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Remember these five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred 2. Free your mind from worries

3. Live simply 4. Give more 5. Expect less

Oh yeah…… I LOVE my mommy!!! She is ummmmm  72/ 73  years soooo young! LOL She indeed ROCKS…I am so blessed to have been raised by her and thank God she is STILL alive and well >>>> I AM….. super grateful


Don’t Get Me Wrong…..

Dont get me wrong ….  just because I am NOT wearing Obama 2012 election buttons and I have my own personal views with the current president that I feel it is alright for Americans to take FREEDOM OF SPEECH severely out of context!!! This billboard that was made and put up a few days ago is just so disrespectful that the people who owns the marketing billboard company needs to be fined as well as the individuals who paid for it to go up.

Do I believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Yes!!! However, the way that this country is currently and is going – do not think it strange for our government to start RE-VISITING a great deal of FREEDOM legislation bills to get a better “grip” on the people! Freedom of Speech as well as The Patriot Act is surely going to be the first two pieces of legislation that will become quickly amended – mark my words! As a country, WE DO NOT know what to expect for the next 4 years from President Obama or Mitt Romney if he is elected into office!

President Barack Obama, is the ONLY American president “to date” that has been OPENLY disrespected by the citizens, to the part of disgrace from the American People. Even when our country was in the midst of the Vietnam War, the people were upset but they knew to watched what they said and understood how far to go.

In this era of presidency, the American people do not understand the phrase, ‘trade lightly” and it shows….. To compare your president with the tragedy of Colorado and sadly…poorly attempt to tie it into the Afghan War is just obnoxious! Last time I checked, America was dealing with the Middle East ever since President BUSH was in office!

American Citizens need to pay attention to REALLY what is going on in the world as a whole because I would NOT be shocked if it some kind of way, that some of the ” Democratic Ways” would start disappearing ….. Trust me, we do NOT need, deserve or want a dictator ruling our country! If we were in another country, citizens would have been killed by these acts of disrespect.

It is now 2012 ….start comparing all of the different types of legislation that will start all of sudden changing! You dont have to be into politics to understand that things are and will change when you least expected!



Welp, I NEVER thought that a person other than an AFRICAN AMERICAN during the 20th century could share some feelings about real racism!  They say that there is a FIRST FOR EVERYTHING HUH!!! I am sure that I can speak for a “few black women and a WHOLE LOT OF Black men” and say… ” WELCOME TO OUR WORLD”

The new laws that passed in Arizona “allowing / permitting / pushing” the legal authorities to actually STOP Hispanic / Latino citizens in public if they look suspicious! I think that it is indeed HORRID behavior and now I guess people will NOW UNDERSTAND how the African community used to and still feels like. It is called RACISM and the police departments around the country found to be what “they considered” a nicer word of RACIAL PROFILING.  How in the world can that be considered less gripping than just being prejudice?

When they discussed legislation pertaining this bill and they had the NERVE to use the word “papers” for the Hispanic / Latino community, it made me think of the Jewish community and what they had to go through in Germany!

This country has GONE from land of the free and home of the brave…….to Land of who pays the most money to pass a bill to home of the people that want to deal with it or leave! People who have lived in this country and is working being a productive member of society has to get stopped out on a nice summer day with their family just because the police have the right to check their immigration status??

Sad thing about this whole thing is that there are some politicians who have hired illegal men to do their yardwork…. and the women to babysit their children because they knew that they could “get away with” paying them lower wages! This country makes even the best military man or woman tear up because they also see that they too arent treated respectfully – equally when they return home. BIG SIGH…

So so so so sad!!  Honestly… this election has left the  good ole’ American people no REAL choices for the next 4 years in this sad presidential election to come. It saddens me that not one Democratic Nominee dared to run against President Barack Obama! I know that it costs millions of dollars to run for a presidential election BUT to ONLY HAVE ONE CHOICE is sad. At least the Republicans had enough sense and strength to have at least 8 contenders!

I guess my blog is all over the place because my life and this country is all over the place!!!! Geesh.. can something be right?


Flags and Chaos

Flag depicting President Barack Obama above Lake County Democratic Party headquarters in Tavares, Fla. (Courtesy of Donald L. Van Beck)

Dont get me wrong – I get the whole excitement via the campaign and trying to think of DIFFERENT and OUT OF THE BOX marketing moves but……….

I feel that  putting a presidents face on the flag and removing the STARS and STRIPES is a bit extreme.  Some people have called it “disgraceful”…. now I feel that is their opinion but I would rather say that doing something like this is more so “dis tasteful” …..

Now granted to the home – owner’s “little defense” they did have enough sense to place a NORMAL flag “above” the altered flag but still – we are Americans! – We are going to find something to voice our little opinions about! LOL

As a country, we are already STILL dealing with ” the use ” of The Confederate Flag!

( UUGGHH!!! )

 News Flash – The Civil War is OVER and THANK GOD that the North beat!

I mean last time I checked / noticed… we are not in Communist RUSSIA or CHINA – we don’t have our presidents face plastered over our money and that is the only currency to be used. The currency that we Americans use, only have a few faces on the bills and the people chosen were of some great significance via “building up” the country!

The stars and stripes DO HAVE A MEANING AND A PURPOSE! If I was a veteran of ANY era of the wars, I would be highly offended because these men and women fought, died, lost limbs and their own mental state to preserve the freedom of this country.

