Kids and Music


My son will be playing the bass, the baratone sax as well as his tenor saxophone this year! The tenor saxophone is in the middle …. When my son was telling me that he would be playing all THREE, I got a tad bit nervous – but looking at the baritone saxophone does not seem to be a big deal or much difference.  The mouthpieces / horns is the difference –

However, the bass will be something different and it is funny because he always wanted to play the cello! LOL – So go figure…… This year will be VERY different because his activities will indeed make us both stretch ourselves……. 

The BEST thing about my son not only PLAYING instruments is that he indeed can READ ‘sheet music” a great deal of people can play because they have an “ear to hear” which he does as well – but he has the capability to do BOTH!

He will be joining the chess club again and the bowling team – along with his usual and YEAR ROUND – baseball….basketball and soccer – Busy..Busy..Busy…..

  Image for JB286TL Student Tenor Saxophone from SamAsh  Image for JB686BL Baritone Saxophone from SamAsh

Helping Self...



There is NOTHING like music that can sooth and heal the soul… Music, prayer and reading the bible ALWAYS have the ability to make me recall the God that I serve and His promises to me – I sometimes have BAD days and God’s music molds my mind back to the place where I can think – When in doubt……go listen to hyms and go meditate and allow God to minister to YOU

Dear ( ME )

Missing A Piece of MY Past…….


Its so amazing how in life we have to just adjust to any and everything! I was at a funeral / (HOME-GOING) That is what the black church calls funerals for Saints who have followed, lived for God and have been called on to be with The Lord.


It was soooooooooooo amazingly blessed and emotional. Just seeing all of the old church members and knowing that we were ALL very happy to see one another and be connected agin was just so touching. My mom was soooooooooooo overjoyed!!!!

It was literally a 30 year church reunion with rejoicing, singing, praising, crying, hugging, clapping, singing, worshipping, preaching and laughing!


It made me realize how much I really have missed the old tine church… old church…..the fellowship of my old church….


the accountability of my old church…the teachings of my old church…..the genuine LOVE of my old church….


the prayer meetings at my old church…..the long sunday nights at my old church……the stern discipline at my old church….the Pastor of my old church…the Pastor’s Wife of my old church…..the anointing of my old church..


My son was so amazed on how much love was being displayed from everyone and he said he wished that we could go to my old Pastor’s church! I advised him that even though he died and we are at his Home – Going the members like myself and others are mostly all still alive.


A great deal of us are spread out at different ministries but I pray that we can RE -UNITE ONCE A YEAR!!!!!!

Pastor Tim… You are missed, loved and appreciated…Thank you for your obedience to God and instructing God’s people to live a saved filled life. I love you and will see you again.

Christian Temple will always be apart of ME and it has truly molded me into the young lady that I am now… You instructed my mother who in turn taught me so we Both say Thank You!


Different is “oh so good”

I so love the different types / styles / sounds of Christian music!

Most of my life I grew up ONLY listening to gospel music and over the last 5 years I have FELL HEAD OVER HEELS with the “other sounds”….

It is amazing because now that I have gone through a major metamorphis era in my life – I can NO longer only listen to one kind of music.

I sincerely obtain something different from each genres and I NEED THEM ALL to sustain my sanity via this thing called Life and Ministry.


Reflecting –

I can only imagine……

Well actually I can’t even”imagine” especially since I would be in such in “aaaawwwwwwwweeeee” of me even “making it in” because a great deal of people who are always “boasting” that they are getting into Heaven are the main ones that will not make it in.

I want to live right and along my path know that I am doing the will and the work of the Lord….. and NOT ever become so prideful that I obtain the mind set that I dont have nothing to worry about…

God looks at the DETAILS via the things that we do in our lives…. and sometimes “my details” can get me into trouble!