Interesting Thoughts –

Interesting Thoughts -

It is amazing how sometimes even in confusion you can obtain a major epiphany and know that things will be alright soon enough.
Life has the tendency to be VERY strange at times because it is when negative things happen, we discover who we actually are and then realize how great we are all at the same time!

Adversity has the power to TEACH us how to live! ( in such an IMPERFECT world )


Enjoy –

Enjoy your time – Enjoy being able to think  – Enjoy being able to feel – Enjoy being able to love – Enjoy being able to have peace
Enjoy your life  – Enjoy waking up in the morning – Enjoy being able to rest – Enjoy having small things
Enjoy your ups and your downs –  Enjoy your trials and tribulations – Enjoy being victorious

Enjoy your family….Enjoy your friends…Enjoy your success…Enjoy YOU!

Because while you are going through it all……it is indeed TIME that can be used to change and re adjust what you need to do or go in life…..

Think about it okay?


More Soccer

Why is he acting as if  he is sooo tired……… This day has been soo long for me not him! It seems like all I do is pick up and drop off now days!

Hey, I dont know how in the world that I find the time to do ANY of the things that I do….  but to see Jared’s buddy and their coaching assistant every weekend makes it all worth it….. Good clean fun! 

Seeing kids having fun brings all parents joy – they do not realize how blessed they are to enjoy life while they are young! No responsibilities etc!

Another soccer mom who shares so many similar stories as raising her son alone! Just when you think that only certain cultures go through things..lo and behold – God will surely shock you!  She is the first generation out of 10 to ever divorce her husband and raise her family on her own! I said wow!

 Usually the Indian, Italian, Islam and other cultures that are not American are groomed to STAY in whatever type of marriage they have.

Just glad that I am able to put my son in various activities! Single Moms rock!