I Mean Really?


I really do not know why there are sooooooo many people who are dare devils and seem to live high off the hog with drenilen….. I get wanting to do something OUT THERE and trying something just a tad bit crazy…… but GEESH!

So now I am really assuming that when some or even most of these people get hurt from THEIR OWN ACTIONS, that should be some degree of pity for them? I cannot see why……. Just call your insurance company and keep it moving!.

Nope…. please do not feel bad, just ask yourself if you would participate in any of these activities… and 9 out of 10 people more likely say NO……Some need to get life insurance as well as regular medical insurance with these crazy stunts!




The Spirit of The Devil in A Dress!

If someone….I mean if ANYONE would have told me that this type of video even existed, I would QUICKLY have called them a liar….. There is no way, you have to be kidding, stop trying to get attention, the Lord would not allow someone to do that etc..etc..etc.. However, since the God that I serve is “such a gentleman” he allows us to choose what we want in the life that HE so graciously gave us as a gift……

If you have children around…PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THIS VIDEO………

Talk about the enemy using anything and anybody is an understatement…… This poor woman, is indeed wrapped up in the enemy’s devices…… ANY believer surely knows that God would NOT approve of this….. I can REALLY see why a great deal of people think that people in ministry are crazy….. Talk about wanting ANY type of attention… I almost thought 10 times even before I posted this garbage…but it is on you tube and I wanted to public disgrace the devil just as he is trying to MOCK GOD!

He is using a woman to speak on the things of Christ while trying to tease and make men and im sure even some women lust after this woman….. This is a TRUE EXAMPLE of how the enemy also knows God’s word…… well he should – he had a good seat while he was up in heaven and evidently his place was not good enough……

It makes you angry but it shows you how bold the enemy is as well…. he is such a trickster but his time is short!

God will always win…so no need to get upset anymore but to get better tactics and strategies to beat the enemy with the power of Jesus Christ that is within…. WARFARE TIME…

I decree and declare that the hand of the enemy will lose his hold over this woman and she shall live for the ONE AND ONLY true living God…..


Music and Symbols

Being a Christian….you have to be aware of a variety of things. However, watching this 36 minute video did not shock me ……but the little things that did forced me to pay attention to EVERY little detail now.

The symbols used even in cartoons but the one I even used to watch years ago called The Simpsoms, I just “did not catch” the satanic signs and symbols. The other cartoon called the Boondocks, I never watched it or would have a desire to, you can tell that it is a very repulsive cartoon.


Ugghhh –

So I guess that this means that I need to thank and praise the Almighty God for the STRESS that my TEENAGERS cause me! It feels as if I am the ONLY person in my family who can see the STRONG HOLD of this generational curse that falls on BOTH sides of my family. I am the only one who seems to be praying on it….about it….and trying to work on it. #frustrated

SERIOUSLY!  Geesh……..When will the change come Lord???

Where are the family members that want to be MATURE IN CHRIST? I feel like the Pastor of my family, the big brother and the patriarch at times! #TIRED

NO, WAIT! When will the ” consistency stay ” instead of the change that has COME and quickly LEFT when they do not get what they want!! If my kids dont get it in the spiritual – I surely do not want them to get what they want in the natural….. ..because if it “goes in that order” THEY WONT CHANGE! #TEARS




Divorce Doubt …..

Divorce Abuse…..

Divorce Depression…..

Divorce Bigotry……

Divorce Infidelity….

Divorce Stealing……

Divorce Battery…..

Divorce Fornication……

Divorce Trickery……

Divorce Idolatry…..

Divorce Gluttony…..

Divorce Killing….

Divorce Homosexulaity…..

Divorce Bearing False Witness…….

Divorce Coveting…..

Divorce Jealousy…..

Divorce Slothfulness….

The Devil Comes To STEAL, KILL And DESTROY……so make it a POINT to get Divorced today!!

Developing TRUE faith may seem pretty hard to most people. One of the hardest problems with developing FAITH is the fact that it is an everyday thing that we must be conscious of and Focus on because if we do not we can easily be lead astray.

The DEVIL is a liar and he will do everything in his power to make you Lose faith in what the word says and what is Rightfully Yours by the BLOOD of JESUS….

Helping Self...

A winning STREAK!

right in the kisser

Excue me – I just got excited because I know that the devil is DEFEATED and last night as well as this morning …. he challenged me and I WON!!!! ( again )

It may seem silly to some…….. but there were a lot of times more than I would like to ADMIT that the devil would try to distract me…..delay me and I would end up in a VERY bad mood and then innocent people would feel the WRATH of “what I had allowed”!! That is so unfair right!!!

Self Control – Remaining Calm – Staying Focused when the devil is trying to SHIFT my blessing used to be a ” task for me” HOWEVER – through discipline – prayer and faith….

I have EXCITEDLY learned to indeed pull myself together and did NOT allow the enemy to take me off course!

So, yeah!!.. >>>> POW!!! I won and he is defeated!!  This WINNING STREAK feels mighty good! God has everything to do with it too!


Dear ( ME )

secrets/ #random again

im sitting here wondering who came up with the word secret?…. the first thing that i think of is lucifer / satan…. he is the first to put the “act” of the definition secret into play when he “thought” that he would secretly gather 1/3 of the angles in Heaven.

I said to myself… if he knew and understood the power of GOD…..( which of course he did ) ….how in the world could he have thought that he could sneak and gather an army without God’s divine knowlege? Humans were blessed with discernment so what was the devil thinking?

I dunno….. just like EVERYTHING else… God knows before things even transpire….. but that just shows that anything God creates has the potential to “fall”….. God made the humans just a little lower than the Angels so what does that tell you? (Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands) HEBREWS 2:7

We are some special folk who sometimes speak about how man falls and how can it be so easy to fall when we serve a God like The Alpha and Omega… Welp, I say EASY!! The HIGH ranking and distinction that Lucifer / now called Satan had in Heaven was amazing and you see it still was NOT enough for him.. However, it is no different than when God blesses us with more than we can ask or think… and WE STILL HAVE THE NERVE TO ASK FOR MORE….WANT FOR ME…SEEK OUT MORE ETC.. …

So the difference between Satan and the humans is that God granted us GRACE……………. now it would be nice if we all would stop abusing yet another gift that He has bestowed upon us…..

Grace has the ability to be just like time……. it can RUN OUT!