Im blessed…..


It has indeed been a while since my last blog! Well, things have been just sooooo busy in all areas of my life…… for the BETTER, thank you Jesus! Too much to go into but the list is long and some things are nice to keep to myself… ( for now )……Obtaining different perspectives on things…people and life will always make you re evaluate what is important. Love is something that God has commanded us to do for loved ones as well as enemies….we are to LOVE one another –



It is great when you can recognize the blessings that are in front of you as well as lying within you – waking up and being able to spend time with whom you love and do the things that make you happy is a HUGE blessing. Nothing can compare to the love of God and being PERMITTED/ GRANTED the grace of choosing to follow Christ and His benefits.20121222_201657

Please take a small moment and FIND OUT who and what is important in your circle – pluck up all the weeds so that your original garden can bloom again! Do not allow negative situations to kill the garden that God himself has divinely blessed you with…..Know that it is up to us to plant it and nurture it correctly….


From this Christmas on, it is imperative to make it about family. The gifts and running around, the sadness and disappointment of not having enough… Release that. Allow your mind to be at peace. Get your family around you and celebrate them.  Look into the mirror and ask if you have done all that you can to bring peace… My younger son and I is amazed on how his older brother has MATURED!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! He still has a great ways to go but I am grateful for the tiny steps that my son has chosen to take on his own……It is a blessing and yes I am soooooo proud! ( WHEW – FINALLY )


THIS is what Christmas is – A family gathered to [celebrate a child]. So celebrate each other. Nothing matters more than your family time spent together I do urge you to love those who YOU call and consider -FAMILY.



Elderly Love –


Respecting your elders should be a common sense approach in general in regards to dealing with them – Although with it almost being 2013 the RESPECT factor has slimmed down like never before. So much wisdom runs off of the very sleeves of a great deal of elderly individuals that some generations either take it for granted or just plumb do not care.

Well I have a need for their wisdom as well as them – the very fact that they are STILL alive and in their right minds blesses me. The stories that they sit and tell me and the things that they joyfully instill in me is a major help to me.

Who would not desire to sit and eat up all of the information that a wise women or man had to offer these days? Last time I checked, America was in shambles and A MASSIVE PERCENTAGE of the church LEADERS was / is in trouble so why not may I ask?

I will listen – maybe it is because how I was raised and my own personal desire to be taught! There is such a rich HARVEST amongst wise individuals that you have no choice but to grow if you are open and have good clean / untainted soil within yourself!

Respecting them ALONE is prime legacy for a better ME.


A Great Part of My Day

Was taking a break in the mall and sitting in a chair trying to get my MASTER PLAN together so I would be focused and not OVER SPEND as usual! Lo and behold, here walks in my niece whom I have not seen in ummmmm….. I shall not say how long it has been but ……..It’s wonderful when you KNOW you have a few folk who love you for “REAL”…No strings attached, no hidden agendas or motives…they love you for you, with all your faults, &  all your idiosyncrasies because they see the “essence” of who you are, and you can be “just plain ol’ you” with them, without all the “stuff”…Man, true LOVE from true FOLKS is an awesome thing…deeeep siiiiiigh… Seeing her REALLY made my whole weekend worth staying in my tri- state area! Grateful to see her and blessed to share and swap stories of LIFE and knowing that we have and had shared a great deal of similarities was just astonishing…..

We laughed..talked…..I cried….we hugged….we paused in silenced…we flirted..we cracked jokes…we mini complained and lifted up Jesus!

yeah – I am talking about my lovely niece  and she is an amazing 26 year old young woman who loves God….shopping….family…music…cats…ME and LIFE!

There are a few people who I KNOW loves me without a million questions that I  must ask first…. what am I doing these days… where have I been etc.. they are just glad to see me and that I am doing AMAZING!……

OKAY – the moral to this quick blog is to tell you to ……enjoy people who desire to enjoy you back!




A “Peaceful” Message –

Peacefulness is an inner sense of calm – it comes from becoming still – in order to reflect and meditate on our inner wisdom and receive answers. A peaceful heart is one that is free from worry and trouble. It’s becoming quiet so we can look at things quietly so we can more clearly understand them and thus come up with creative solutions. It is learning to live in the present.

There are hundreds of tasks we feel we must accomplish in the day, but if we do not take them one at a time and let them pass through the day slowly and evenly, as do the grains of sand passing through the narrow neck of the hourglass, then we are bound to break our own physical
 and mental structure.

