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Women's Stuff

Things That Are Hot…..


My new bag!!! LOL

My girl – pal advised me that my bag was as hot as she was…. and my new hair style

I may just have to agree with her……my new bag and style via fashion is a little HOTTTTT!

A BRAND NEW BAG every three months is a nice new deal that I made with myself….Every 3 months is not a long time for me due to the fact that I already have OVER  __blank______blank_________ $#@!$&*^%$#!@ Number of bags/ purses and actually a few other things that I need to get delivered from!

Uggh…. my son of course said I should get one every month and of course it is because he wants to attend the shopping mall and obtain something for HIMSELF once a month as well!

Helping Self...

Addicition Maybe?

Now the photo above COULD represent me just taking a photo with a saleswoman in a store correct? Welp…. that would be too much like common sense Im sure- Or could it have been THE LORD using her to stop me from going any further? The lady did seem very excited to see me, we both introduced our kids to one another whom had not seen one another in 8 short / long years! She saw me in an aisle and looked at me and stated that I looked as if I did not need another stitch of clothing for my closet…….

She would not know that because I only had 4 things in my arms, so what would make her have that huge assumption of me I am wondering?

She is my cousin who just happens to work at a store that I GO INTO EVERYDAY to buy something…. Yeah.. I know that is not normal – pray for me instead of laughing at me okay! Or how about pray for me instead of judging me! LOL

My son just so happened to see a movie called Confessions of a Shopaholic and said….Mommy that is you! REALLY? My sister chimmed in and said definately that is you – I did watch the movie and surely I did NOT utter one word until it was over and said –  I AM NOT THAT BAD! However, when she went into her freezer to defrost her credit card….. I felt a need to pray – cry – laugh – giggle AND REPENT all at the same time! Weird I know…

I know that God HAS TO HELP ME with this little ” problem ” that keeps bothering me! UUGGGHHHH!!!! Does it make it ANY better that I do pay my bills as well as my weekly tithes / offerings AND give to non profits? Well, as long as I do give back right?

The church is waiting for ME tomorrow and there MUST be a tiny spot with my name on it so that I can get on my knees and ask for HELP! Yikes….

Dear ( ME )

Evening – RANDOM

Serving Jesus without passion is like having a gun with no bullets. Having a car without the keys……. Lord please increase my passion in serving you.  #TeamJesus…..I refuse to let people’s opinions distract my focus…everybody can’t see what I see when I see it, so I’ve learned to accept their vision is not mines……can someone pass me my glasses!”…”…


you can’t afford roadblocks setup by those who you love, you admire, you appreciate and you respect, therefore creating some needed space between you and them is vital for your success and your purpose……..can someone put the “do not disturb” sign on the door?”

I refuse to let people’s opinions distract my focus…everybody can’t see what I see when I see it, so I’ve learned to accept their vision is not mines……

Look at your life today and say…I GOT THIS! If it’s a comeback…say I CAN! If you need to refocus…say..I WILL! If you need to run away from something or someone…lace up those running shoes on, and this time really GET AWAY AND MOVE ON!

Get grounded…stay centered…remain focused on your calling, and excited about your own life!

What progress have you made toward your own goals today?  Look yourself square in the eyes and say…I GOT THIS!  You deserve only the best…MAKE IT HAPPEN!!



Weekend Fun Part 5

Find ways to spend quality time with your son without the constant distractions you bring home from work. In many cultures it is common practice for men to work and the women to stay home and take care of the kids.

I agree with this role for married couples to some degree but as with anything you need to be flexible with this traditional family model.  Everyone is not married and they have to figure out what works for them as a family! I am a single parent but I rip and run and do things as if I was apart of a two parent house hold….It sounds VERY OXY-MORONIC but at times, that is how I feel.

