Just For TODAY –


Blessed Quietness –
When was the last time you experience quietness? We spend life always rushing everywhere we go. People love to multi-task try just doing one thing at a time. The next time you’re eating just eat don’t do anything else.
today…..Try going home without putting on a computer, t.v. or any other device. Spend an hour just listening to Blessed Quietness. We are living so fast and always thinking about another day.
We can’t enjoy this day. Don’t borrow trouble from another day! Just be thankful for today! Now if you can practice this for TODAY, then you can continue to make it habitual in your daily living –  Can you do it? >>  Re structuring

Prayer 4 Life –


Heavenly Father…We come 2 U in the precious name of Ur Son…Jesus…

WE CHOOSE 2 be still in U…WE CHOOSE 2 cast our cares on U…FILL US with Ur peace this week…FILL US with Ur hope as we keep our hearts & minds stayed on U…WE COME 2 U with grateful hearts…

THANK U 4 leading us & directing our steps…HELP US 2 see others the way U see them so we can honor U…live in unity…& WALK IN THE PLACE OF BLESSING U have prepared 4 us…Father God…

We want 2 live in Ur ways…We want Ur POWER 2 FLOW THROUGH US…Show us how 2 treat others with the highest level of love & respect…Let our words & actions always honor U so that our PRAYERS WILL BE POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE…In Jesus’ Name… Amen


Daily Health Warning –


Does it seem strange that some people COMPLAIN they don’t have enough TIME to be happy, yet they find enough time to be sad? Not really. You see, their deplorable plight has nothing to do with having sufficient or insufficient time.

It has everything to do with complaining. After all, complaining is the negation of happiness. It’s impossible to complain and be happy at the same time.