My Son and His Glad Heart!


My son and this man has always shared a special bond….. It is so imperative that men REGARDLESS of what age, have male role models, male mentors, male inspired people in their lives……

Being able to share priceless moments is a blessing and my son appreciates all the male mentors in his life. Besides another male mentor that is in his life, no one can bring a smile to his face like this man.

We actually even talked about no matter what community event or church function we are at and he sees him, he becomes ax excited young man. I told him that I know he indeed loves his father, but he does NOT SMILE, GIGGLE, CHUCKLE, GET EXCITED the same way when he is with his father v.s. this man.

My son met him about 5 -6 years ago and he loved him from day one and my son said to me today that he can tell that he has a good relationship with God. I said yes baby, he is special and has a great deal of characteristics that people just don’t see nor experience anymore from men in ministry.

He said he wish that his father had the same type of Jesus on him!!!! I tried MY BEST to keep my facial expressions together but inside I did know AND UNDERSTAND what my son was speaking about. It is not always about how much time a person spends with my son rather than the impact of what is done for him in the time is spent with him.

Of course I never have or ever will speak harshly about his father to him but kids ARE VERY HONEST about their feelings!! What they see as well as what they feel!!! My son is an Old Soul anyway…


Anyway, this Pastor / Bishop is a very nice……kind ….caring man of God who engages my son’s mind, soul and spirit and I am grateful that their connection was tactfully started years ago and is still very magnetic to my son from the moment he sees him.

This Bishop surely loves people and has a heart for REAL MINISTRY and he carries the scent of compassion that it’s soooooooooooo contagious!!!


Getting A Laugh Before Bedtime!!!

Trying these at home does not benefit certain people so they should invest in a gym membership like me! LOL

I mean trust me….. I have also tried to work out at home and save the money or just do things at home because I can be more comfortable but losing weight should not be comfortable…. RIGHT??

Where was she trying to get to so fast? LOL

This is a new way to do the ELECTRIC SLIDE I guess! LOL

Am I my brother’s keeper? LOL

Sisterly LOVE I guess??

Brand new season of Ridiculousness starts right now!


Baptisms Are A Blessing –

My daughter was getting ready to get baptized and we wer ALL so super exited…..

Of course, we cannot leave out her twin brother as well…. I recall this day like it was yesterday

I feel that everyone should get baptized at least 4 times in their lives…. TO ME, it just makes more sense because each session has its OWN INDIVIDUAL MEANING..

When a child gets Christianed – that is the parents way of giving their child back to God and the child is usually no older than 2 months old.

Then you figure when the kids are between the ages of 5 to 12 again it is the parents way of trying to rear and guide their children since they are NOW OF AGE and ” somewhat ” have an understanding of what it is to live for Christ.

Then between the ages of  14 to 18 the parent almost scares the kids into holiness or hell and the teenagers want to get baptized out of mostly fear instead of understanding / being taught the wrath of God as well as the LOVE of God. Parents are so afraid that their kids will become rebellious, sexual, tap into drugs etc..etc. but fear only works on a temporary basis!

Then when a person becomes an adult and they realized that THEY need to take the right steps without “mommy or daddy ” coaching them into doing what is right. Because, we love our kids but they certainly have to CHOOSE and make this decision on their own!

Again – this way makes sense TO ME –


Another Parenting Thought……

Many individuals claim that being a single parent is difficult, as if being a  parent would somehow be easier if there were a second person around to “lighten”  the load.  I wonder how much of this is actually true, and how much is a figment  of our imagination?  I’ve been a single parent for a while now, and I find it to  be a blessing.  My son “NOW – mostly” doesn’t seem to mind one way or the other.  Do not get me wrong, we have had PLENTY of moments of him saying, I want us to get married, are guys scared to say hi to you? That used to be cute, then scary, then sad……I had to say wow – I guess I really stopped noticing what “their hang – up” may have been because we are both so busy.

He does wish that his biological father or even my future husband would appear from out the sky and POOF be all that they should be for him! LOL  The reality that I’ve come to is that to my son, all of his life, it did not matter TO ME but to him I did not want to be stingy with his time and his heart.  He’s cool with whatever.  He simply wants to  play, learn, and be loved. Anything else that we as adults claim that children  need seems to me to be our opinion, rather than some sort of rule.

