I Love The Number 74


Today is MY mommy’s birthday!!!!!!!!! After ALL of what she has been through lately I am honored to celebrate her awesome LIFE at 74 of age…… Thank you Jesus!

Food, prayer, gifts, games, laughter and amazing fellowship just blesses her very soul right now….. (she’s soo happy right now)

Personally, I am indeed just sooo grateful AND thanful for TIME with family… Time is something that cannot be “bought” so you have to really enjoy and respect quality vs. quantity. ….

Glad to make my mom happy with the little things in this life… She is just happy to have some of her family with her…… Making her SMILE is indeed a goal that I strive to meet daily with God’s direction.


Celebrating MY Son – “Jared”….


For ME, you’re more than Superman, Batman, Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, Iron Man and all the other superheroes of the world. You’re our very own Super Boy Jared!!!! – Actually you are MY SUPER BOY!

Try not to waste this year too!!! You keep me busy all year round so pick a few months to stay productive! LOL May this new year of your life, bring in more wisdom, more self-love and more happiness in your life.
May you get all the happiness in world that your heart can “presently hold” and May God bless you abundantly.  I can never thank God enough for giving me a son like you.

MY Love Muffin, You’re not just a handsome face, but you are even blessed with a pure heart. When you were born, I held you in my arms and I whispered a small thank you to God for gifting me a star….. ( I was crying when you were born and you took all of those tears away….. ) Mommy wishes you have a year filled with lots of success. May all your hard work pay off….  

Alright boy, see you in a few hours! LOL


Kitchen Table

I know that I keep EMPHASIZING on how awesome that I think my 10 1/2 year old kid is ….but he is! ( well at least 85% of the time ) Look at the little love note that he wrote my mother above…. I was VERY TOUCHED and he laughed at me when tears came to my eyes! I told him when he gets older and he has kids ( according to him, he wants 4 kids / 3 boys and 1 girl LOL ) and his kids show massive compassion to me – he will indeed appreciate all of the amazing gestures as well…

I feel that ” The Kitchen Table” is the place where a great deal of  information can be exchanged and it is funny how when people break bread they become very relaxed! My son talked about November being “a good month” and of course I asked him why and his answer was the same as mine! November represents giving thanks and his aunt, grandma and great grandma‘s birthday is all in one month so that could only mean good things!

Then he stated that he liked Christmas and Valentines Day… Christmas was of course a no brainer – but he did say that he was glad that Jesus shared his birthday with the world! ( my eyes filled with water ) LOL

So of course, immediately – im like yeah..yeah..Jesus loves us all okay now what do you know about Valentines Day! LOL ……. he quickly stated with a BIG MASSIVE grin – Mom its about love! What???????????????????? I fell off of my chair (in my mind at least) I do not get panic attacks but I felt as if one was coming on! He said Valentines Day is for love mom and I love you and my family. I didnt buy it ( although I should have – SHAME ON ME ) I asked him if he liked a girl and he got disgusted immediately and said yuck mom.


So that made me happy and I advised him that he could play his video games for A WHILE now….. After that 10 minute LONG conversation – I needed some air!


Memorial Day Beginning

Okay…. ready – set – go! it is Saturday and it is super hot outside… Nontheless – I just arrived at the destination where my son will be for 4 days and I am so ready to leave him behind “”with a smile”” on my face! LOL

I cannot understand why the GOOD LORD above would see fit to allow the temperature to reach 91 degrees today! Actually the whole weekend is supposed to reach the high 90’s all weekend!  My plan was to drop my son off and then RUN to the car screaming IM FREE!!…..IM FREE!! IM FREE!!! LOL

My son’s birthday is next weekend and although I was VERY excited to get rid of him for the whole weekend until Monday – I still found a way to stay with him when I dropped him off at his best friend’s house! LOL Funny right….. can’t wait to get AWAY from him but also hung out for an hour or two as well! However, this is supposed to be the beginning of his birthday celebration and maybe he deserves it and maybe he does not! LOL I think that I am doing this more so for me to get a break being totally honest!

LOL, I need a plan to get away! My son DOES want me to leave but his best friend, older sister and his mom wants me to stay!! YIKES.. NO!!!  ( I am serious though! ) LOL

So I ended up staying for 2 hours and I actually did have a blast hanging out BUT…… It is time to go and be alone and do me because my girl pals are waiting! LOL