TOO Cute!!

No one can escape the Kissing Camera I see! LOL

Cool seeing the president of the United States and First Lady acting like a NORMAL couple at a basketball game –


Happy 4th of July

Honor and a privelage to live in a country that can drive you bonkers but still allows you to have your FREEDOM in all aspects. Yes, some legislation is a bit weird…crazy and soemtimes off kiltered.. BUT – there are millions that wish that they could trade places with me to become a citizen within these United States!

Nonetheless, I thank all of the soldiers that are foriegn and domestic that has fought and still continue to fight for this country to allow me to live FREE!

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Dear ( ME )

Pet 4 Me

For me… DOG -101 is to get them as TINY as possible and this dog has indeed CAPTURED my heart….eyes and pocket book!

YES! I think that I may have FINALLY found a dog that I think that I can take care of and make time for!!! It is called a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix! Do not ask me what it is or how it came to be…. but I want this dog!

It is so small it fits the size measures of an I- Phone.. that is PERFECT for me… I do not have to worry about it going to the bathroom everywhere…. jumping up on me when I walk into the door… climbing up all over my bed….. knocking down the trash…. etc..etc..etc..

Now I need some SERIOUS HELP finding one AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying that this dog REALLY stays this small…. I will be in utter amazement and my son and I will be happy! If it grows BIGGER than what they say…. I will surely return it…. sorry Jared!!!

He will finally get the dog that he wanted and I will be happy to be the one to get it without worrying about the regular “normal” dog duties that comes along with it!

Dear ( ME )

Fear Factor….

To HAVE a dog or To NOT have a dog is my poetry thought for the week!!! LOL

There are surely REASONS why I have not conquered my fear of dogs over the years…… Hmmm….  let alone the big ones!

Maybe someone can help me with my fear of dogs. I like the golden retriever but when they are SMALL!! I like the cocka poo and a few other little dogs but I dont recall what they are called.. Dogs seem soooo amazing and lovingly loyal to have from what I have noticed from afar with friends. I am NOT like most animal lovers… meaning that I love them and respect them ” for what they are “……. I WOULD NEVER forget that they are indeed animals.


Therefore, just like the photo above, just because you seem to have a BONDING moment with an animal does not mean that you are never in danger! Also, just like the story that was on the news a few weeks ago when an anchor woman was bitten in the face and required over 200 stitches because she kneeled down to hug, rub and kiss a rescued pitt bull that was brought on national television. ANIMALS can be set off by a number of things…. just as humans have the ability “to snap out” for a number of reasons.

Nonetheless, here is my issue….(s) lol

I dont like when they jump up on me, regardless if its out of pure excitement

I get totally freaked out when their paws lay on my legs….its the weird feeling of their paws

I feel that they are testing my fears when they just sit and stare at me

I dont know how to house train them cause I refuse to beat them like people have advised me to if I do get one..(i would NOT do that)

I dont have the time or desire to get up an hour before work to walk the dog

People tell me to stick with buying fish, which I have thus far!