So True!


Covered Up No Longer –

Welp…. you may not recognize the blue cover but that finger standing straight up most college football fans and participants just might! This is the statue of the ex famous pro family. pro child advocate, Joe Paterno……  also known as ” J O – PA “……

The covers has been pulled off and things unfortunately after soo soo many years are being dealt with…. Penn State tearing down the statue is just ONE thing they are showing the public and most importantly the families of the victims that they are trying to ” RECTIFY ” as much damage as they can….

I find it silly that the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, is the one that STARTED THE INVESTIGATION and not one single person from Penn State University….. which shows how FAR UP the cover up went of course…..

It is very interesting that the people involved or had the authority to speak up and out are STILL obtaining a pay check while they are on leave AND the people that quit or was terminated STILL are able to get their PENSION!!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE >>>> even Sandusky!!!!  This case makes you LOVE America and respect the political foolishness that this wonderful “allows”…. UGGHHHH

How about this one >>> If Penn State University chose to tear down the statue – then why CONTINUE to let his family get the proceeds of  “his pension” that is worth MILLIONS! UGGHH

The NCAA President decided not to give the football program the death penalty which I feel was fair PREDICATED they obtain a new brand new coaching staff…..but major “kuddos” for the board losing out on multiple scholarships as well as bowl appearances…

scandalous Politics and Red tape are two ugly things!