Another Letter – “for him”

Wow, we have made it 11 years TOGETHER and we still are “besties”…..LOL

Thank you so much for teaching me how to become a better PERSON first…. There has been SEVERAL times / moments that had me displaying anger due to a multiplicity of things that either HAPPENED or DID NOT HAPPENED and through it all – you have always been my “soft voice” to calm my nerves!

May 31, 2013 is a day that I am grateful to see with you……

Although you turn 11 years old today but God know that spiritually you are at least 16 years of age and naturally just doing everyday normal adult like things – you are EASILY at least 18 years old – *go get your driver’s license* ( LOL) 

I would like to apologize to you for the days that I may have FUSSED at you more than you may have wanted to deal with – I forget sometimes that although you are VERY MATURE for your age… the end of the day –

You are “STILL” a little boy …who is growing up into a mature “tween” and I have to allow you to do that REGARDLESS how many times you say and do things that seem / are adult like. Thank you for allowing me to MOTHER you and choosing to love me back!


It is NO SECRET that you have almost “everything” but I still pray that this weekend, “starting today”  – you will realize how blessed you really are and not to take even the things that you may feel is “little” or “ordinary” or “what you feel is a standard way of life” for granted.

REALIZE  the daily gems /  the lifestyle that I provide for you is NOT normal for the average kid……. You are beyond blessed – remember that!

Love you 2 Life…….

 “Momma Pooh”


My Baby Turns 11 TODAY –


Being able to celebrate my son’s LIFE today means the WORLD to me… There are a great deal of mothers who are either burying their son or wondering where their son even is – So therefore, I am humbly grateful for my baby being alive and desiring to want to be and STAY a good boy.

Life is short – so be tough… fair..take a stand but always show love!

Helping Self...

Laugh – Love – Live


I am known to ALWAYS be so so overly serious but my love muffin son has forced me to LOCATE my funnybone! 

With his various activities, most days coming home SUPER late – we are stopping by a drive throough pick up window or sitting down for the last 30 minutes of a restaraunt before they close…..  crazy I know!


I have been celebrating my birthday since February even though most of you knew that it was last month but I am still getting well wishes…


Nonetheless, Im still super happy and making sure that I stay on tract!!! I vowed to start celebrating my birthday for the whole 28 days since last year for my “late father’s sake”…. Now, all I want to do is laugh and seriously enjoy MY LIFE…

Well we are well into heading into the second week of March and I am STILL GOING STRONG! My mom, sister, nephew and son have been cheering me on since January and im very grateful that I am making a very concise decision to move on “with them in mind”….. No stopping ME now!

(Proud of myself)


Random Appreciation-


I dedicate my whole week to the most remarkable, loving, caring, compassionate, prayer warrior, friend, confident, soldier who will celebrate another day upon this earth and see yet another day that she nor I have not seen.
I do not have to wait until her birthday to CELEBRATE her living above ground. Her birthday was back in November 2012 but I still honor MY MOTHER !!
She is the air beneath all her children, Grand children, Great grandchildren.      ” Mommy Cakes” my nickname I gave her, has been through many trials and tragedies in life, but she taught me to preservere and be what God will have ME to be!
So, I thought that as her daughter I am supposed to act spoiled and rotten….but indeed it is she who acts spoiled with me and even pouts if she does not talk to me at least 5 times a day!!! GEESH….Yes, but I would NOT have it any other way! Nice to have a genuine – sweet – pure – and Godly Mother / Daughter relationship…
It is good to dedicate your time to the person who brought you into this world AFTER you dedicate time and your Life to the one who made it ALL POSSIBLE…  >>>> GOD!
So indeed I do bless God he has allowed her to see another day and I LOVE MY MOMMY!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It does NOT matter how and when you celebrate LIFE of the person whom you love…just make sure that you do indeed celebrate it with them!

With a great deal of  people are dying and regardless of the age, I have gone to funerals for people who were deemed to be young and healthy!

So with my MOMMY CAKES turning 73 years “younger” today – I am elated to share every moment with her!

She has taught at least 75% of what  I know and it has 75% made me into the woman I am – so she is batting really good at almost 100 and im am already almost half of her age! LOL …Nonetheless, she introduced me TO CHRIST – which was the best relationship that I will ever have!


Happy Blessed Day!

Happy birthday to my big sister!!! She means SOOOOO MUCH to me and has always been there for me when I did not feel like BEING BOTHERED with myself if that even makes even sense!! LOL I have spoiled her REAL GOOD!! She is going to really enjoy the WHOLE rest of the month of November 2012…… I have had sooo many wonderful things planned for her and God knows that it is MY PLEASURE

She is just SIMPLY amazing…..and deserves ALL the happiness that her sweet BIG HEART can surely hold! Last year was great for her too because I celebrated her birthday until New Years!



This is NOT the look of a 10 year old boy who had a birthday the day before and was given a great deal of things and went a lot of places. This cannot be the same person with this expression on his face can it? I am still confused MYSELF of this little transition from yesterday until today……

His face is displaying the reaction from his AMAZING mother punishing him because of something the he chose to do THIS MORNING! Yes we are SUPPOSE to still be in celebration mode for his birthday BUT when you make the wrong choices in life – THINGS HAPPEN.  The world does not care what day of the week it is….who’s birthday it is….who died… who was born…..who is sad….who is crying…..who got married…who is joyful…..etc..etc..etc.. Learn early son and it will make your life EASIER.

I REMINDED him how good of a Parent that I have been and that he knows that I only request CERTAIN LITTLE things via his behavior. I am raising him as a Christian, God -Fearing and respectful wisdomatic boy. He knows better and that is why it bothered me as well to place him on punishment at 6 am this monring when we had such an awesome time yesterday and the AMAZING things that I had planned for him via the rest of the weekend. Nonetheless, we all have to learn lessons in life and I am glad that I can be the one to teach him a variety of them….all within the confinments of my home.

Happy Birtthday anyway Button Drop!! You will learn from this and respect me for it later! Being disobedient can cause damage to your own life!