Dear ( ME )

Time 4 Yourself –


If you feel frustrated, tired, overwhelmed or just out of balance with yourself, maybe it’s because you don’t make time for yourself. Change your ways. Practice some self-care.

It often seems that our days are engulfed in a myriad of tasks. Today we have many responsibilities and many roles – spouse, parent, sibling, child, friend, and career worker.
Do you find you lose yourself in your relationships, in your nurturing roles, and in the busyness of life? Does it seem like your life has become a series of tasks to complete, rather than moments to enjoy? We often get so caught up in the DOING that we forget to BE.

Usually the first thing to go in this whirlwind of activity is time for ourselves. Lack of time for ourselves often leads to feeling frustrated, tired, overwhelmed and out of balance. Without this time for self, we lose sight of what’s important to us and of what we need to be our best.

If you are feeling like life is out of control, that you are undervalued, that you are too busy, or if you put the needs of others consistently before your own, then it is time to create some time and space for yourself. Taking time for yourself allows you to renew, heal, and create reserves of energy and peace. Honoring yourself enables you to discover your truth, access your creativity and experience a sense of peace, wholeness, purpose, and balance.

Taking time for yourself is really about Self-Care and is an extremely important part to creating the life you want. It is about honoring yourself and connecting with yourself. Taking care of yourself is one of the first steps on the journey of discovering your truth and accessing your creativity. When you take time for yourself it allows you to stop doing for awhile and to just BE.

It is in the Being where your power lies. You automatically raise your standards and capabilities and create potential and possibility in your life. When you honour and nurture yourself you can hear your inner voice much more clearly – you can hear your own truth and this connection enables you to live authentically.

Helping Self...

My Sunday Morning Ramble –


I don’t know about you but life indeed is too precious to not honor Christ in your life!

Without Christ, there is actually no life……  Just as much as I cherish my son, God still wants to come FIRST in “my life” …..  in our lives.

Without Him there would be no me, no him and no us to blog about.  I mean, dont you want to have purpose? Experience purpose? See purpose? Enjoy purpose? Thank God for purpose? Live for purpose? If you don’t, then at least realize that YOU should! We ALL were made tactfully and strategically for purpose AND on purpose!

Your life…my life…..means something!!!!!!!!!!!!

Understanding as well as teaching my son that all of his choices have to be God Choices and not Good Choices because indeed there is a difference.

God choices are not temporal but Good choices are. I am not saying that good decision making is a bad ability to have but don’t you want your Good Choices / Good Decisions “to last”……….

Exactly!!!Therefore, with everything decision that needs to be made, including Christ will make all of the difference and make the outcome even Sweeter!


Faith and assurance must be in our living God by way of His working in us and this gives us the character we can hold on too!

· God gives us His character if we are willing to receive it!
  • Character comes from our response to faith is by godly living, and exercising out our faith with trust and obedience, whatever we face! It is not looking at our situation; rather, it is looking to God. God desires and deserves our whole-hearted loyalty, allegiance, trust, obedience, and devotion; so, what is stopping you?

· From birth on, our Lord was a man on the path of distress, who experienced the greatest suffering on our behalf. He was, and is, the ultimate model for character!

· Great character is developed in the Crucible (Rom 5:1f). In God’s plan, He has a reason for our “dry lands”–the times of our waiting and confusion, and for our loss and pain in life for the Crucible (what Christ did on the cross on our behalf). We gain persistence and proven character from this!

· We need to see hardships as a challenge to overcome and prove character!

· Solitude is important as with stillness and quiet, which is so often neglected today, especially in our youth.

· Solitude will not produce character because we need the demands of life. We learn by people pushing us, and learning how to respond through the Word. Yet, solitude will hone character by mediation, prayer, and reflection on how we could have done better.

· Character is born though struggle that takes time, just as developing a musical instrument takes practice. Being alone will not produce it. However, it will refine it!

· Character is found in people, not in animals, things, or technology, but in those who possess the image of God. (Gen 1:26-27)

· Character will not stay with us. It is easier kept than recovered, yet, flees from so many who had it. Just look at the life of Saul.

· We do not wake up one day with it. When we do have it, others will see it, may even point to it, or be discipled from it.

· Even though financial disasters and false accusations wage against us, our character can grow stronger. On the other hand, it can produce despair, confusion, and loneliness. If all that we see is failure and self-pity, it will only produce cynicism rather than the person of character.