Life in Chicago –

A truck leaves a Chicago Police crime lab on its way to the medical examiner's office. (File/UPI Photo/Brian Kersey)


Memorial Day weekend has brought violence to Chicago, with six killed and at least 22 wounded so far, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

On Friday evening a 17-year-old girl was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene, and an 18-year-old man was shot in the chest in the same incident. Later that night another man was shot and killed.

On Saturday, Gregory Dixon, 29, was shot to death about half a mile from President Barack Obama’s Kenwood neighborhood home. Dixon buzzed the gunmen into the apartment building himself, according to police. The attackers then entered through a door left ajar and shot Dixon in the chest and back.

Also on Saturday, and 18-year-old man was shot in the head in a possible drive-by.

On Sunday, police responded to a disturbance call and found Malcolm Dobbey, 27, shot to death in a backyard. Detectives were questioning a “person of interest” in the fatal shooting, but no charges had been brought as of Sunday evening.

Charles Jones, 42, the manager of a gentleman’s club, was shot and killed during an incident in which a Buick LaCrosse sideswiped Jones’ Maserati. When Jones pulled over to confront the other motorist, the driver and a passenger walked to another vehicle and then came back. One of them had a gun and shot Jones dead, police said. A 42-year-old woman in his car was wounded by a shot to the hip or back.


You and My Son…..

  Darrell Turner

                                                                            Jaylen C. Coleman

Darrell, you and my son Jaylen were like brothers and I wish that I could come home and see you asleep on my couch again!!!!! Although you are no longer here to share your smile with us….. just know that my son and your brother / friend misses you dearly. June 23, 2011 changed the lives of soooo many people because that is the night that you were taken away so suddenly….

We cannot imagine how your parents and family are feeling about your life being taken a year ago but we know that you are with the Lord. Thank you Darrell for allowing me to get to know you and choosing to also becoming apart of The Coleman FAMILY. I love you dearly….

I pray that the person who murdered you will receive what is deserved and justice on your behalf will indeed be served. 




Helping Self...

Just Say Amen – and Move on….


It is sad that it is the truth……..not enough people are BOLD enough to re-track what transpired with this piece of legislation. It took ONE woman’s voice / her opinion on what she DID NOT like to take prayer out of school.

However, there seems to be thousands of people who disagree with taking prayers out of school but there were no MARCHES, NO RALLIES, NO SOCIAL MEDIA OUTBURSTS etc.

Interesting, is it not?



Who would have EVER thought that a Hood Thug and  House Wife would have ANYTHING in common?

Nonetheless, who would have thought that the CHANCES would have been GREATER for the House Wife to do a crime, get convicted AND do time in jail BEFORE a Hood Thug? The outer appearance surely can fool anyone huh!!!  LOL

In this case , thank goodness “Politics” did not play a key role!

#SnoopDog and #MarthaStewart = FRIENDS!!



Just Noticed

I have noticed that our personal opinions change when……


1. child murders someone then we think maybe their son was provoked

2. brother tells us that he now likes men then we think that maybe he was automatically molested

3. daughter has a bad sexual reputation then we think maybe she may have been raped

4. mother has an affair with a married man then we think maybe shedid not know the man was married

5. son gets indicted for stealing money then we think maybe his accountants did not prepare the books right

6. daughter is arrested for running and operating a prostitution ring then we think maybe it was someone who stole her identity

 7. father is reported of having child porn on his computer then we think maybe someone else stole his password

8. uncle molested his neice and then we think maybe she flirted with him and he was just being a man and reacted

9. adult sister has a secret relationship with a high school senior then we think maybe the kid is at least 18

10. father is abusive to his wife then we think maybe she was nagging him

11. child steals anvold lady’s purse then we think maybe they had peer pressure

12. kids are doing drugs then we think maybe they are just holding them for somebody else

We should not be sooo judgemental of others because we NEVER know if it will be OUR TURN to have one of our loved ones names in black and white in the newspaper and t.v. screens.

You do not want to be standing out in the midst of others with the lights stuck on you for total display amongst your peers….

Judge others as you would like to be judged…it will improve your compassion level I am sure!