Helping Self...

Today’s Good Mood Songs!

MUSIC indeed my therapy and I Love Gavin! – his music always gets me moving

Helping Self...

Irritating Evening –


Whew…..dealing with VERY DIFFICULT PEOPLE can have the ability to stress you out if YOU let it……

Do you ever try to figure them out. Why are they being so nasty? Are they jealous? Are they  annoyed with you about something specific? Are they stressed out? Are they  afraid? Are they mistrustful? You’ll need to learn what makes them tick before you can stop them from ticking you off.

Avoid appeasing them. You wouldn’t reward a bad dog, so why let a difficult  person get away with bad behavior? If you let them get their way, they’ll only  be encouraged.

Don’t try to change them. It’s impossible to change someone’s entire being. Not  only that, but people usually get pretty indignant if they sense you are trying  to shape their character. Your only hope is deal with their behavior gracefully.
I have QUICKLY LEARNED to choose your mode of confrontation. Don’t lose your cool but be firm and  assertive. Let them know you won’t be pushed around, but don’t exasperate the  situation by fighting an unnecessary fight.

Don’t take things personally. Troublesome behavior is habitual. Difficult people  tend to be difficult to everyone BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT THEMSELVES THAT THEY ARE UN – HAPPY ABOUT.

Whew…im done!




Fun and Me


Fun is a word that SELDOM lived within my vocabulary ….let alone my life – I cannot believe HOW SERIOUS, I used to be about everything! Geesh!

Laughter is something that seems to put a smile on your face, make your stomach hurt, bring tears to your eyes, bring a chuckle to your heart and so much more! So I think to myself, why in the world did I choose to miss out on sooooooo  much?

My circle from a few years ago compared to my circle now is almost completely like night and day because of the changes that I have done from within.. I am still somewhat the same but when you grow in God, you can NO LONGER stay completely the same because God is all about progress1

Church fun is different sometimes when you are in leadership because you are trained to ALWAYS be serious ( over serious and deep ) about so many things that it can ROB you of the JOY OF BEING A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST!

So glas that part of my life over! I now slay demons and laugh all at the same time! LOL

Fuss with my some friends and show love all at the same times!

Remain stern with my kids while not neglecting the Christ that I stand for!

Maintain relationships that are important and kill the ones that are not!

Respect the differences that I have amongst strangers but have an open mind to who they are as well!

Pray for loved ones who I chose not to deal with but still have the space within to wish them the best!

Understand that God is able to do exceeding and abundantly far more than I can ask or think but know that I still must wait on HIM!

God is awesome – is He not!!!


Open and Closed Letter

To My Oldest Kids,

I was sitting here thinking and re- evaluations a whole of things that transpired between the 3 of us over the years., Then I also had a talk with one of your previous coaches, talked to a few other relatives, talked to God and even had a tiny conversation with myself about you and your sister over your very LONG teenage years.  I was a little excited because you will both be turning 19 years of age in July and I still ask myself where did the time go! Although you guys are fraternal twins – sometimes I wonder if you are really indeed twins at all because you both just have WAY too, too, too, too, too, too  many differences! ( good and bad )

Nonetheless, as I move on in my life I wanted you to know that I will always – always love you and I am NO LONGER upset with either one of you! Plus, if I desire to get into Heaven, I better not be mad anymore! Plus, it is not worth it at all….

Well, with you both, Please know that  I am just no longer willing to accept your disrespect and your unwillingness to put in the time and effort that it takes for us to build and maintain a loving and healthy relationship….

I am sure that you are shocked but guess what – I was too when I was able to FINALLY come to this point in my life!

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, you both will be turning 19 years of age next month and I have been struggling HARD with the both of you since you were 12 1/2 and I do believe that it is time for ME to see about ME.  You guys have chosen for the last 7 years of what you wanted to do…when you wanted to do it…if you wanted to do it…who you wanted to do it for and with…. and sad to say, None of it INCLUDED ME!

I love you guys to pieces and when “it is time”, we will connect again but it will be on my time and terms…. oh an by the way, I am glad that you both are my kids … EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T ACT, SPEAK, OR DRESS LIKE IT!

If you need need better interpretation of this quick – blunt – open and closed letter, please consult God!



P.S. If you cannot tell by now – I have allowed every year that has passed to MAKE ME better and not bitter!