Black Church FUNNIES – So Hilarious!

Oh my goodness!! I laughed SOOOOO HARD until I almost went to the bathroom on myself! NO LIE PEOPLE…

If you have EVER attended a black church on a few occasions or if you are even apart of one – you KNOW THIS VIDEO to have a great deal of funny and sad truth to it…..

In ALL HONESTY………..These guys are so hilarious in this video.. and to make it sooo bad …sad..and FUNNY is that it is true of what goes on in the black church…… Whew – I know that they are only joking but to these LEADERS who are being FAKE…..let them take notes that people are WATCHING them…so be mindful if you are doing YOUR WILL or the WILL OF GOD.


My Heart is Glad –

Artists like Hezekiah Walker makes you always remember who God is!


They are even MORE great live in concert!!!……..


Church vs. State

Church conversations and little talks were a tad bit on my nerves – people do not understand the difference between CHURCH and STATE and I have been really seeing that over the last 5 years. However, it is merely the CHURCH that has a HIGH LACK OF KNOWLEDGE about politics….

Yes…… I MAY BE A HISTORY AND POLITICAL JUNKIE – but overall most black churches are not involved intellectually like “they should”….

The problem of church and state has to do with institutions and the spheres of action that are appropriate for each. Here the concept of separation is valid. The government does not appoint bishops and pastors for the churches. Churches, meaning here all religious organizations, do not appoint presidents, governors, and judges. No religion can be favored over others or supported by taxes.

So can we STOP with the OBAMA foolishness! WE THE PEOPLE voted a regular man into office to run a WHOLE country and not a PASTOR to run the country…. There is a difference – seriously.

The state has no role or authority in defining beliefs relating to God and worship. The free exercise of religion is to be guaranteed. The state is neutral between particular religions and permits citizens to believe or not believe in God and to engage or not engage in religious practices or belong to religious organizations according to the dictates of their conscience.

There is no religious test for holding office……………….. If it was a criteria… AMERICA would surely be in big trouble!! Yikes.

Is religion one of many activities that deserves protection so that other interests are equally important in the eyes of the law? Or does it deserve
special consideration so that its claims outweigh all others? If the former, our ultimate loyalties and our relationship to God may be demeaned and set aside for lesser values. Yet religion may be the sponsor of what is bigoted, heinous, reprehensible, or even trivial.

How can we protect religious liberty as a precious right and at the same time avoid  its misguided, destructive, immoral, and hateful manifestations? To put it differently, society has a set of laws and practices regarding justice, medical practice, morality, decency and many other things.

When religious beliefs and practices are in conflict with what society has deemed necessary or important for the health and welfare of its citizens or
to guard their civil rights, what trumps what? How serious a breach of religious freedom can be tolerated for the sake of making secular law applicable to everyone? How reprehensible must an act be to eliminate its practice in the name of freedom of religion? Should individuals be allowed to discriminate in the name of religion against blacks or homosexuals or unmarried persons of the opposite sex where their own property or private prerogatives are concerned while a public institution should not? How do we distinguish between private and public in these cases?

How are we to weigh civil rights against freedom of religion? To shift the focus, is religious conviction merely an example of human subjective preference which we can change by another choice, or is it a transcendent objective demand that claims our allegiance in a compelling way so that we  have no choice but to be obedient to it?

The Constitution specifically names freedom of religion as a protected right. How much weight does it therefore have in relation to conflicting claims? I am just so over everytime I put on the news someone is trying to take GOD off of something….. No one is stating to take His name off of money!

Let me touch briefly on a subject that is still with us.  It involves a proposal by President George W. Bush. The issue of government support for  faith-based human services is  full of complications, dangers, ambiguities, and subtleties. The beauty of religiously-oriented social ministries is the potential for dealing with people as whole selves, i. e., giving them food for the soul as well as for the body. But this very unity poses the problem of how it is
Constitutionally permissible for the government to enable the providing of secular bread without funding sectarian religion.

