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God Did It!! – LOL

YES!!, God did it… He blessed me with the finances to buy these shoes!! I walked into the store not looking for anything special then BAMM! There “they were”..

God does take really, really, really good care of ME! I love Him and He loves me right back! LOL Seriously though, material things is the LEAST of things that God can bless you with – A closer, better, richer, anointed relationship is what I desire to ” maintain ” with Him.. That surely will outlast ANYTHING material! #GodRocks

P.S. I would REALLY like this hand – bag!

I do not have to dream about it that hard because I have a bag that I love JUST AS MUCH! My FRIDAY bag to rock in the rain! So I will be alright! LOL


Circle of Care

Everyone should have a circle of friends…a circle of loved ones… a circle of family members….  a circle of prayer partners etc..etc..etc.

Understand that this circle SHOULD NOT look how YOU think that it should look like or even be like if you are asking GOD TO DO IT….. We never know who we will need in life and also why LIMIT what God wants for you? There are soo soo many other people who have walked where you are PRESENTLY trying to go! Therefore, why not be open to what God has for you….wants for you….desires for you and most importantly >>>>CREATED FOR YOU!

Fellowship and Friendship goes together!! So remeber that HELP- LOVE and FRIENDSHIP  comes in all different colors, sizes and ages!