This Video Has Digusted Me –

All I can do is say WHY??? This is soo sad, I mean seriously – The station called Oxygen is about to release this show that CLEARLY DISPLAYS how a great deal of men and women in ministry IS FAILING…………. ugggghhh – I pray that it gets cancelled.


How Reality Shows “Should” Be…..

Move Over Mary Mary Gospel Reality Show! LOL

I cannot wait to see this….. Dont get me wrong, seeing Mary Mary’s reality show was just simply amazing TO ME at least because it was real and reminded me of me and my oldest sister!!! It showed that CHURCH FOLK are normal and have issues as well and argue and fuss like EVERYONE ELSE!
Ask for God‘s forgivness as well as anyone else we have offended and keep our days moving!!! UGGHH! Deep folk! But my team would not be flashy via sin!

Here is their link below: ( Mary – Mary )

If I had a reality show, I see it being with a mixture of Mary Mary, with a little hint of The Braxtons Family values! Sure people will judge, but WHO CARES- LOL

Yes, I love Jesus Christ
Yes, I LIVE the life because it is a lifestyle and not a trend
Yes, I am in ministry
Yes, I am a mother
Yes, I am a businesswoman
Yes, I am professional
Yes, I have friends from ” ALL ” walks of life (not all in church)

Being diversed …working with people from various backgrounds, staying true to who you are in CHRIST and having the skin tough enough to not worry about what others think of your process and productivity is indeed ME!



We always talk about not going back in the past because the present and the future is supposed to be much better….

 Well I do not totally agree with that ya know…. the cartoons that I grew up on in the past were SAFE via mind, body, soul and spirit!

Okay these are the cartoons that are out NOW on television for kids to watch.. I am thinking why in the world would something like this be made into a cartoon? It is imperative to be aware of what your kids watch and especially where they even go!


Parenting is vital in this era of 2012 and it is a travesty that some parents allow their kids to do and watch ANYTHING due to the fact that they do not feel like putting in the time with their own babies!

Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Sprout and a whole slew of other channels need to re evalute their listings!