL SMILE so that I dont end up choking my son! More things to work on via cutting up  – because I do not tolerate and deal with that CORNY and excuse of ” Boys Will Be Boys ” Syndrome……

I feel when you know better, you do better and my Lord does my son KNOW BETTER…..So he better get his act together or he will take it on the road! Mess around with me and he will be on punishment until he enters middle school >>>>>> I AM SO SERIOUS….. ( at least somewhat at least ) I went to the Parent Teacher Conference with a smile on my face and left the conference with my face and cheeks hanging low – I am officially disappointed!

Raising sons is something INTERESTING – geesh


PT Conference, Here I Come!

On my way to pick up my baby to head to his little 5th grade Parent / Teacher Conference…. Please let EVERYTHING be of a good report! He has been blessed to have been on Honor Roll since he has been in Pre – K.

Well, Math is something he is very good in and I would have to give that gene credit to his father….. He aces math like its nobody’s business! I think math is ” alright ” I guess…. However, I think that my son’s father may have been just a little gifted in math which has made my homework time with my son EASY………Thank goodness.

Wish me well and if all goes welll, this conference should be a fly by night meeting that last no longer than 30 minutes AT TOPS!

Drum roll PLEASE……….

Social Studies







Music Theory


One on One Tenor Saxophone






Recognize It….

Regardless if it is men on men …..female on female …..male on female or female on male –

October is The National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Just stop it….#that’sall 


Who Cares if He’s 9!

I understand that MOST of the time, the way that people turn out by their teenage years is predicated on how they were raised and groomed during their toddler and pre teen years, oh let us not forget the enviornment that they spent most of their time in.

However, I cannot imagine someone bullying my 10 year old son, physically or verbally without me wanting to literally FLIP OUT….. I was raised semi – almost perfect, with a few dents here and there but overall I felt that I had a descent life.

If things were bad, my mother and father surely did an AMAZING JOB hiding things! Nonetheless, when it comes to parenting….. I continue to try and instill MOST of the things that were embedded into me towards him… So far, so good!

A few years ago, if someone advised me that what you are about to see on the link below transpired…I would have thought they LIED! However, it is almost 2013 and I have unfortunately seen the indiscretions of  a few younger kids myself, as young as 6 years old doing horrid acts. New laws need to be put in place and change the AGE brackets of getting arrested. Kids like this surely needs therapy as well as being placed in a juvenile detention center for a while and hoping it will “assist them” in changing their ways! UUGGHH –

If it was your child, niece, cousin, sister, friend etc..etc…etc.. would YOU CARE if he was only 9? He is a little killer in the making if he does not get the help that he needs. Calling him a killer to some may be a horrible thing to say but im looking at the behavior he is CLEARLY displaying and a psychiatrist and psychologist looks at behaviors of serial killers…pedophiles…bombers.. major key player in a gang …..etc…. and study their behaviors seeing how they were as a child…a young adult etc.. finding a mental health trail to see what made them tick BEFORE they obviously snapped.

This little boy is 9 and the force and trauma he is imposing on these little infants and toddlers is gut wrenching in its finest hour…. Pay attention to kids like these so we can PREVENT any more Columbine and Colorado shootings!!!

Horrid behavior in this clip! …….#SERIOUSLY 

Here is the link….      Arrow : A Colourful 3d Rendered Falling Red Arrow Illustration Stock Photo


Dear ( ME )

Cats – OH My!

Okay…. from a few of my blogs you know I have expressed my desire to get my son a dog and MY FEAR to get a dog! LOL My son said well what about a cat mom until we can find a boy teacup yorkie! First of all – YUCKO!! I do NOT do cats at all…. look at what these little baby lion creatures can do!!!


Sorry my dear son… I will surely wait to find that little tea cup Yorkie for us both and find avenues to get over my little fear of dogs RATHER than obtain a cat! UGGHHH…..

I can just imagine smelling someone’s house right now who has cats running all over their furniture and the weird and VERY unusual cat urine smelly spots in their living rooms – hallways and bathrooms!

Sorry CAT LOVERS – it is nothing personal against you – just a personal preference!

Hope that I can find a healthy tiny dog sooooooon…..