Seems A Tad Bit Rude –

What are you trying to say? That people who are voting for President Obama do not work? Hmm…….

Mitt, you are acting and talking like Vice President Joe Biden now…… Saying ANYTHING and it is coming from out of your neck!!! UGGHH I am not a huge President Obama Supporter – HOWEVER – this is a very SLY comment Mitt! It is so nice for you to show your REAL COLORS!

Cannot wait until this 2012 Presidential Election is OVER….. Praying God will allow the right person in office – whomever that may be.


Mental Random –

I have scars… some people love me….some people dont “surfacelly” like me……some people don’t understand me..some may even “for no good cause” hate me…

In my life – I have done good… I have done bad.. I have done great……I stopped pretending being someone I am not at least 10 years ago… because in all honesty , I am who I am because I understand and love who I am..

I am mostly random but never crazy….. you don’t have to LIKE me but to get into The Kingdom – you do have to love me…. I will change when it may be needed but not just because people who have more opinions than compassion think so!

When I love…I love… know that it is real and with no strings ATTACHED

P.S. I make NO apologies for who I AM but I will make apologies for maybe for who I once was – nonetheless – I am glad that I had such an interesting past because I knew that ONLY Christ could clean me up!

If I would have accepted all of the invitations to let people clean me up and change me so that I could dance to THEIR drum on beat as well as on queue – eventually I would have realized that it was indeed a circus and I was listening to the WRONG master!

After a while, even animals understand that it is not man that should control their lives – but more so the person that GAVE THEM LIFE – which is God.


Doing Your Part

Maintaining a positive attitude keeps a smile on your face and makes you pleasant to be around.  Don’t be deterred by those who don’t believe in the importance of positive thinking.  There are enough other people who will be positively influenced.

Demonstrate the importance of excellence by being the best you can be.  Don’t settle for “good enough” or mediocrity.  You should be able to be proud of the quality of all your work.  Avoid doing the minimum needed to just get by.

Be honorable, trustworthy, and dependable.  Speak out against injustice.  Be your own person.  Don’t go along with the crowd for the sake of acceptance.  Stick up for your friends and don’t bad mouth others.  Be a beacon of integrity.  There are far too many examples of dishonest and unethical behavior.

Don’t be a fair weather friend who is there only when times are good.  It’s when someone is down and out emotionally that they really need someone to turn to.  Be there for them even if you are the only one stepping up.

Set an example of the importance of accountability by taking responsibility for your life and circumstances.  Don’t behave like a victim by blaming others.  Don’t whine and complain.  Demonstrate the importance of a can do attitude by taking action.  Exhibit the benefits of developing effective problem solving skills.

Admit when you are wrong and apologize.  No one is perfect.  Continually strive to improve.  Set an example of humility.  There’s no need to brag or show off, especially when it hurts others.  Take advantage of your strengths while endeavoring to overcome your weaknesses.

Stay young at heart in order to maintain a sense of wonder and excitement.  Maintain an attitude of gratitude for all of the good things in your life you should be thankful for.  Don’t take things or people for granted.



Strange Facts –

Wonder why we / people say things that they don’t mean or mean things and we ignore them….1. There is always a little truth behind every I’m “JUST KIDDING”2. A little knowledge behind every ummm….”I DONT KNOW”

3. A little emotion behind every whatever, “I DONT CARE”

4. A little LOVE behind every”HATE”

5. A little PAIN behind every well really, “IT’S Ok”