A Female “Jim Crow”……

pastor makeda pennycooke via facebook

This story has LITERALLY floored me this evening…. I mean really? Some black folk kill me with their LACK of respect of their own identity – It is a SAD DAY in America with it being 2013 and this JIM CROW Black Woman acting like this!

An African North Carolina pastor is facing backlash after she requested “only  white people” work as greeters at the church she leads. This woman has a smile on her face but her mind and intentions toward her own race CLEARLY says something different.

In an email, Pastor Makeda Pennycooke of Freedom House in Charlotte said  “first impressions matter,” and the church wants “the best of the best on the  front doors.”

“We anticipate having an increase in the number of people visiting and  attending Freedom House over the next few weeks,” she wrote. “We are continuing to work to bring our racial  demographic pendulum back to mid-line, so we would like to ask that only white  people be on the front doors.”

The church said the pastor apologized, and released a full statement that  said Pennycooke was writing because “the greeting team was no longer reflecting  the racial diversity of our entire congregation.”

“She made an error in judgment in requesting all white greeters at the front  door, going overboard in placing emphasis on any one race over another in trying  to highlight diversity within the greeting team,” the statement continued. “She  admits this was a grave lapse in judgment and is sincerely sorry for her  actions.”

I bet this AFRICAN AMERICAN PASTOR ….had a POOR lapse in judgement but I do NOT feel that she is sorry – She is sorry that the members of her church told the media about!

Never thought I would see a BLACK …Jim Crow ..ESPECIALLY in the “form of” a Pastor! This country is full of surprises!


Same old ….Same old In – JUSTICE


Ugghh…. of course by NOW everywhere in America is either screaming, crying, protesting, yelling, screaming or talking about the unlawful and racial profiling killing Trayvon Martin case right….. How about I was NOT EVEN SHOCKED that the verdict went the way that it did….. Honey, look at the CASEY ANTHONY CASE……….enough said huh??

Well, I will just not only pray but I will ALSO find other ways to be of an help to make a difference….. Sign petitions… show up for rallies…show up & PARTICIPATE in town hall conversations etc.. ( THIS COULD HAVE EASILY BEEN MY KID )

It is MORE than just praying – you also have to do something as well…..before the black males in this country becomes an endangered species! ! #truth


Remembering and Respecting MLK


A great man can never be forgotten – he can only remain to be admired, missed and respected!!! I am personally grateful for all of the sacrifices that this man CHOSE to do on behalf of ALL people.
The Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an example that people all over the world can still appreciate and emulate.

Mother Teresa was not the only chosen vessel by God to create, lead and change people’s hearts in the name of the Lord. The Civil Rights Movement was the pedigree to the United States of America’s Freedom!



Black – White – Right v.s Wrong

When Justin Bieber does it, to fans it seems to be cool and accepted!!??


When rappers like Whiz Khalifa does it, it seems to be cool as well!!??? I do not get it at all, ” please help” okay?

Image Detail

Via “mainstream society Bieber will be the one to “get the pass” and say things like …”Oh he is being a kid”……

Rappers who do not get a pass in main stream society get things said about them like they are thugs adn ghetto.

Well I have a news flash for ANYONE who feels that “this look” is acceptable regardless if they are Black – White – Latino or Asian…… and should NOT be accepted by “certain races” in mainstream society. The Latinos are most commonly known for starting this IN JAIL and it meant something towards their sexuality, tuffness or it could have just been a style that was established because the prison guards had to take their belts so the inmates dont kill each other / committ suicide. Nonetheless, saggy pants over the last few years CERTAINLY sends “signals” via  a code of conduct for having sex with men.

The Latino community have been wearing their khaki pants like this for years and it made statements within their gang communities that they so proudly served and “semi” protected.

Then the black community reminds me of the state of TEXAS at time because Texans go over the top and do things big style!  Welp theblack  males ” TOOK IT UP A NOTCH” and not only have they sagegd their pants – they wear them OFF of their behinds with a belt, hoping they can stay up!  Ask Lil Wayne!

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It is indeed sadly repulsive and lowers the male view in society.  Whether you sing – rap – opera – play an instrument – an actor – a dancer etc…. It shows lack of respect for yourself and proves VERY LOUDLY that you are a FOLLOWER and not a Leader!

