Helping Self...

Networking With Positivity –


You’ll attract what you depict about yourself. So if you want to be with / or around a certain type of person then you have to display it in all facades, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I remind my son daily that although it is important to have a variety of friends. Having manners, saying please and thank you, knowing how to interact with common sense is very basic but indeed VERY vital.

However, if he plays the drums, the tenor saxophone, plays baseball, plays soccer, plays basketball and reads books on a weekly basis – It would NOT be such a great idea if he started hanging around friends who did NOTHING that he participated in. It is like being unequally matched up even as friends.

No your friends should not do everything the same, but it would make sense to spend your time with individuals who are like minded.

I am not speaking of ONLY personal male female relationships…. I am talking in reference to ANY type of places in life that you desire to catapult to.

Winners notice winners and mock what they did or are doing so that they too, can not only become a winner as well but maintain being a winner.

The image you portray yields the person you’ll draw to you so don’t get mad at what’s coming to you…check the mirror and see what you’re displaying!


Circle of Care

Everyone should have a circle of friends…a circle of loved ones… a circle of family members….  a circle of prayer partners etc..etc..etc.

Understand that this circle SHOULD NOT look how YOU think that it should look like or even be like if you are asking GOD TO DO IT….. We never know who we will need in life and also why LIMIT what God wants for you? There are soo soo many other people who have walked where you are PRESENTLY trying to go! Therefore, why not be open to what God has for you….wants for you….desires for you and most importantly >>>>CREATED FOR YOU!

Fellowship and Friendship goes together!! So remeber that HELP- LOVE and FRIENDSHIP  comes in all different colors, sizes and ages!



When I think of the status of my family as a WHOLE… it makes me want to constantly VOMIT…. and YES! I feel sick inside because we ALL should be doing better as a Family!

b I get so so tired of hearing that there are families / situations that are way worse than mine – YIKES…… Okay already! However, even if that is true….. I still want my family immediate / inner circle / outer cirlce and beyond to all be connected YET UNIFIED like we used to be… Sad thing about it is that it seems very apparent that besides my mother, one of my sisters and myself are the only ones who seem to even CARE!

What is that about God? I mean really……. I have gone through my mood swings that one month I try to get everyone back on track then I take 2 months to REGROUP and RE – COUP from all of the drama and adittudes from other individuals that have stressed me out during that time period… From siblings….to kids….to nephews…to aunts….to cousins…. to uncles.. I am so over it all.

I’m ….M-O-V-I-N-G …. O – N ….. but still staying “open” to what God may allow to transpire but I have my own life to endure!


Saturday Part #2

okay it is my birthday weekend and it has officially started as of 730 am this morning… ISNT THAT CRAZY!! However, I have enjoyed the things that I have been doing so far… I need some more gas though because it is only mid day and I am already sleepy!  I really wanted to see and hang out with some of my girl pals but Jared wore me out so bad this morning with his baseball clinic that I wouldnt have minded staying home…  However, who can turn down food, friends and fun! These folk are amazing anyway! LOL

Plus it is was sooo cold outside.. GEESH!! My girl Carrie is like an Aunt to Jared and unfortunately she spoils him as well…  lol but I have been blessed with some great people who are not in my everyday circle…  Also just being blessed to be apart of other families has given Jared room for PEACE in his life to get from certain males that he never has been able to get from his uncles or his father.

My father was actually my son’s dad but he passed when Jared was 5 years old.. Im glad that he remembers A GREAT DEAL about him though….. I love >>>LOVE and sharing my time now with those who I know are in my corner just makes me happy. It feels good to just be happy…. Nothing major, no million dollar bank account, no 3 cars in the drive way.. Just plain good old fashioned happiness!

However, I have also learned that no one should have an everyday cirlce of friends THAT NEVER change over the years… No growth, let alone other opportunities can ever happen that way right? Just think that I have all week to obtain love from family and friends and today is only the 11th and I am considering just hanging out only 3 days a week! I cant hang like I used to, no I am not old.. just still trying to balance everything that I do, no matter how big or small it may be. I have to stay focused in that area big time.. I just LEARNED balance within the last 2 years!!

They know a little of my history and have encouraged me and been there for me and it helps to just have genuine people around you to cry…to listen…to vent etc.. I was close to her mom which also helped us obtain a bond and keep it… Well Jared also helped us all keep our bond too!! LOL