Long Distance Pals


If you are like most of us in this world, you can probably count your closest friends on one hand. So realizing that you have lost touch with all, or even one of your friends, is quite unsettling. But the fact is, time and distance have a way of putting dents in relationships that you once thought would never end. Life becomes very busy after high-school or college.

Without conscious effort, work, husbands, families, pets, and hobbies begin to take precedence over old friendships and become excuses as to why we don’t keep in touch.

But let’s face it, our lives are fuller with friends! And although we become busier and busier every day, it’s a fact that we can be close with our friends, even if they live far away.

MOST of my friends live in other states and I have made it my mission for this WHOLE 2013 SUMMER to go and visit all of them – even if its just for a 4 day weekend….. Relationships lasts because we put in the work for them to do so!


Distance Can Be Your Friend….

Distance for some loved ones is what is needed to maintain at least a satisfatory relationship……for some people it is good to stay in contact by way of technology… are not too close and not too far but there is a way that you can always stay in touch with one another..if need be

However, Loving a few people from a distance and give them the space and time that is needed so that they can get their minds right….their actions right…their motives right before you allow them back into your life… Again it is our individual choice / decision whom we let enter our lives….

Forget the slogan of reason…season and lifetime… sometimes there are people who do not even FIT at all and we still try to “find a space for them” or a nice cozy undeserving slot… why do it if we know FROM THE BEGINNING that they do not belong in your life….let alone NEAR US?

I am sure that we all have been there….. but the difference is that I STOPPED it.. now it is your turn!! Stop letting people enter who are not welcomed!

Thinking of my buddy Phil ( for single and married couples ) and all of his great wisdom right now….. much love my friend!