My number one suggestion is to never allow yourself as a parent to find your identity in your career. By allowing your job to define who you are you unintentionally prioritize things like career, work, and business tasks over your FAMILY. In this situation when it would normally be time to take your son to the playground to talk to him and push him on the swing you find yourself checking your stock portfolio or emails on your Iphone and trying to push the swing at the same time.

I AM GUILTY of spending time with my son but holding the phone in my hand and it is horrible! He makes sure that he speaks up about it too……. However apart of my weekend I CHOSE to sincerely hang with my son and give him my FULL ATTENTION…..

Shopping and Cookout (s ) WILL HAVE anyone TIRED! However, time with friends are always a blessing………….. I had more fun today than he did im sure..

My son felt he had to stop at American Eagle to buy new outfits for “the day” so why are we in shoes stores? He had no answer but just kept “looking” at shoes!

His view was that he did not want to buy anything in the shoe store just look around…. Yes he is a good kid but as parents, we still must maintain standards!

Nonetheless, it was a great time for me to keep the phone in the purse – the whole time unless it rang!! It actually felt good to focus TOTALLY on him!



Trust me…I am ALL for Marketing and Public Relations etc.. but I am wise enough to know that when I am doing more than “pushing the envelope”…… This was total disrespect for this company to even think that these TYPE of shoes would sell!

I said to myself wow – this is my favorite shoe company, track and running company, dress down clothes company… GEESH…

Thank goodness that they obtained TONS OF BACKLASH from more than half the African American basketball players in the NBA and the company of Adiddas has PULLED the shoes off the shelves and will no longer comtinue with production! All this negative impact because they are trying to chase that mighty dollar! I WONDER how the Jewish Community would feel if they made gas chambers and placed them in the Hamptons, high end area in New York City and called them “steam rooms” but placed the words ” For Jewish People Only”….. hmm…. Now you see where I am coming from!!!!!!!

Please do understand that I do know that for companies to try to even attempt to PUSH THE ENVELOPE is because they have done edgy things before……these shoes would have sold to a few kids due to their TOTAL IGNORANCE. To kids / teenagers they see the shoe as NEW AND INNOVATIVE but if someone called them a slave they may have flipped out. However, I would ask them why are they getting so upset when they are using STYLE to stay in bondage and wear shackles on their legs?

Mary – Mary sings….take the shackles off my feet so I can dance!…I just want to PRAISE HIM! This shoe was designed for the “urban culture” in mind! We can agree on that right?

The marketing and creative department needs to take a class on SENSITIVITY TRAINING – as soon as possible! Everything is political in this world because although by taking a huge RISK and making this shoe, they figured that since slavery happened years ago that this “would be” alright…..

NOPE! It is 2012 going on 2013 and it STILL IS NOT okay! I do not care if the maker of the shoe was black, white, asian, indian, creole etc..etc..etc.. they just did not totally think through this “big great idea” that they felt that they had! However, shame on the MARKETING REP’S for even giving the “go ahead” to produce the shoe and ship them to the shoe stores!


Love Journey

Since I was a little girl, I realized that I am a humanitarian at heart and care deeply for others because it is so easy for me to picture myself in their shoes…. I am very empathetic….sometimes to the point of feeling too much of their problems….I get caught up trying to help them too much!


Regardless if it is within family – church – work – friends – strangers etc…. I have ALWAYS over assisted when I obviously needed to pull back….. doing “too much” enables and hurts people as well as situations a lot of times.
I am learning to channel my gifts so to speak which will prevent me from feeling soooooooooooooooooo obligated as well as not to be taken advantage of via being kind and having the desire to help others……, but I am still a softy for the down trodden and for those that are not sure of who they are, those who are picked on, the homeless, the less fortunate, those who just need a hug, a smile, a prayer!


Never realized that it was a gift to feel other’s pains and to see their problems clearly until I ended up with someone who can’t ever and will never know what it’s like to see the whole picture….

 I love God ( FULLY ) and love People now with BALANCE!

My no’s have to mean no and my yes’s have to mean yes! God is a stable God and so will be my decision making!