Another Reality CHECK

The first video are the singers at a live concert in Las Vegas and the song is beautiful, has a great melody and funky – catchy beat!! Of course, Taylor Swift is adorable as always, the male singers are talented > Keith Urban KILLED that guitar!!!! 

But also they are drop dead gorgeous ( ESPECIALLY ) Tim McGraw…… whew…. but after you watch this video – please take a look at the video that was made for the song.

I’m sure if you have kids you will have yet another pep talk with them. Then even if you don’t have kids, PLEASE have a pep talk with YOURSELF!! ( Because like the song says – The Highway Don’t Care )

First 2 and FUN videos below


Second and LIFE CHANGING video below


Remembering and Respecting MLK


A great man can never be forgotten – he can only remain to be admired, missed and respected!!! I am personally grateful for all of the sacrifices that this man CHOSE to do on behalf of ALL people.
The Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an example that people all over the world can still appreciate and emulate.

Mother Teresa was not the only chosen vessel by God to create, lead and change people’s hearts in the name of the Lord. The Civil Rights Movement was the pedigree to the United States of America’s Freedom!


Dear ( ME )

Country Music –

Luke Bryan also tries to act so bashful…. He is so funny though – he is a COUNTRY SINGER who loves all types of music and just takes it to make it COUNTRY…. that is an artist! He took a rap song and made it COOL COUNTRY!

Country music is some sincere therapy but most people dont want to give it a chance because they cant seem to get passed the performer’s big hats and big boots and big accents! Well, I guess to the country singers they figure you dont have to as long as their other fans buys their records to give them big checks! Who in the world would ever think that they could listen to an ADELE song by way of country??!! Well Luke Bryan did it!

My OLD Country Crush below – whew Jesus is what I used to say everytime I saw this video…. besides his second verse talking about beer……. Im sure that he could have used a different verse! LOL He used sipping tea a great deal!

I mean crush to the point that when he said ANYTHING… I smiled so hard that my cheeks were in pain! LOL and I say OLD County Crush because he got married a few months ago… and having a crush on ANYONE WHO IS TAKEN is certainly a big “NO” – Regardless if he is a high profile country singer and the chances of me meeting him would be slim to none! Just call it Christian MORALS….


time goes by so fast.

By now, EVERYONE can tell that the world is spinning out of control….. and what it needs is Spiritual empowerment! Relational empowerment! Economic empowerment!

America is a super power that will soon enough become powerless if it does not decrease in ungodly ways……#soSerious ( random thought )



Temporary Bad Example

Ummm… I cannot believe that today had me looking crazy and setting a BAD example for my son! UGGHHH was I horrible today…. I have a few instances that I could share on what transpired during my day but there are too many to list! However, let me share this one today which transpired as we were driving through an area that would be considered like a “mini country ” like setting….. Nothing but road and trees were in our midst!! LOL

ME – baby go ahead and toss your trash out of the window

HIM – mom no, that is littering

ME – but we are out in the country, i would never tell you to do that in a neighborhood

HIM – i threw it out mom but what if an animal eats our trash or gets sick

ME – baby they are vegetarians and eat grass and bushes

HIM – but what about the enviornment  mom

ME – ummm ok you are right and i am sorry love muffin

HIM – thank you mommy because i dont want to get arressted for littering or hurting animals either

ME – oh boy i have al gore to thank for this conversation i guess

HIM – well you made me watch bill clinton so much that i start reading about al gore and pollution

ME – im glad that i taught you well

HIM – you did mommy and im going to be a good man when i get older too

ME – you are so amazing and im grateful that God is showing me how to raise you

HIM – mommy stop holding my hand and watch the road since you are driving


Dear ( ME )

Cow Girl Part 2

Okay, now when I first heard this song, UNFORTUNATELY like alot of other people…..

I thought that he was a white male, ONLY due to the industry of country music and I was sooo wrong and it was soooo great being wrong! Even if Country Music isnt your thing, the words are just pure awesomeness!! I mean his youtube country single called “Alright” currently has over 3,872,326 views and growing! I am sure anyone who knows me is maybe thinking that I am went off of the deep end via my music choices and blogging topics but it was due to me only sharing a LIMITED portion of myself to certain people…. Being born and raised in a strict / ministerial / educated household led me to believe that there was only a “certain way” to live, think, walk, talk, live and BE.  I am Jesus Christ ALL DAY LONG, but even Jesus was DIVERSED! lol ( #teamvalarie)

 So if you are not too stiff necked, starchy and want to diversify yourself, go check out #team DARIUS RUCKER!!