NEVER Be 2 Old 2 Say –

My father has been gone from this earth for over 5 years BUT it still feels like only yesterday…… I miss him TERRIBLY. My mother is still ALIVE and well and she is 73 years “YOUNG” ( lol) ……. I will always be THEIR baby –



Happy Blessed Day!

Happy birthday to my big sister!!! She means SOOOOO MUCH to me and has always been there for me when I did not feel like BEING BOTHERED with myself if that even makes even sense!! LOL I have spoiled her REAL GOOD!! She is going to really enjoy the WHOLE rest of the month of November 2012…… I have had sooo many wonderful things planned for her and God knows that it is MY PLEASURE

She is just SIMPLY amazing…..and deserves ALL the happiness that her sweet BIG HEART can surely hold! Last year was great for her too because I celebrated her birthday until New Years!


Hey Pops!

Hey Pops! Yesterday was a little hard but today SUPER DUPER surprising – I was actually alright hearing and seeing all The Father’s Day stuff and you are not here with me! It has been 5 years since you have been gone from this earth ……but it most days only feels like it has realy only been about 2 but …hey 5 is for grace right!

Mommy misses you of course…..Jared said yesterday that when you died the family fell apart!!! OH HOW HE IS RIGHT – GEESH! The twins unfortunately are the same- ….

Sorry dad, I tried all these years ( I MEAN REALLY ) and finally pulled back like a few months ago. You told me to years ago but I could not regardless of the things they did or did not do because they were still babies – my babies ya know?  They will be 19 in a few weeks so -PEACE! ( in so many words )

The other siblings situation is stil the same as well – you would be disappointed but you were ALWAYS optimistic! Whew, boy is it hard being the peacemaker ALL the time and for so many years – boy am I exhausted seriously…

Dad today I show my appreciation for you in my life, but I hope that this isn’t the only day you see my appreciation, because everyday I look in the Mirror I see a piece of you. Love Ya…. and see you when I get to HEAVEN

Pops, I salute YOU on this day ( actually everyday ) but I am blessed because I am your daughter!… would be so proud of me!


“happy” – “thanks” – “giving”

This Happy – Thanks – Giving was very different this year but sometimes different can have the potential of being good too!! From the family getting to the house early, to some getting there on time it did not matter because those who were there was meant to be….

Glad of course to have the matriach of the Coleman Family around regardless of the occassion! A great deal of people do not find themsevles waking up every moring because DEATH has knocked at their door, walked in and looked for whomever “it was coming for”…So to have my mommy still here is a major blessing to ME!!

Putting the kids to work is a standard in almost every household for the Holidays! Lol, it was fun at first until longevity crept into his arms and he realized that only certain aspects of cooking was deemed to be “super cool”… son knows AGE means nothing when it comes to assisting in what he plans on reaping the benefits in! EATING! Now get to cutting

This lasted for about an hour between cutting and grabbing bowls and sneaking and tasting the food that was already done… He showed how READY he was to STOP helping too! LOL

My mom nibbled, talked, laughed and sang…..then posed for a few photos too!

The day was going well and I knew that I would have to put the camera down and stop blogging at ANY second…… I felt my sister and she was about to start fussing at ME!!

My big sister Noreen was already up cooking since 7 am and I was starting to feel obligated  to come help in the kitchen….. Well, im next to the baby and I really didnt think that I would be expected to do anything this year! My way of getting out of it is to buy all of the groceries! LOL…..

Okay I have to post a few more pics because Im getting a little hungry and Adults arent allowed to nibble unless they help cook …..besides Momma Coleman! I sat down to rest my feet…. well okay maybe not to rest my feet.. I just DID NOT WANT TO COOK! Look at my mom’s face in the pic below….her face is saying >>.get up and go help in the kitchen!

Okay so after a few stops and breaks in between… I started declaring and decreeing some things to my family, starting with my mom…She indeed needed to be reminded of some of the Lord’s promises!

So then my sister took over and I wish that I could have captured “the moments” of praise but I was overtaken as well.. Nonetheless, after the prayer and praise went on..everyone felt better and went into a quiet but playful mode… Jordan and Jared went to play with the lizard who im afraid of because he indeed is A LIZARD!!

Then, the Lord put on my heart to lead my aunt Betty to HIM… as I was thinking of what to sister blurted out the same thing via my aunt needing to accept Christ TODAY and my mother also echoed the same thing… I said…welp! Okay Lord, he we go!!

At first.. things felt a tad bit stiff for about 2 LONG minutes because I asked my mom to lead my aunt to Christ because she was her sister. However, after I thought about it, it was The Lord who placed it upon my heart to do it…so that meant something…

God was so in the room because she always told me that I was the daughter that she never had but always wanted and I asked her about her relationship with the Lord… She said that she thinks that she is saved but recalls accepting Christ into her life a long time ago..  I then asked her what type of cigarettes that she smokes? QUICKLY, she replied and said …NEWPORTS!! I laughed and said, that is how The Lord wants you to answer when someone asks you ABOUT HIM! Answer quickly and with great certainy!! Then from there I led her to The Lord and we hugged, cried, and laughed……

God is indeed amazing… My mom was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY, so was I and so was Jesus! The Angels were indeed rejoicing on this day!! Everything just seemed so awesome FINALLY!!!

I had to of course go to my first cousin Stevie and offer the same GIFT to him as I did to his mother and my aunt Betty.. He said that he was not ready… Of course I shared a few things with him via not knowing when his last day of life would be and it was imperative that his soul was indeed headed up and not down. I hugged him and we cotinued to watch the football game.

Of course as the matriach of the family, my mother was ALSO going to ask her nephew about recieving Christ into his life! He gave her the same sentences and she did like I did, and just said that she prays that he would change his mind sooner that later.

There is more that I can write because a great deal happened and there are other pics that I can upload but you get the point to how MY Thanksgiving went! Just happy to be alive..happy to have a family regardless of the MANY bumps and bruises that comes along with it… God is good.. okay that is all!

Via MY blog title…. I am HAPPY… I gave THANKS and I GAVE!