I Mean Really?


I really do not know why there are sooooooo many people who are dare devils and seem to live high off the hog with drenilen….. I get wanting to do something OUT THERE and trying something just a tad bit crazy…… but GEESH!

So now I am really assuming that when some or even most of these people get hurt from THEIR OWN ACTIONS, that should be some degree of pity for them? I cannot see why……. Just call your insurance company and keep it moving!.

Nope…. please do not feel bad, just ask yourself if you would participate in any of these activities… and 9 out of 10 people more likely say NO……Some need to get life insurance as well as regular medical insurance with these crazy stunts!



Dear ( ME )

Wishful Thinking –

I have ALWAYS desired to go to the UK… and until I get there – here’s to London Dreams! This is one of the countries that I have considered relocating too in the past – but as you know the story…..my son was helping me clean out of closets… a little Spring cleaning – and he ACCIDENTIALLY threw out our passports that was enclosed inside of the manilla envelopes! Well, I will relocate…. ” soon enough ” So I am “sorta – kinda” patiently waiting…. LOL


Nothing is 100% Copyrighted – Original

anyone want the orig?

I beleive everyone and eveything has SOME PARTS that are not original…. I mean you figure even if you dont want to beleive it that is fine but just think about this for a second… It is like a huge tree that has been planted but the branches seem to take on their own lives and identities. ONLY 1 person can claim the originality of planting that tree – the foundation but once the tree starts to grow – and each branch grows differently and even looks differently. Just dont be a CARBON COPY of someone else and I feel that you may end up living a great life…..

Ummm,  ASK YOURSELF these questions and when you are done- just know that there is something in your life / about your life that “assisted you ” in making this decisions!

Why do you follow the religion that you do?

Why do live where you live?

Why do you socialize where you do?

Why did you choose the school you attending?

Why are you married to your mate?

Why do you raise your kids the way that you do?

Why do you….. umm yeah…. Why do you……do almost anything that you do?

You copied something that you saw – does that make it BAD? No, but just to prove a TINY little point that we all copy a variety things in life – Point is NOT to copy EVERY little thing. Please MAKE ROOM / LEAVE ROOM for “some originality” of & for yourself!

Dear ( ME )

Back to Maryland I Go!

Cover Photo

Who would NOT love Maryland huh?  Even if you live there and make 4 hour drives every now and then to see your family and handle business? Welp, to me – You have politics, you have history, you have nice neighborhoods and you have The Baltimore Ravens! #cantwait

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Click Video For A Little Ed Reed Football Talk!

Photo: S Ed Reed (Photo by Shawn Hubbard)


Photo: The full team arrives for training camp TODAY!!! Another great Ravens season set to begin.

Gotta Love MY PURPLE!!
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Coach Harbaugh

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The 2012 NFL Season will be EPIC!!

Photo: New banners hung in the practice field house at the Under Armour Performance Center this week! Pound LIKE if you're ready for the Ravens to Protect This House!

Dear ( ME )

Therapy Blesses MOST Women

Yeah…..in the car as usual on my way somewhere….. I really know what an insurance agent feels like….. a speaker of the gospel feels like ( even though I am one )…..a salesman……and a bus driver! I mean in and out of the car ALL DAY LONG…….

Attending appointments…. going to family gatherings…..church events…… hospital visits….MY OWN PERSONAL STUFF and my then of course the “present KING” of my castle….my 10 year old son’s major and OVER THE TOP schedule! LOL

So after being up since 745 am on a Saturday ….cheating on my diet because I felt overstressed and over -worked I RAN and embraced my THERAPIST for about 2 hours and being there really shifted my day for the better…..


Umm yeah…. my THERAPIST is Dr. Mall and it has all the credentials that a woman could have! Not even about the titles.. Phd. or Jimmy Choo etc.. LOL  My therapist specializes in RETAIL!!!  Wow…..trust me – women do a lot, even on the weekends! UGGHH…

Everyone should have a THERAPIST!!! ( specializing in retail ) LOL

Dear ( ME )

Evening – RANDOM

Serving Jesus without passion is like having a gun with no bullets. Having a car without the keys……. Lord please increase my passion in serving you.  #TeamJesus…..I refuse to let people’s opinions distract my focus…everybody can’t see what I see when I see it, so I’ve learned to accept their vision is not mines……can someone pass me my glasses!”…”…


you can’t afford roadblocks setup by those who you love, you admire, you appreciate and you respect, therefore creating some needed space between you and them is vital for your success and your purpose……..can someone put the “do not disturb” sign on the door?”

I refuse to let people’s opinions distract my focus…everybody can’t see what I see when I see it, so I’ve learned to accept their vision is not mines……

Look at your life today and say…I GOT THIS! If it’s a comeback…say I CAN! If you need to refocus…say..I WILL! If you need to run away from something or someone…lace up those running shoes on, and this time really GET AWAY AND MOVE ON!

Get grounded…stay centered…remain focused on your calling, and excited about your own life!

What progress have you made toward your own goals today?  Look yourself square in the eyes and say…I GOT THIS!  You deserve only the best…MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


Dear ( ME )


Just to think, I have family that lives in Alabama…… Arizona and California and they want me to move there! I am crying with the temperatures via where I live NOW!! San Diego, California may be my ONLY HOPE! LOL

I have one whole year to get my choices together via where I am moving to ” again” LOL…. Nonetheless, it will not be anywhere that the sun has the audacity to be this hot! Right when I was getting myself together to move out of the country, and then a slight little PAUSE happened….

Yeah, I am taking that as that was the Lord saying either NO or not NOW… I am still waiting……  when I instill change in my life – it must be drastic… so I will continue waiting………….   >> semi – patiently <<<