Image Detail

If AMERICANS are not allowed to even burn The American Flag, they should not be allowed / permitted to “altar it” in any other way as well. We have ENOUGH of other countries who are and will continue to dishonor our flag!

Free speech has gone too far in this country because we do not seem to know when ” to pull back”…..


Choices – Blah!!

I mean are these the ONLY choices to choose from in the upcoming election? Okay on the Republican side, they did seem to “start off” with a truck load of candidates until money issues, people’s past, the inability to speak, choosing when you want to show up and being the wrong gender with characteristics of Sara Palin SHRUNK the list.

Mitt Romney Anti – Faith  Newt Gingrich   Anti – Family

Rick Santorum Anti – New Ideas  Barack Obama – Anti Transparency

However, where are all of THE LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS Tea Bag Party Candidates? Welp maybe they just get loud when things are hot in congress and when things cool off they realize that they are STILL not in position to fight the real giants in politics.

Okay now where are all of the whining Democrats? I do not care what type of election is being held across America, if Democrats can get on the ballot they will certainly be there! I mean I guess that I “sort of understand why” no one wants to run against President Obama -………

I am LYING – because NO I do not understand why there are NOT any Democrats at all fighting to get onto the ballot! People like to have CHOICES so even if President Obama would win by a landslide via obtaining the Democratic Nomination – can we show some Democracy even on the ballot box? You can’t if there is only one choice like a Communist Nation!

Of course it takes a whole truck load of money to run against an incumbent BUT – please realize that everyone does not like Preisdent Obama and desire to see him serve another 4 LONG years in office. ( of course anyone in office is better than BUSH ) but change is nice – besides isnt that Obama’s word anyway! LOL

There would be PLENTY of sponsors to come out of the wood – work to help even a semi – surface intelligent person to run against the current President! As long as you are easy on the eyes, have a degree ( IN ANYTHING ) do not have a criminal past, have some type of sob story that the American public can identify with, have kids or have worked with kids, go to church, can speak and do not ask too many questions………… You would be a GREAT CANDIDATE to run against President Obama even on the Democratic ticket!!!




Yeah, I took another Political Poll!

The survey, titled “Where Do You Fit”: http://typology.people-press.org

I totally disagreed with even the line of questioning when I skimmed it over before I took the quiz. For it being 2012, I felt that the questions were almost outdated and the verbiage was not compelling enough to give an accurate answer.

That is one of the biggest issues even with surveys from years past and present; they allow the survey taker to have to much time to think about the answer that they desire to give.

My personal score was VERY inaccurate that it made me upset and gave me a broader aspect of how “made up” some of these political polls they present to the public making it appear that citizens feel a certain way on major key issues.

The questions did not change my political attitude but I can see how the type of questions that were used could make a person re – think some views that they have on a particular subject. Furthermore, when I saw the phrase political attitude in this week’s assignment, it basically means to me your political party affiliation. Also a person’s political attitude cannot be predicted over questions because a lot of people may have opinions from two different type of party affiliations, like myself included!

I believe that your political attitude is more so what views you hold with particular stances and the more stances that you share with a certain political party meshes you into that party. For the last 7 years, I have always considered myself 75 percent Republican and 25 percent Democrat. However a great deal has changed in ALL of the parties and it can be quite a mess trying to decipher where you stand within them all.

It is almost like a smorgasbord of political views that it seems almost impossible for anyone to TOTALLY be considered one party affiliation!

If you want a GENUINE answer from the public, why not hire a team who specializes in surveys so that they came create a simplistic question that will give a more concrete answer?


Are you a Democrat ? ___ Republican? ____ Liberal? _____

Did you vote last November in the General Election?
Do you feel that Roe vs Wade legislation should be ammeded?

Do you feel that America is doing enough for blue collar workers?
Do you feel that only certain jobs should be increased above the national minimum wage?

Those are the types of questions that will give straight forward answers without making the person taking the survey think too much about the question as well as take up too much time. If the survey has too many questions, requires too much thought or makes the person have a borderline answer, can cause a problem of inaccuracy when they turn it in.

Some people take surveys to get free gifts etc. and if they are not getting anything out of it they may even just scribble anything to get you out of their face. To me that is what this survey felt like; it felt like a LIBERAL put it together, especially with those types of questions / statements that were asked.

So even though The Professor is asking us in week 7 to assess how the questions on the survey can predict a respondent’s political attitude / party. I feel that I was able to do both! Assess how the questions of the survey predict the political attitude of the person / people THAT MADE THE SURVEY as well as the Respondents!

Question 3 talked about foreigners coming into the country

Question 9 talked about immigrants

Question 10 talked about racial discrimination

Question 18 talked about social class

Question 20 talks about race AGAIN

Those 5 out of 20 questions above, could give the appearance if answered incorrectly via the Survey Maker dictate that the person was from a minority group. They basically are pulling out a sense of racial profiling within a survey so to speak.

Question 1 and Question 12 and Question 19 could allow the Survey Maker believe that how a person would answer those questions contrary to what they would have predicted could allow them to assume that they were a part of a radical and intensified group or religious group with very strong beliefs.

Then you have the others questions like :

Question 7

Question 14

These SPECIFIC would assist the Survey Maker in assuming predicated on the answers if the respondents own guns, have law enforcement / military officers within their family or they believe in the right to bear arms.

We can predict a great deal of things but that does not deem them to be true. Also if you a person already feels strongly about key certain topics and they are trying to assume what someone else is thinking or may have meant, it would be very hard for them to give a neutral answer.