If, on the other hand, the delivery of goods and services to the needy is totally divorced  from the religious dimension, in what meaningful sense is it any longer faith-based, apart from merely being sponsored by a religious group? Why shouldn’t the government fund a church soup kitchen if all that is dispensed is soup? Because, we say, what the church would spend on soup can now be spent on  the church bus. But maybe they would just serve more soup. Maybe the soup itself is a  witness to the faith behind it, but if it is, is that not a sponsorship of religion?

Would the government discriminate against some religious groups? But that is a matter of administrative practice not of Constitutional principle. What is a religious group? What  does faith-based mean? Can we think our way through this thicket without falling into confusion?

IM DONE……………… ugghhhh


How Reality Shows “Should” Be…..

Move Over Mary Mary Gospel Reality Show! LOL

I cannot wait to see this….. Dont get me wrong, seeing Mary Mary’s reality show was just simply amazing TO ME at least because it was real and reminded me of me and my oldest sister!!! It showed that CHURCH FOLK are normal and have issues as well and argue and fuss like EVERYONE ELSE!
Ask for God‘s forgivness as well as anyone else we have offended and keep our days moving!!! UGGHH! Deep folk! But my team would not be flashy via sin!

Here is their link below: ( Mary – Mary )

If I had a reality show, I see it being with a mixture of Mary Mary, with a little hint of The Braxtons Family values! Sure people will judge, but WHO CARES- LOL

Yes, I love Jesus Christ
Yes, I LIVE the life because it is a lifestyle and not a trend
Yes, I am in ministry
Yes, I am a mother
Yes, I am a businesswoman
Yes, I am professional
Yes, I have friends from ” ALL ” walks of life (not all in church)

Being diversed …working with people from various backgrounds, staying true to who you are in CHRIST and having the skin tough enough to not worry about what others think of your process and productivity is indeed ME!


Weekend Still Interesting!

My son’s best friend really enjoyed church service this aftertoon and I have to tell you how funny the morning even started!!! I was playing a video tape of a black pentecostal preacher named T.D. Jakes ( google his name ) and YES!! Via the black church the way that he preaches is  a certain style to it! Well anyway, he was sitting at my dining room table eating breakfast and he turned to me and said.. WOW!! That mean just keeps really, really  screaming loud!! You just had to REALLY hear how he said it because he was NOT trying to be funny at all, it just concerned him that this preacher just would not stop screaming as he was talking.

The black church calls it preaching but other cultures who do not understand it is either scrared or just simply confused by this style of preaching. I expressed to him that the church that we were going to was a multi – cultural church and he will fit right at home! LOL He then said that it did not matter if it was a black church or a white church, he just do not want the screaming the whole servie!

Whew Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so  so hard that I just walked away after I gave him a hug! LOL

We had a good day and guess what happened when we were leaving church!!! I got a text from my son’s baseball coach and he stated that my son had a game TODAY!!! It would be a make up game! Yes I was soo ticked because as you see, I STILL CANNOT seem to get any ALONE ( free time )………….. Nontheless, I was very elated that my son’s best friend loved the church and experienced a different setting of ministry that he will consider visiting again! When I went to pick them up from their Sunday School, them boys surely did not want to leave! God is good!!!!

I feel like we are The Three Amigos!! 


Church Service


Went to a service and honestly I sooo didnt feel like it but as always going to the house of God was / is worth it!

The praise was okay but the worship… worship was unreal!!!!

Have you ever been to a church service and you feel GOD soooooooo much that you looking up starring at the pulpit……behind the leaders….under pews… behind doors…..behind the curtains….out in the parking lot….under cars… Lol because HE is there!!

Everywhere!!! Then you get mad when they stop and move the service along! Like I almost left to go sit in my own car just to continue on what I was personally experiencing!

I stayed and the word was blessed BUT I still wished the service could have taken a LONGER pause time during worship…..

Thats what USUSALLY happens in a great deal of black churches…..

We call on God to come visit us….HE comes….then we tell Him that HIS TIME is up because of the people didnt pencil God into the agenda for more than 25 minutes!

Oh well……