Bill Cosby –

Sooo funny and true! It reminds me of kids wearing Michael Jordan shoes but do not know how to read or write well……..or attend school on a regular basis!


sister time #random

oh wow what a day and evening did i have! hanging out with my sister is always a blast and we enjoy each other’s company…. She has been such a HUGE blessing to my life as well as my kids… Having a sister who is also your FRIEND is a blessing.

Whew goodness over the last 10 years she has been my OTHER rock! First The Lord, then her, then my mother……. My life has been a struggling movie that has finally made it to the big screen because I made it through hell, fire and surely brimstone!

Learning to appreciate the individuals in your life who have SHOWN THEMSELVES trustworthy, ready and available to assist you is worth more than even Bill Gates banking account. Alot of people may have money but they dont have genuine friends… and although money can buy you really ANYTHING but just know that it will be counterfeit!

 I pray for her daily that God would surely give her the desires of her heart because she is such a sweet lady and has a true heart of gold… She too has been through a great deal of rough patches in her life….. and she still deals with them with grace because she trusts and indeed believes that God will truly take care of her… Her faith in God is also a big inspiration to me because it reminds me of what areas that I STILL MAY NEED TO GROW IN…

My parents did  a great job in grooming all of her kids and instilling values into us all….. The Coleman Family is small in number but we are strong! I am glad and honored to be a COLEMAN because I have obtained such strength from who I am! My father has taught me how to not just go to the moon but to even make MY OWN MOON! LOL

Sisters are special……… Brothers are important……. Fathers are needed……. Mothers are foundational and I am blessed!