It would be so nice if all of the states banned together with the state of Atlanta and Michigan made legislation to fine men and women with dressing out of context via soceity acceptability! Down there, the police officers can pull you over for wearing sagging pants….revealing tops and too short of a skirt and dress!

Now that is JUSTICE! ( don’t get mad!! Just put some clothes on! )

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Dear ( ME ), Politics

Have Come A Long Way- Still Ways To Go!

Racism in America is something that has NEVER came to an end……maybe a tiny “hault” but not an end!

How is it, that in such a refined society, there are still people who believe that they are better than others based on nothing more than the color of their skin? It is my hope and belief that, younger generations, (those who never experienced segregation), have the core knowledge to know that there is no connection between race and ability or community stature. It should be plain to see that in everyday society that there are multiple examples of upstanding honorable minorities. Far too many people point to the relative few who make up the stereotypical black person as an excuse for racism. We must be realistic in our mindsets. We are all human.

matter the color of our skin we should all be equal. The movie called, The Help was a “calm version” of how racism was in that era I am sure! I wanted to go see the movie with my wonderful mother and her faced almost became DISFIGURED when I even talked to her about it! She immediately told me NO THANK YOU baby, I do not need to see that movie because ” I lived it”….

Whew…..talk about my feelings being hurt and I felt so so saddened by her response because it allowed me to see that she still had some past pain via racism. Lord help my sweet mommy! It is amazing what our parents keep hidden deep down inside of them. I asked her why she never talked about it and her reply was…baby I did. The few stories that I shared with you from when I was in High School was bad enough. GULP…..  >>>RACISM SUCKS <<<


William R...William R...William R...William R...


William R... William R... William R...William R...


Through it all……

The only true solution to racism is for everyone to push past all of the stereotypes and unfounded ideas that we subconsciously passes. I understand that seems like a very simplistic solution to a huge problem, however; what truly is our basis for hate? A person’s color has nothing to do with their ability to be a productive member of society. We should not need laws to force us to give everyone the same opportunities. We are more than just black and white. We are a single species. As a species, we should move forward to overcome our problems. Not be slowed down by bitterness and stupidity.

The world in which we all create, is the same society in which our children and our children’s children will encompass. It is our duty as parents to see that future generations have the best opportunity at thriving in an equal world. Only through peace and understanding can we ensure the love, peace, equality and all things pure, are preserved for all who seek them.

Dear ( ME )

This Morning –

Trayvon Martin is now FIGURATIVELY wearing a brand new HOODIE! 

Regardless if any child is wearing a hoodie….a hat…sanging pants ( so disgusting ) or certain colors… Violence via black males in America has PROVEN to be way out of control.

This morning I woke up thinking of my own 18 1/2 year old twins……

This morning I woke up thinking  about my own 9 1/2 year old son…

I woke up thinking that although I love the Lord and I indeed want to make it into Heaven that I do NOT want to bury any of my children……

I do not want them to see the Lord anytime soon….

Life is short…Life is precious… Life is a gift…..Life is a blessing..

I want my children to live for God and enjoy life and not worry about them leaving this world early let alone tragically.


Still Bothered….

Wondering why you NEVER hear about BLACK MALE Professional Athletes being gunned down and killed?

Being black, male and unpopular makes you a THREAT in America it seems unless you are popular into main stream society I guess…

Black Men in America ONLY seem to be “cool / okay ” if they play for the NFL….. NBA…NHL… MLB..

Tiger Woods lives in Florida and has been seen wearing hoods but has never been stopped….

Football players wear shorts and hoodies all the time etc…. but THE PAPARAZZI makes sure that America knows who they are so they do not “appear” to be a threat to people who may be scared of black men.

Dear President Obama,

Yes, you went to Harvard and you are “fair skinned” BUT you are STILL a black man as well as a world leader and you happen to be the person who runs the country that this incident happened in!!!!  Can YOU speak up…. America, WE the People – cannot hear you – (AS USUAL!!!) However, if it was something dealing with Iran/ The Middle East etc.. we would hear you LOUD AND CLEAR apologizing on behaf of the Islamic Religion!

Yes…. I am ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As A BLACK MOTHER with 2 BLACK SONS…I should NOT feel like this in 2012