Summer and ME –


Well it is that time again and school is coming to a close! I am so GLAD to finally enjoy the summer time FOR ME……… I tell you…the last 8 years of my life has indeed been “interesting” to say the least!

Nonetheless, with my almost 11-year-old son – whew let me tell you…….with him being a boy and with all the up and down moods that he has experienced over the last 6 months – we BOTH need a mini vacation from one another….

To ME… now the summer time does NOT represent all the fun things that I will do with my son during the 3 MONTHS that he is out of school! Two years ago, I started my process called ME and I did not put it into action until last year.

The process has been a tad been rough because as a single mom you do soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your kids that NORMALLY you always forget about yourself and what you need…dont need.. etc. Well before my son enters into High School, I wanted to start thinking of MYSELF and the things that I desired to start doing.

You hear the slogan saying Happy WIFE…Happy LIFE…Well let me take it a step further and deeper…. I say Happy Mother equals a Happy Child – because parenting is some SERIOUS BUSINESS…if you are in it for the long haul! LOL

As parents….mothers in particular…then ESPECIALLY single parents – it is indeed imperative that we not only FIND time but we MAKE time and TAKE time for ourselves and as my son is counting down the days that he will get out of school and until his birthday………

I am counting down the days that he will be away at camp!!!  so I can re- vamp – re -discover …re -build and re -grow the new and improved ME……

Mind…Body…Soul..Spirit… Just having a PIECE of freedom is priceless!

Dear ( ME )

Wishful Thinking….

For me to STOP THINKING sooooooo much!! LOL The brain needs rest and so do I….. Any suggestions?

Being a mother

Being a big brother ( yes! although I am a female ) SILLY AND SCARY isn’t it

Being a big sister  ( although I am next to the baby in age )

Being a husband to my mother ( yes! that sounds crazy to but since my dad passed away almost 5 SHORT years ago – im it! ) don’t think dirty people

AND THE LIST I NOTICED……. as I was writing today literally just kept going on and on and ON!!! My hand did hurt and so did my head! ( too much )

Being any and everything TO EVERYONE is just plumb old exhausting and I gave up at least 10 of my 20 hats TODAY!!

I am soo proud of myself and God knows that the people who always wanted me to WEAR hats that I should have taken OFF a long time ago are in for a huge shock. Nontheless, they all will be ok and this too shall pass….

Whew…. Now I can breathe again……..


took my break and now im better

Last time  I blogged while I was at my son’s Tae kwon do class, I was miserable and just plain tired of all of the ripping and running that I do as a single mom! The blog wasnt bad nor was it crazy but it indeed showed that I was TIRED and was really trying to balance my time with my son, his school work and his activities.

I feel that it is important for all single parents to understand and realize that taking a break and maintaining a break if you are able is OKAY! My Lord!!! It is surely needed! If you are a “productive parent” who is really active in your child’s life and not allowing other people and other things ( television, the internet and video games ) to watch your kids, then of course you not just NEED a break but you DESERVE a break.. >>>> like ME!I understand that it is INDEED ALRIGHT for me to have “those moments” where I may want to run in a bathroom somewhere and just scream! However, sometimes that may not be feasible for me but I have to find other alternatives so that I dont break!

My son and a few of his friends make me laugh which ends up making me feel better 95% percent of the time and at least for that very “right now moment” it makes things all worth it! Until the NEXT activity or project arises! LOL

fdfdfdfd I also firmly believe that just because he is a child does not mean that he too, does not get stressed out and become frustrated at times…. When we go to the  movies, we BOTH dont like to sit together! LOL He likes to sit at least 2 rows in front of me and on the end… and I am the same way… especially if we have to sit in the same row… I am like leave an EMPTY SEAT in between us….and he too is like YES,I AGREEE! LOL We are together so much that we sometimes act like an old married couple…..

So now that I have caught my breath, obtained a more air tight schedule, I think that moving forward I WILL SURELY BE BETTER! That is what it is all about….learning how to take the break that we all need in life and just STICKING TO IT!

My son really enjoys me being apart of every aspect of his life and I try to do my best as a single mom and the GREAT thing about all of my frustration is ( wow, that didnt even make sense! lol ) but through MY frustration, I at LEAST see that my son appreciates ME!

I wont be any good to my son, let alone myself if I dont deal with what needs to be fixed or cut out from our schedule……. Take a break BEFORE we break is the key and thank God for the Peace that He will supply me with!


Jared Tae kwon do Testing

Jared has been doing Tae kwon do since he was 4 years old. This video was done in October of 2011 and I could tell that he was getting just a tad bit tired of it.

Im sure that attending classes 3 times a week for an hour surely had something to with the fact that he was going to need a break soon.

Also, I am also sure that with hus NEW interest of Music, Baseball and Soccer played another initial role as well.

To say the least, i am indeed proud ofmy little Jared……plus he is only 6 months away from taking his test for his Junior Black Belt!!!!!

However exciting as that may be, I will NOT pressure him to not take a break if he needs one. Tae kwon do, Baseball, Soccer, Boy Scouts, Church Activities and Music takes up ALL of his time but Tae kwon do has seem to dominate the most of his schedule and he does not want that to be so anymore!

We will surely figure something out together, because a Jared and I make an awesome team!!!

Team Momma Bear  and  Team Jared Pooh…….LOL