Amazing Principles –

Seven Deadly Sins

Wealth without work

 Pleasure without conscience

Science without humanity

 Knowledge without character

Politics without principle

Commerce without morality

Worship without sacrifice.”  ―

Spoken By …….Mahatma Gandhi


Everyday Random TRUTH…..


It is time that we all learn to master enjoy more than only thinking about one  day……Its time to enjoy your WHOLE life….

Worrying or even casually thinking about who does not like you is silly…..Mostly everyone was bullied or disliked is successful! LOL

Matter of FACT….. a great deal of people would not make themselves go through so many changes if they would STOP allowing people they barely know get to close to them!

Just wait on the Lord and then wait for YOUR turn and you will be just fine!….. I will HIG – 5 my ownself for this one!

Helping Self..., Inspiration

Quick Pep Talk

Everyday is something new and different and im really trying to stay focused….

ministry has shifted me in ways that i never thought could ever happen….. i dont know whether to sigh, cry, laugh or giggle..

there is a HUGE transition that is about to take place in my life.. and i just wish that i was included on the decision making! God got it and im really gonna let him direct my path(s) and try m best not to ask questions…… okay.. i may be tempted to ask a few but i still trust him bottom line…  God and me have a funny relationship that i honor…adore…and would not trade it for the world..

i dont know if the relationship stresses me out..or me trying to figure it out stresses me out…  none of the stress comes from God …although at times i do enjoy thinking things that went wrong in my life are really his fault…his doing…. then he looks at me like.. daughter you are a piece of work… i smile back and say i know dad!!! lol

truth be told…….i guess im just nebby about my future! is that a bad thing! lol

peace out!!