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My God shall supply all of our needs even when a man is foolish and devours what he has. We always want things but we must learn to be content with what we have before God can trust us with the bigger things in life.

The problem is not having nice things though, the problem is when those nice things have us. So be a good farmer and don’t eat your seed meant for your harvest. Remember If it is not your season then don’t get out of your timing, listen to the Spirit of God and His principles and stop trying to be like the Jones when you don’t even know them!.

One thing for sure is If you make enough errors in God, you’ll learn. But If we’re going to be blessed in our homes we must be rich toward the house of God. In closing the quickest way to be cursed is to not pay your tithes.

When you don’t pay your tithes it’s the same as riding in a stolen car cause you didn’t pay for that blessing. Have some accountability! (LOL -amen shdonna)

Women's Stuff

Trouble Makers!!

It is shoes like this that gets ME into trouble with my bank account!! Like aren’t they just DIGUSTINGLY fierce! LOL


GEESH…. I’m just joking – as much as I ADORE fashion….there will NEVER be a stitch of clothing….a purse…a coat…a dress….that will make me go broke…..

I have a child to raise..spoil and look after! LOL –

However, don’t place a new laptop in front of me…  like this one below…. whew my goodness.. This is going to be my NEW baby… it is by SAMSUNG and boy do I have a HUGE CRUSH on Samsung Technological Devices!! So after I get this beautiful masterpiece, my son ummmm……he may go hunry!LOL ( kidding ) >> I think I am….ha!


Dear ( ME ), Women's Stuff

Almost Had A Fashion Break – Down

I am sorry but this shoe right here, ALMOST made me lose my mind for a moment! LOL – Wow … all that I can say because I REFUSE to spend $1,000 on ANY SHOE unless it can help me walk right into Heaven!!


Thank God that all I have to do is ” LIVE RIGHT “ and walk in bare footed!! LOL


The Television Networks –


Have we gone too far? It’s a question we ask at the outset of every outrageous new reality series—be it “Survivor” or “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” It’s also usually an early sign of a show’s success.How reality TV hurts girls

But response to a new show teased as part of Oxygen Media‘s spring lineup, seems to mark a momentous moment when reality has truly jumped the shark. Collective and largely unchallenged outrage over the network’s upcoming show “All My Babies‘ Mamas” is the unusual case of a show sparking enough controversy to potentially kill it.

“All My Babies’ Mamas,” a one-hour reality special slated to air in the spring of 2013, features Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker, an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist with 11 children by 10 different women. Oh, he’s also got a 19-year-old girlfriend, who’s a year shy of his oldest child.

Everyone is upset at the TV NETWORKS for showing these types of shows…. BUT I am siding with the TV NETWORKS…. they are in it for profit only right? So their take on it is they need WILLING PARTICIPANTS to even make a sure and to bring in ratings…

So if people would find some morals..stances..beliefs….ethics….and values then soo  many networks would not be able to make millions of dollars on the stupidity of women… and silly males!

Dont fight the networks and boycott…. why not find out who the actors are or the reality tv people and boycott outside of their homes!

Most reality shows are a political money making mess! Dont want the tv networks to make any more ghetto shows? STOP WATCHING THEM because the ratings tell them that DYSFUNCTION is what sells!!!! Just like music sells shows the music industry that SEX AND VIOLENCE sells! Stop being apart of the problem and finally take a stand to be apart of the solution!!! Stop complaining and do something!

Helping Self...

Quick Way to WASTE $

This is a style that almost every child…tween…pre teen …teenager or  early twenty something person have experienced. However, this particular style was CREATED / INVENTED “in error” years ago!  The stores in these malls look crazy with these shorts on hangers!

There were families that did not either want to waste more money on jean shorts or they simply did not have the money to purchase shorts. Now over the years, it has become a crazed fettish for alot of people and they are spending $100 for jeans that “can be simply made in the privacy” of their homes!   LOL   Makes NO sense to me, now or later!


life #random

Respect and Hate seems to find itself in the same sentence when it comes to the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well that is what usually happens when there are people who admire you from afar or up close but will NEVER tell you how much they indeed admire you too!

I had to use a football theme because football seems to be America’s sport and the Pittsburgh Steelers have fans all around the world. Therefore if they follow the Steelers, than they also follow their rival (s) via who they don’t get along with. Rivalries seem to make good excitement for football fans and sends the Nielson Ratings through the roof which promotes great t.v.

However, playing the role of an obnoxious and disrespectful person for a short 60 minutes of football can drag your character in the mud eventually because the more that you play / become someone who you are not “for whatever reason”…those habits that you portray so well will eventually become who you are!


I don’t know why its harder for people to give compliments than give harsh words. Yes, I do understand via football that it’s a manly thing to be tough, be disrespectful seem rude ( NOT OBNOXIOUS, like Linebacker James Harrison >> geesh! )……. Sad to say but most people operate better when there is some type of rival or bitterness going on in their lives than peace and harmony!

So when you have people who you admire, why not take the high road and be the example. People speak negative when they cannot carry out what you have already done and their IMMATURITY prevents them from coming to you as and adult to have a grown conversation. Respect and Honor are two things that cannot be freely given but in the age of where CASH IS KING – people feel otherwise.  Okay, go ahead and think about that for this Sunday’s game (s)….