Examples ……

Do you set a good example for others?  Are you proud of your words and actions?  As Albert Einstein accurately observed, setting a good example is the only means of influencing another person.  A major cause of stress is trying to change someone.  It’s hard enough to change yourself.  It’s virtually impossible to change someone else.

Setting a good example isn’t an attempt to change someone.  Rather, it’s showing by your words and deeds what is possible.  Some people will pick up on your example while others won’t.  You have no control over how other people act.

Regardless of how others see it, setting a good example always works to your benefit.  Besides the possibility of influencing others, you attract positive people and situations by your positive actions.

Start setting a good example by always being courteous and polite to all those you come into contact with.  Have respect for and show kindness to others.  Even if you are treated poorly, resist the temptation to react in kind.  I have seen this approach bring a smile to even the surliest individuals.

Have your life shine as an example to others.  You don’t have to be perfect but you should always be striving to improve.  Regardless of your past, you can direct your future in any direction you chose.



Culture Differences!

Interesting how wording, dress attire, handshakes, food, eye contact, and gestures can have TOTALLY different meaning!



Remember that DIVERSITY is an open doorway of opportunity to find things out about LIFE.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ but WISDOM allows me to also gather some truth and understanding in other ways as well. Even a sinner can help show you things about yourself that you seemed to not have been able to gain from the most popular Christian Pastor in the world!

So with that being said… this statement is VERY TRUE and it was supposedly quoted from a religion that I DO NOT FOLLOW!

However, that is not the most important thing because the message “is still very true”…… we have to learn to take what WE NEED and let the rest of the message just “simply dissolve” if it is not for us! Got it? Get it? Good!