A Very RARE Blood Type –

Different Blood Types – 

There are 8 different blood types. You can have O+, O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, and AB-. type b blood types are one of the rarest and donors are always needed. I am B- and my son is B + which makes the RH factor between us rare as well as crazy! However, with the 8 different blood type personalities… In God‘s eyes, he only wants us to >> BE POSITIVE!

A great deal of people sometimes find it more EASIER to BE negative than to BE positive!

Try to re-invent your own outlook on life and your current situations to see how you should BE!

It is indeed very RARE for the average person to strive to BE POSITIVE in life and not desire to take the high road and BE and example! What blood type are you?

The blood of Jesus aims to BE POSITIVE……anything else is not acceptable!

Helping Self...

Calmed Nerves – #RANDOM

 Family…Church and Relationships all need stability starting with CONSISTENCY –

Church and Family seems to make my blood pressure BOIL because the lack of what it offers “TODAY”….

Praying  + Blogging + Writing + Venting = Calmed Nerves

I understand that we should update our methodology BUT we should NEVER compromise our standards……. and my goodness it has been apparent that the church has… Families across the country have and relationships  have compromised because they DONT SEEM TO LAST!

GEESH….   I used to be like this woman crying all the time asking God and trying to figure why certain things were going on…. then crying because leadership was a mess…. then crying because it felt as if God wanted me to get involved AGAIN to do my part…. I was just soo over it all …  and VERY TIRED -SERIOUSLY…

However…. there came a time that it was indeed time for the crying – and – complaining to stop and just get on board 100% on what The Lord was requiring of me! Needless to say regardless how much I MAY NOT HAVE WANTED TO DO certain things! LOL

Now that I feel better….I forgot the point of my blog…… LOL  well at least it kept me from more complaining!