The 3 Amigos

Hanging out with my TWO FAVORITE GIRLS always keep me in a good  mind space….. just spending time – talking  – lauging – eating is a source of STRENGTH for each of us and I could not be more happier….. I even act super silly sometimes which STILL throws  my sister off because she is so used to be only being 100000% super serious like all of the time! LOL

Family does not always mean the individuals that share the same blood line as you – However, I am glad that my mommy cakes and my sister happen to be blood line family members that I call friends. I have a great deal of girl pals that do not have relationships with either their mothers or fathers and sometimes even both parents!

I cannot IMAGINE how that would feel at all because the estranged relationships that I have with a few of my siblings do not feel too good, so not having a good rapport with a parent would mostl likely KNOCK THE WIND out of me……

We are indeed The 3 Amigos….. they are MY friends…. MY compadres….MY accountability partners….my partners in crime ( good crime ) LOL and of course that it takes a PIONEER to ” keep it all together ” and that is Mommy Cakes – boy she is a STRONG WHIPPER SNAPPER and is amazing! Her INNER STRENGTH is just breath taking and to be honest, She isnt bad on the eyes either I tell ya!!!


A Great Part of My Day

Was taking a break in the mall and sitting in a chair trying to get my MASTER PLAN together so I would be focused and not OVER SPEND as usual! Lo and behold, here walks in my niece whom I have not seen in ummmmm….. I shall not say how long it has been but ……..It’s wonderful when you KNOW you have a few folk who love you for “REAL”…No strings attached, no hidden agendas or motives…they love you for you, with all your faults, &  all your idiosyncrasies because they see the “essence” of who you are, and you can be “just plain ol’ you” with them, without all the “stuff”…Man, true LOVE from true FOLKS is an awesome thing…deeeep siiiiiigh… Seeing her REALLY made my whole weekend worth staying in my tri- state area! Grateful to see her and blessed to share and swap stories of LIFE and knowing that we have and had shared a great deal of similarities was just astonishing…..

We laughed..talked…..I cried….we hugged….we paused in silenced…we flirted..we cracked jokes…we mini complained and lifted up Jesus!

yeah – I am talking about my lovely niece  and she is an amazing 26 year old young woman who loves God….shopping….family…music…cats…ME and LIFE!

There are a few people who I KNOW loves me without a million questions that I  must ask first…. what am I doing these days… where have I been etc.. they are just glad to see me and that I am doing AMAZING!……

OKAY – the moral to this quick blog is to tell you to ……enjoy people who desire to enjoy you back!




Morning Convo –

Every week, my nephew and I have conversations on the things of Christ…. He will be 19 next month and it ASTOUNDS ME on how smart he is! God has used my nephew to get me through some of WORST times of my life! Dealing with my 19 year old twins to be very specific!

We both share the things that we want…desire…think we should have etc… and we both remind ” one another that ”  we have to remember that WE WILL HAVE WHAT “WE”  SAY! The LORD has given us HIS “Blueprint for Success”– which is The Word of GOD!

The beautiful simplicity of The Word emphasizes the importance of “meditating on THE WORD day & night…” (Joshua 1:8/Psalms 1:2-3), which results in us speaking The Word because the mouth naturally speaks based on what the heart has received!

So, let’s not speak due to our circumstances that we see on the outside. Let us boldly declare by FAITH, what we see on the inside: that our Dreams, Visions & Ideas will come to pass!


Temporary Bad Example

Ummm… I cannot believe that today had me looking crazy and setting a BAD example for my son! UGGHHH was I horrible today…. I have a few instances that I could share on what transpired during my day but there are too many to list! However, let me share this one today which transpired as we were driving through an area that would be considered like a “mini country ” like setting….. Nothing but road and trees were in our midst!! LOL

ME – baby go ahead and toss your trash out of the window

HIM – mom no, that is littering

ME – but we are out in the country, i would never tell you to do that in a neighborhood

HIM – i threw it out mom but what if an animal eats our trash or gets sick

ME – baby they are vegetarians and eat grass and bushes

HIM – but what about the enviornment  mom

ME – ummm ok you are right and i am sorry love muffin

HIM – thank you mommy because i dont want to get arressted for littering or hurting animals either

ME – oh boy i have al gore to thank for this conversation i guess

HIM – well you made me watch bill clinton so much that i start reading about al gore and pollution

ME – im glad that i taught you well

HIM – you did mommy and im going to be a good man when i get older too

ME – you are so amazing and im grateful that God is showing me how to raise you

HIM – mommy stop holding my hand and watch the road since you are driving


Dear ( ME )

Im Happy –

Dear God, I begin to say, please watch over my life and keep me safe Give me  hope and show me faith. Guide my path and let me know you are near. Allow  me to be strong and filled with love, for love conquers all fear. A gentle  breeze crosses my path, and gives me a slight chill God answers and says: I  am with you still.

I’ve never left you alone, or threw you aside, I am in  your heart, I will be your guide. I will show you the way to master life’s  difficulties, and trust your heart, For I am with you now and forever, I  shall never part. A gentle breeze I feel again, I know my prayers are  answered, God has heard my plea. He has pointed this out for me to  see. Life has many surprises each and every day.

I always tell my sister that We cannot live on regrets  and sorrow. Once again I feel a gentle breeze which means God is  saying: My child there is a tomorrow: The sun will shine once again, the  birds will continue to sing. Memories will last forever, and enjoy life  a  new today, and all that it may bring.


Dear Mommy –

Thank you so much for TODAY!  This afternoon was soo soo hard but I had enough sense to call you as well as call on JESUS! Geesh….YEAH, I owe you yet again! You are an amazing example for me and to me. I love you dearly!

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