Do Your Civic Duty Today –

Shut up and just go VOTE ….. 1 woman made a complaint and started a movement and got legislation passed to get PRAYER taken out of schools…. You hear me???? The opinion of 1 woman!! I wonder why she wants God name on the money that she spends everyday….. UGGHH


bi – partisan

I feel that bipartisanship has the ability to really serve its purpose in more ways than one…. Over all, it is a good thing to have in certain areas so no one party can take control… It is pretty much a uni-partisanship in America over the years because the Democrats have all the control, if they so chose, they could pass any bill, law or just ANYTHING, and the Republicans would have no say in the matter, this is wrong and cannot be aloud, the U.S. government was built upon checks and balances and none of these can take effect when one party controls everything…

For others, it’s become nearly a dirty word. They say bipartisan policies are usually bad policies. “The problem I have is, there are several members of Congress – and they cannot recall any bipartisan bill that did not increase spending, expand government and increase our debt, said

That’s no less true for liberals, whose top priorities in the health care debate have been jettisoned in the past several months as Democratic leaders sought a winning coalition.

I bet there’s a lot of Democrats, a lot of progressives, who ultimately think ‘bipartisan’ is a bad word, partisannship often “becomes code for We’re willing to compromise everything just to get one or more persons from the other side on board.


The word “bipartisan” entered the lexicon about the turn of the last century, and on its face its meaning seems clear: two political parties working together.

But after 100 years of use and misuse of the term, its meaning is now anything but clear….Throughout the health care debate, Democrats have said they’re willing to compromise for the sake of bipartisanship, but Republicans countered that a real bipartisan bill would include only provisions on which both parties agree.

Contrast that with last week’s slimmed-down jobs bill in the Senate. Republicans pushed for a broad bill written by a Democrat and a Republican as the bipartisan solution, but Democrats instead pushed through a bare-minimum measure that Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said was bipartisan because all sides agreed on its elements.

It is not and should not SOLEY be based upon the parties itself….. I am personally 75% Republican BUT im also 25% Democrat…….. There is no one who is 100% of what their party represents….if they say any differerent, they are “on the take”…….. Regardless, what side a person takes.. America is in trouble and we have to collectively come together in the community, city council, the county council, the state level and surely the most difficult >>. the federal level if this country is to indeed move and progess any futher….. P.S. whatever happened to WE THE PEOPLE?