Peace comes from living in the moment and looking for the good in others. Peacefulness comes from facing our fears and letting them, trust that things will turn out all right. Peacefulness is also a way of approaching conflict with others so no one is made wrong. Everyone wins because we then work to find a peaceful solution.

If half a century of living has taught me anything at all, it has taught me that nothing can bring you peace but yourself. God granted us the ability to CHOOSE what and who we want in our “living space” mental space….spiritual space….physical space…and emotional space.

The SOLUTION is this >>> stop making room for things that DON’T matter!


Enough of Jared 2 Go Around!

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

 We were talking and he was getting into a mood again when he thinks of the lack of consistency with his father and brother and I had to remind him that just because his father is not there, just because his older brother does not call, just because he does not see his uncles that he SHOULD NOT disregard the people that are in his life that have helped him over the years – not to mention currently! His MIND understands but of course his HEART does not and that hurts ME AS HIS MOTHER…..

So as we talked about the people in his life, I dedicate this blog specifically to my little 10 year old baby… Single Parents – do not dwell on what you or your child (ren) do not have because the blessing is indeed WHAT IS LEFT! Remember the blessing even after the blessing seems to have dimmed in your eyes! God is not through – blessing you!


My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

My son is loved

That is why he is always so happy and it is a GREAT reason for us both to appreciate the people placed in his life….. He may not have a a long list of MALE mentors in his life or MALE family members in his constant circle BUT God has strategically sent te individuals who were able to assist him in his time of need. Also the WOMEN that are in is life treat him like a young man and NOT a boy who is treated so delicately that he PREFERS to hang around women…his aunts….his mother…his grandmother…my girlfriends ( female friends ) etc… I am blessed to have people in his life who genuinle care about him.  The male figures will come and add to his life soon enough….

Until then… his friends – his friends dad’s – his friends uncles keep us running while I maintain being Soccer Mom……Band Mom….Baseball Mom….Taekwondo Mom….Swimming Mom…. and REGULAR MOM! LOL

For the lack of MALE role models in my son’s life  – it is so imperative that he stays involved in as many male centered activities as possible. I STAY TIRED – but I feel that my son is totally worth it!


A Simple Life Observation


 Do you ever wake up feeling just STONE COLD  amazingly blessed? Well I am NOT being silly when I ask that question because not until last year in April did I ” START “ having those moments! It sounds strange maybe to some but like I have stated before……..not until last year, I discovered that is when I started truly living.

I was so over consumed with church politics, church activities, positions and networking that I missed almost half of my life!

GEESH… Thank goodness for “waking up” in enough time to enjoy the other HALF of my life while I still can……..

Death is NOT prejudice at all!…..It does not worry about what you look like, how rich or poor you are, what social class you represent, what skin color you are, what religion you follow, what happened to you as a child, if you are smart or mentally challenged, who you know, what you have, what neighborhood you reside in etc…..

To be totally frank…. I now feel like a teenager who just started high school and have soo many dreams, hopes and aspirations via LIFE! Life is a gift that should be used in a productive manner and in doing so has the awesome possibility of blessing others,  giving you much joy / happiness and edifying God.


sister time #random

oh wow what a day and evening did i have! hanging out with my sister is always a blast and we enjoy each other’s company…. She has been such a HUGE blessing to my life as well as my kids… Having a sister who is also your FRIEND is a blessing.

Whew goodness over the last 10 years she has been my OTHER rock! First The Lord, then her, then my mother……. My life has been a struggling movie that has finally made it to the big screen because I made it through hell, fire and surely brimstone!

Learning to appreciate the individuals in your life who have SHOWN THEMSELVES trustworthy, ready and available to assist you is worth more than even Bill Gates banking account. Alot of people may have money but they dont have genuine friends… and although money can buy you really ANYTHING but just know that it will be counterfeit!

 I pray for her daily that God would surely give her the desires of her heart because she is such a sweet lady and has a true heart of gold… She too has been through a great deal of rough patches in her life….. and she still deals with them with grace because she trusts and indeed believes that God will truly take care of her… Her faith in God is also a big inspiration to me because it reminds me of what areas that I STILL MAY NEED TO GROW IN…

My parents did  a great job in grooming all of her kids and instilling values into us all….. The Coleman Family is small in number but we are strong! I am glad and honored to be a COLEMAN because I have obtained such strength from who I am! My father has taught me how to not just go to the moon but to even make MY OWN MOON! LOL

Sisters are special……… Brothers are important……. Fathers are needed……. Mothers are foundational and I am blessed!