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Sooo funny and true! It reminds me of kids wearing Michael Jordan shoes but do not know how to read or write well……..or attend school on a regular basis!


Dark Knight- Batman Premier – Sad News

Lord, Lord, Lord!!! I do NOT ever want to feel this type of pain!!! Losing a loved one by way of violence has to be one of the most HORRID things to experience!–abc-news-topstories.html


In the wake of the SAD tragedy from last nights killings, I think that Bill Cosby said it best here……. America– why cant we do better? Seriously!!!??? UGGHH

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Waking up this morning as I was driving I still saw many houses that still had their holiday decorations up and it made me think of Black Friday. I have never experienced the whole Black Friday rush, excitement, madness, fights, sales etc. The closet that  I have ever participated in this yearly after Thanksgiving event was this year when I walked into Target at 615 am and that was CONSIDERED very late! LOL

I guess me going into the store at 615 didnt count because the long lines outside of the store were gone and Target is only a 2 minute walk from my home! I would always criticize the people that would have fights over sales in the stores over materialistic things because Ralph Lauren, Ambercrombie and Fitch and Michael Air Jordan to name a few do not know or care that you even exist!

Wait, I take that back…..they care because you represent REVENUE for them so to some degree…maybe they do care about you! However from the photo that I inserted above, I would hope that it would make people really think and value what they ALREADY HAVE in their homes and in their lives… Trust me, just like our parents / guardians use to say to us all growing up, that there is always someone SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD who has it worse than you! Welp, there you go, while people are fighting over sales, there are people in foreign lands who are standing in line just to get a handful of cornmeal.. We always say that we know that we should settle down and spend less and save more but America is sooo fat!!!

Our black kids standing in line for HOURS and spending over 200.00 to purchase Michael Jordan tennis shoes, kids getting shot and killed over brand named tennis shoes, clothing etc… Go stand in line to get the new Juan Williams book or the next Michael Eric Dyson book! How about go stand in line to hear Bill Cosby speak at another HBU? Or even when Bill Clinton comes to town, the percentage is certainly TOO high for the amount of black kids who are not interested in reading unless it is a designer label.

Pick up a book…instead of Playboy…….watch CNN instead of BET….. visit a church instead of a morgue….. help an old lady off the bus instead of your boy steal and break into a car…… a little girl how to be a lady instead of showing a girl how to prostitute…… voluteer and teach little kids how to count at school instead of how to shoot craps in the back alley…. for YOURSELF, why not learn the words to a Martin Luther King speech instead of memorizing all of the lyrics to every lil Wayne song?

Change is hard to start but can be easy to continue… just AT LEAST attempt it and im sure you can CONTINUE it!

I am soo with Bill Cosby via the name of his book geard toward the black communities called… COME ON PEOPLE!.. Yeah please do come on!.. If you dont want to do something you indeed will find an excuse why you cant…why you shouldnt….why you wont… However if you desire to… you will never take NO for an answer….

YES!….. trust me I understand that it is about where and how we grow up.. okay I get that… but im not going to let that LINGER for an excuse in the black communities like people have allowed it to for the last 50 years… Sorry, it is 2012 and it has been way over due and im tired of hearing the same sob stories…

Please can you come up with at least a new improved one for THIS NEW 2012 if you still want to stay stuck in your ways?? Seriously… we all need something new every now and then…even if it is stress… a lie…an excuse… not saying doing those things are okay…. but I am a black woman and I am tired of it….. I experience negative things as well from white men and woman BUT I certainly dont allow that to place me into a ball of depression.. get to know who you are …connect with positive things and people and maybe your start does not have to dictate how YOU FINISH!!!

Also, no more ” the white man – IS HOLDING ME BACK stories “ too.. please! Yeah, the black man has been given ” a raw deal” ….I certainly agree with you all on this note! However, it is hard enough for the black man BUT they also tend to make it harder when they make choices that send them to jail and when they get out they are upset because they cant get at least a 16.00 per hour job because they NOW HAVE FELONIES…… Every black man SHOULD NOT have the same story to tell and the same song to sing……

Plus it shows that alot of people refuse to read because I have a NEWS FLASH to report!! When the whites traveled to Africa and traded gold, wheat and everything else with the Africans….

EVENTUALLY the Kings and Queens started trading their own people as well because BLACKS WERE ALSO SLAVES IN AFRICA but the only difference was is once they crossed into American territory they certainly was not treated like they were back home. I am assuming maybe they didnt mind being slaves for “our own people” because they were treated still with some type of dignity…. Nonetheless, they were still considered slaves….or high class maids / servants etc.

It is time to TOTALLY STOP blaming the the white man for every negative thing that has happened or is happening in your lives…. Truth be told… The white man has moved on and now is dating black women and marrying them….. oh yeah.. and having babies with them.. I even have dated white men in the past and would marry one too. It is about how an INDIVIDUAL TREATS YOU because the whole white race did not put blacks into slavery!

so okay now what? Remember.. just like ALL blacks arent ignorant… ALL whites arent ignorant…. Geesh…. Now dont forget that we have also managed to get a black president.. yeah they disrespecting the heck out of him but he STILL managed to get elected and stayed alive these last 4 years while he is in office!!!

Geesh..I dont want to hear.. oh I live in the hood what do you expect?…..well you live in the hood and your daddy may have left you….you and your mother dont see eye to eye, your friends have more than you, your teachers are always on your case,  and you hardly have food in the house to eat more than 3 times a day … BUT YOU STILL SEEM TO FIND A DESIRE TO WANT …..THIRST FOR…DESIRE…  the latest Nike shoes, the latest wristband watch, the latest coll t- shirt, the new fitted hats etc….

The SAD PART ABOUT IT ALL through all of this killing over his shirts, jackets, book bags and tennis shoes is that ” no one has noticed…..or no one has stepped up” to say anything about Michale Jordan himself.. has NOT said not 1 word to these kids/ teenagers AND parents to stop the violence… Thank them for supporting you over all of these years but also let them know that viloence is not the way to go…

Doesnt that seem a better route that he should take and he needs to fire his publicist because if Jordan didnt think enough to do a press conference and say this on his own… then the Publicist should whisper in his ear and school him… since that is the PURPOSE of having a publicist in the first place…

I am referencing the word fat meaning we do TOO MUCH of…..and that would be mentally, ( we over think which makes us JUDGE )physically,( its no secret, you can even watch Dr Phil and see 4 and 5 year old kids who are getting taken away from their parents because they are tipping the scales at about 200 pounds ) emotionally, ( we fight over everything, argue over everything and dont take the time to sit and talk with anyone over our issues.. which makes us so emotional that we make horrid decisions in life ) financially ( okay America is how many BILLIONS of dollars in debt? and the citizens themselves have declared war or bankruptcy!!! ) etc…

Nonetheless with knowing all of this information at hand, there are alot of people who still will NEVER do change! You noticed that I mentioned that America is fat in every area but Spiritually, because if we prayed alot and acted out “whatever faith or religion” that we follow….the world…let alone this country would not be in the shape that it is in.