Yes, HE deserves ALL of my Praise –

Lord, you DESERVE all of my praise……. Over and Over and Over and Over and Over…….


Seeing Old Friends!!!


Had a late start…an iffy early morning at the first service I attended…. then headed to a second church service and EXHALED!!!


IT WAS AMAZINGLY BLESSED! (to say the least) The word of God is always a good way to snap me back together!


My son cringes sometimes when we go to a church and everyone knows who he is BUT HE DOES NOT RECALL who they are!! Lol


I tell him that people know him via me being pregnant with him up until he was about 2 years of age…. Of course he is still looking at them and ME like okay….mom!


However, he loves this kid right here!!! I prayed for them and that God would ignite and shift the same anointing via musical talents …….the drums… I love him too, he is like a nephew to me.


Then me and my little partner headed to a 3rd service….and it was nice to be amongst some genuine folk. Gosh I love these two people right here!!!!


Since about 1994, me and this man had a bond that screamed WE ARE FAMILY!!!!! I love them BOTH but over the years…

God used him to be a Father and an Uncle (amazing one too) to me and my oldest sister and we have NOT let our bond go! He is an uncle that I have always and shall always hold dear to my heart…. and me and his wife have the same type of love for another…. she too, is soo sweet.


I am grateful that she shares her space and time SPIRITUALLY with her husband so that he is able to be a blessing to people like ME!!


Just seeing another girl pal of mine really made me saay CHEEZZZEE!!!! My soul sistahas!




Then ran and did errands….then connected with a few more friends and by the time I looked at my phone it was after 5 pm!!!


Whew…sooo time for me and my son to say all of our God bless you’s ….hug people…get a doggy bag and head home.

It is now 648 and ot feels every bit of at least 848and I cannot tell you how my pillow is DEMANDING me to lay on all 10 of them!!! Lol


Had a very long but great day though..


Night Cap……


God does NOT do the things that we expect Him to do just because we FEEL THAT they need to be done… He is GOD!

HE also did not……write me a memo stating that He would make my life easier…..

HE also did not…..give me a hint when my 19 1/2 year old twin children would finally decide to follow Him …..

HE also did not… me on the house phone to remind me to wake up early in the morning to pray…….

He also did not…..text me nor email me to tell me that I need to make extra sacrifices for Him…..

HE also did not….fix the issues within my immediate family, that has gone on for the last 6 – 7 years……

HE also did not….. allow my mind to forget all the hurt that I have experienced from family and friends…..

HE also did not…..relocate me to the place of my choosing……..

HE also did not …. allow my father and grandmother to live longer per my request….

HE also did not ……heal my mother from some of her afflictions….

HE also did not…. deliver me out of my current Wilderness…….

Regardless of God NOT doing the things that I have asked or wanted from Him…. the real question is why and when will I start doing the things that HE asks from me???? YES!! This question can be geared toward all of us….

So with that being said… we should always wake up and go to bed saying to The Lord…….



Bishop Timothy Williams – How I Remember Him


 I woke up today STILL thinking of this past weekend and the Funeral / Home – Going Service Celebration of my FIRST male example in ministry. Pastor Tim was a pastor that loves – not because God is in his heart but because he is in the heart of God.

His thoughts, actions and messages to the congregation always come from the heart of God. He was a great man that really is driven by his passion for God and his vision for God’s vision. Pastor Tim worked tirelessly in ministry and I have never seen him give any less prayer, time and energy to someone else’s vision than he did to his own. Even though he was a pastor, he was an extraordinary servant and an even more exemplary as a worshipper. He consistently encouraged us to become worshippers of God more than anything, regardless of our age.

 He was concerned about the whole person and his lifestyle is one that can be mimicked in the church, at home or at work. He was a proud husband and father and goes to great lengths to protect his family sometimes praying over them all night long. Always instructing them in how to hear God; draw near to God; honor God; give God all!


He was especially special to me on a personal note because he trained my mother to a place in God where I was actually able to see who God really was and what He can do.  She was MY EXAMPLE because he became HER EXAMPLE.

Everyone who walked into the doors of Christian Temple was actually able  to start fresh in the kingdom. It was life changing for me. And that’s what Pastor Tim did for many of us–change lives!

Pastor Tim was a father figure to many and I will deeply miss him….


Super Random –


Fact: 90% of people who leave a church they have been committed to a number of years do not leave for the reasons of church leaders as they claim. They leave because they don’t want to accept the responsibility of what has occurred in their lives as a result of some bad choices they have made.

Yet the church gets the blame. Wow what a burden to carry and a tragedy that the church was good enough to help you all those years without asking you for a thing in return yet you quit and yes on the same God who you claim sent you there because leaders won’t bow down to the foolishness we dish out time after time, but yet the world we live in you accept them everyday..

( thanks shdonna )

 The enemy is always watching your mouth to see what words of negativity you will release so he’ll have something to do by your own fault, but remember you have angels waiting to be employed too. Go ahead, speak to your mountain NOW. You’ve got the power!

Helping Self...

Too Bad –


Too bad people dont cheer for God like this when he does Wonderful, Amazing and Miraculous things like ……………ummmmm –

1. Wakes them up every morning, REGARDLESS of “what they did last night” or what they may be entangled with that “same day”

2.  Keep them as well as friends and family from all hurt, harm and danger in the NATURAL AND SPIRITUAL

3. Maintenance of their mind

4. Having the ability to use the activities of their own limbs

5. Have the ways and means to a sustainable life

6. The POWER of choice, whether the choices are right or wrong

7. For Grace to sin and be Forgiven

8. For the breath that is inhaled every mili – second

9. For the wants and desires that are still granted WHILE yet being soooooooooooo undeserving

10. Knowing the truth of being saved and personally experiencing God

Okay although I am already at Number 10 and coild EASILY continue onto at least 500 within the first hour of typing but my hand would clearly obtain a cramp and I am hoping that way before I or anyone else would have to type that much to show you / remind you of how blessed you are that you would GET THE POINT!

Cheer for the right things in life! >>>>  That is my “current” point…


Live Laugh Love


May these words encourage someone on today…………

Live for Today, the wise ones say. It’s a time for Prayer and God also wants you to Enjoy your Days. Tomorrow may never be yours at all. And yesterday’s beyond recall.  Today is Precious, Priceless and Beautiful. Don’t put off Today for Tomorrow.

This Moment is a Gift that’s yours and mine. The Present is Golden, so bask in God’s love and he will give you Joy unspeakable and Full of Glory. What we hold in our hands is an Inestimable Treasure.

Thank God for Life, Peace, Joy and Happiness. …. Do not allow the enemy to steal your JOY, no matter hard it may be to do!