Do Your Civic Duty Today –

Shut up and just go VOTE ….. 1 woman made a complaint and started a movement and got legislation passed to get PRAYER taken out of schools…. You hear me???? The opinion of 1 woman!! I wonder why she wants God name on the money that she spends everyday….. UGGHH


Interesting Sunday –


Children’s Church was not too fun ACCORDING to my son today…. Surely it was basically boring to him and felt as if I was making him do 00 sit ups when I chose to take him to our “back up church ” LOL

I know that he just misses his “main church“…. I know sounds crazy right! He has two churches… One is in the city and the other is in the suburbs via where we reside at and of course – the one that he feels connected to and the one that I ALSO LOVE is in the city! UGGGHHH…. Sometimes, I just dont feel like driving to the city 4 times a week! Traffic….Traffic..and MORE Traffic is draining!

Nonetheless, I try to make the BEST of it for him when we cant seem to get to “his main church” 1 out of the 3 days that he LOVES to attend there… Boy oh boy – what we do for our babies! I surely wish that they had the “types of churches” that we both wanted – … ya know – a little bit of this and a little bit of that! LOL Thank goodness that God is indeed everywhere!