Parent Teacher Conference!

My son is just so so smart and I am glad! Whew – Although I am very elated that my son had all A’s a few B’s and 1 C – I STILL wanted to choke him!

Ugghhh why do little boys like to monkey around in class, why do they talk too much and cant stop, why do they chuckle and think that everything is just so  funny as the teacher walks on by?

Yeah I may be smiling but I have practiced my facial expression to STILL SMILE so that I dont end up choking my son! More things to work on via cutting up  – because I do not tolerate and deal with that CORNY and excuse of ” Boys Will Be Boys ” Syndrome……

I feel when you know better, you do better and my Lord does my son KNOW BETTER…..So he better get his act together or he will take it on the road! Mess around with me and he will be on punishment until he enters middle school >>>>>> I AM SO SERIOUS….. ( at least somewhat at least ) I went to the Parent Teacher Conference with a smile on my face and left the conference with my face and cheeks hanging low – I am officially disappointed!

Raising sons is something INTERESTING – geesh


Being A Mom –

There is NO  WAY to become a perfect mother / parent or a perfect child….

Each understanding of how a relationship should be is not the same

Each situation is unique

Each mother is different

Each child is different

Each has their own skills and abilities

Each viewpoint can sometimes be too big or too small

Raising kids has no shades of grey to it because we all want the best for our families….

However in the end – it is the unconditional LOVE that is shown towards one another



finally a smile on my face

woke up feeling amazing but now i am feeling great….. but more so over the moon….

i talked to  my oldest son and sometimes  i think to myself….if he ever really knew how much i loved him as his mother, would things be any different between us….

he is about to go away to college and i am DESEPERATELY praying…hoping…..and wishing that by my j-man being in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ENVIORNMENT that it will cause him…allow him to think for himself..

when adults speak negative things to children it has a great chance to stick tougher than glue….. sometimes even when the child second guesses what is being told to them but if they are in one enviornment MORE THAN the other…..i can see how the lies can look like it is the truth…..

i understand that children have to seek out their own destiny and find their own way… but it is my desire for my children to live the life of Christ…… not my way but God‘s way…. … im just praying that my almost 19 year old twin children will rekindly their relationship with Jesus Christ and NEVER allow anything or anyone regardless of what the situation or whomever the person is….. allow the FLAME of Christ to go out “in their lives”…..

people / in this case in particular ADULTS really need to understand that the negative SEEDS that they plant will eventually be found in their own garden and it will surely cause their harvest to DIE…………..

People dont really understand or believe in the HOLY  scriptures, when it clearly states….whatsoever a man soweth….he will surely repeath….  because if they did, people would NOT do such negative and hateful things then STILL TRY to call themselves a Christian…  Love and Hate CANNOT ever share the same space especialyl when it is coming out of your mouth!

I love the fact that God will handle every lie, every wrong thing, every false accusation etc..etc..etc… I am indeed a warrior in Christ an certainly for Christ and I cannot wait until GOD ALLOWS JUSTICE to be done on my behalf…


Fathers and Pizza!

Whew lawwd!! When I saw this sign….. the ONLY thing that I could do is laugh to keep from falling out! I honestly enjoyed seeing that a place of business had this sign up and requiring proof if they wanted to obtain FREE FOOD! Honestly, it is 2011 and coming to an end and no need to be ashamed if you are paying right???? LOL This gives a ” NEW MEANING” to all you can eat!! ……

The sign also depicts how rampant the issue is of father’s who are not only missing in action and RUNNING from their parental responsibilites…..but trying to financially “get over” on THIER CHILD (REN)….. Fathers and Mothers tend to forget that the money is for the upkeep of the kids and not the parent whom the child is living with… Now if you see your child and they are looking very unattended…..then by ALL means…. please go and report it to the courts and if anything ask for a reduction etc…. because the Mother should not be decked out and the child look as if they are just leaving a homeless shelter…..!!! 

Now granted to some this sign may be a little far fetched but……. I rather see the sign via the child support than the photo below!

I am TIRED of seeing our young kids with their pants SAGGING / HANGING…it is a pure disgrace to our culture / people! Nonetheless, this topic of hanging pants is something that can go on for DAYS / MONTHS and its sad….

pants + males – belts+ peer pressure – no male mentors+ race +society – bad enviornment = embarrassment..