It’s a complete and total blessing for me to be raising my 10 year old little man by myself  right now. It is a great deal of constant work with never getting a break but he did not ask to be here and I SURELY LOVE HIM so…….  The fact that being a single parent should be construed as something  negative is simply something that I won’t buy into.

I believe that we become  what we think about, and if I think about what a burden being a single parent  is, it will become just that…a burden.  So I choose to think about how blessed  I am, and guess what?  I feel the entire situation is a blessing…… at least MOST days I do!!! LOL


Being A Mom –

There is NO  WAY to become a perfect mother / parent or a perfect child….

Each understanding of how a relationship should be is not the same

Each situation is unique

Each mother is different

Each child is different

Each has their own skills and abilities

Each viewpoint can sometimes be too big or too small

Raising kids has no shades of grey to it because we all want the best for our families….

However in the end – it is the unconditional LOVE that is shown towards one another




Welp…. my baby is going to yet another camp for the summer and he is excited AND SO AM I!!! This is the first year that he has been to so many camps but it has been good for both of us…. Alone time for myself and he started feeling more independent….. The only thing he stated was …Mom just dont leave me at a camp for more than 2 weeks! LOL Which I would never do…. because I already know that we BOTH would miss one another way too much!

Sending my son to camp during the summer provides him with chances to expand  his skills, make friends and experience unusual opportunities.

I swear to goodness that I SO LOVE AND ENJOY being a parent to this little boy! He has his days of course but so do I!! LOL This has been a challenging 2012 for us both and we have managed to get through it.. thank you Lord…


Anyway……school starts in 3 weeks and we both will be having an extended vacation….. Fall baseball starting… Swim Team, Band and of course Soccer!


Weekend Part 1

A family’s “core” leisure activities (those that are typically everyday, low-cost, home-based activities such as playing board games, playing in the yard, gardening and watching television together) were related to the family’s cohesion (“the emotional bonding that family members have toward one another”).

You do not have to always think of spending time attaching a huge price tag! More quality time transpires when there is little to NO money involved!

Stopping to just get ice cream or ice smoothies, with the wind blowing, good conversation and togetherness beats SHOPPING at the mall any day for me!

The love that is ALWAYS displayed between my mother and son is pure – genuine and beautiful…… I think of my teenage son and think – whatever happened to those days! GEESH! Relationships are a choice and  I am glad that my mom and I CHOOSE to love one another, pray for one another, grow with one another, fuss with one another, crack jokes with one another etc..etc..etc..

A mother’s love can be felt even by  strangers and my son has even said – ” why do grandma hug everybody?”….. I said because she has a lot of LOVE that she needs to give away before Jesus comes! LOL His reply is, well make sure that you remind her to save some just for me!  TOO CUTE RIGHT!! LOL

Nonetheless, I am assuming that being a grandparent brings just as much joy and excitement as a mother or father. She tends to needs and he appreciates when she just ask him “how was your day”….. ” did anyone bother you today”  ” is there anything that you would like to talk to grandma about”…… They even talk everyday! “pure blessing”

He told me that makes him feel that she loves him!…. Love is such a nice thing to have in your life and so many times, we take the act of love itself for granted…..

It is no secret that me and my mother is very close….. it saddens me that as I was growing up in the house, that my siblings SAW that I was my mom’s favorite as well as my dad‘s! I have talked to 3 of my siblings and they have shared the same story but in different ways about how they all have noticed that….. Well I never did – I was a child and was the type to never sit and watch what my mom and did for me verses my siblings etc. I felt that I was treated fine… My father was STRICT but loved hard at the same time and I was fine with that..

I guess even as I am typing this, it is making me think of the relationship with my parents and the grandkids…. My father favored my sister’s kids ( in a nice way ) and my mom favors my kids.. Am I hung up on it? NO WAY – However, each child needs different things and as we get older, we also mature in different ways too. Some may need “the extra” while others do not…  Overall – we all have had the pleasure of spending time with one another doing NOTHING and it feels  pretty awesome!