Helping Self...

Losing A Friend Today –

I have to admit that this may be ALL of my fault – admitting it does make the pain a tad bit more bearable…..

I really thought that this thing would be good to me and stay my BEST FRIEND… but things have changed between us and I do not know what to do!! I was in LOVE with ” MR. SCALE” …. he was the PERFECT boyfriend.. told me and showed me all the things I wanted….

Eventually he started changing on me….  So either I have to get rid of HIM or change a few of MY own habits…….

We have been through this battle before and this fight isn’t as bad as they used to be, so maybe there is HOPE..

Helping Self...

Sweets = Calories = Weight =Toothaches

Just as they say within the police departments, school buildings and community centers…. SAY NO TO DRUGS!! They should also put those same posters up in local bakeries saying. SAY NO TO SUGAR! I mean seriously, it is one thing having a sweet tooth but making cakes and danishes with candy as well? Who does that? Who would eat that? Why would they eat that? UGGHH!

I am trying to OBSESSIVELY get these LAST and gone forever 15 to 20 pounds off of me and just by ” literally “……. L-O-O-K-I-N-G  at a photo, I feel that I have not only became a diabetic, but also gained the pounds that I sincerely want and need to lose!  #TOOMUCH


Dear ( ME )


mtvjerseyshore:</p><br />
<p>PAULY D PROJECT | MARCH 29TH<br /><br />

I lost 3 pounds!!!

Now 12 more to go and I will FINALLY where I “sorta wanted to be” BEFORE hitting the gym again…… I am so jealous that men lose weight more quickly than women! It is like watching the Biggest Loser and wondering why the men get so excited that they have lost 15 pounds in one week???? I’m like DUHHH……. their body is made up so differently than women, they only have muscle and fat to be frantic over! We have a whole lot of other things like carrying babies, menstrual cycles and A TON of things not added on the average list that makes us carry more weight than men….

Nonetheless, I still celebrate my little 3 POUNDS!! Yeah Buddy!