Women's Stuff

Things That Are Hot…..


My new bag!!! LOL

My girl – pal advised me that my bag was as hot as she was…. and my new hair style

I may just have to agree with her……my new bag and style via fashion is a little HOTTTTT!

A BRAND NEW BAG every three months is a nice new deal that I made with myself….Every 3 months is not a long time for me due to the fact that I already have OVER  __blank______blank_________ $#@!$&*^%$#!@ Number of bags/ purses and actually a few other things that I need to get delivered from!

Uggh…. my son of course said I should get one every month and of course it is because he wants to attend the shopping mall and obtain something for HIMSELF once a month as well!

Helping Self...

Sweets = Calories = Weight =Toothaches

Just as they say within the police departments, school buildings and community centers…. SAY NO TO DRUGS!! They should also put those same posters up in local bakeries saying. SAY NO TO SUGAR! I mean seriously, it is one thing having a sweet tooth but making cakes and danishes with candy as well? Who does that? Who would eat that? Why would they eat that? UGGHH!

I am trying to OBSESSIVELY get these LAST and gone forever 15 to 20 pounds off of me and just by ” literally “……. L-O-O-K-I-N-G  at a photo, I feel that I have not only became a diabetic, but also gained the pounds that I sincerely want and need to lose!  #TOOMUCH



Circle of Care

Everyone should have a circle of friends…a circle of loved ones… a circle of family members….  a circle of prayer partners etc..etc..etc.

Understand that this circle SHOULD NOT look how YOU think that it should look like or even be like if you are asking GOD TO DO IT….. We never know who we will need in life and also why LIMIT what God wants for you? There are soo soo many other people who have walked where you are PRESENTLY trying to go! Therefore, why not be open to what God has for you….wants for you….desires for you and most importantly >>>>CREATED FOR YOU!

Fellowship and Friendship goes together!! So remeber that HELP- LOVE and FRIENDSHIP  comes in all different colors, sizes and ages!


Weekend Part 4 A

Okay, I finally made it to my destination and boy is it HOT out here! Thank goodness, there is a space for my mommy to sit and for us to stand up close…..

However, even on ” THIS DAY “……at this moment, the most important thing for me to do is to get MORE PHOTOS FIRST!! The sun was blazing today! LOL


So glad to run into so many old faces…. family and friends go hand in hand most times… Especially those individuals who seemed to have ALWAYS been there!

My family – well parts of it at least…… bring me joy and today has allowed me to FORGET the negative things pertaining to my family and concentrate on something good – FOR A CHANGE!

We are all getting settled and trying to hurry up and mingle to get our hugs and kisses in with everyone before everything starts…. It was soo good seeing everyone and just seeing FAMILY together on ONE ACCORD united and truly gathered for the same reason~ LOVE! I am so excited that I cannot even sit still or stand still at this point!!!


I Have Never –


I have NEVER seen or even heard of a BLACK Lion!!! This is absolutely stunning! It looks like its reputation with this color coating! God surely has allowed some beautiful things to be created here on earth in the form of animals! I hope that this lion “is indeed AN ORIGINAL” because you know that “man is always” trying to change and RE -INVENT something! ESPECIALLY things that should not be bothered!

Dear ( ME )

ink addiction

Okay I get it …..well ONLY to a certain degree why people obtain tatoos…… but ummm when it gets obsessive…GEESH!

Why the whole BODY… seriously I also wanted to know that! I think that it is a turn on or they get a major high / rush from it all…. Like as you can see the boy has the word PATIENCE tattooed on BOTH of his hands. Is it that he needs this to remind HIMSELF that this is something that he needs to personally practice? Or does it mean that he likes the word itself? It appears to me that people who are lovers of INK seem to  run out of places of BLANK SKIN and then the body piercings start to increas as well!

Do you ever feel that people will regret this artwork? I mean if they like ART “all like that” why not buy some to put on the walls? I mean people get to the point that they are SOO SOO PROUD of the VARIETY of colors that they paid tons of cash for on their bodies. I cant get into it to this magnitude, so please help me understand the mind set of it if ANYONE CAN. I dont know anyone with only ONE TATOO.

They ALL start off saying that they have always wanted one and will only get ONE but a few months later…..the ink addiction BEGINS! Follow the moving hand!!! I am trying to obtain the message myself from the INK -art and what it all even means….

 I know in Leviticus 19:28 speaks volumes TO ME. “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.