Round 2 Same Day


Okay!!! Just got back to the hospital hospital again…. I wrote and posted this but forgot to hit upload! !!

Welp…  from not sleeping at all yet..I’m feeling just a little great right now… LIFE is such a beautiful thing when ALL hell seems to break loose BUT YOU STILL have what is most  important to YOU! !!!

Well, my Mother indeed is it…the most important thing to ME. .. (So serious) and as she slept…..sooo peacefully!! Then cracked open one eye making sure we was STILL there was hilariously funny BUT also made it hard to leave!!!!


So we acted silly (silently) until we knew she was OUT for the count!!!

Thanking God…..AGAIN


God is Able –


Welp….. been up since yesterday at 3 am trying to get things straight…. Mind – Body – Soul and Spirit via my mommy cakes! I tell you… it is always something going on but God is the ULTIMATE HEALER RIGHT!!

We played around and acted super silly as we got mom to the hospital and waited until her surgery was over….We talked about family as usual…new traditions…the ups and the downs….different types of friendships / relationships…. how we can do things going forward….the holidays…the family reunion…..what is missing.. etc…..etc….

I was exhausted by at least this EARLY afternoon! – LOL ….I was sleepy….smelled a bit “interesting” ..had to leave and go to 2 different appointments….get cleaned up…pick my son up..feed him with homework AND STILL COME BACK TO THE HOSPITAL!…

My niece is standing here talking to my mom and just being ever so grateful to the Lord for bringing her out of surgery. … She sooo sweet!!!


Well honey- praise the Lord that ALL went well because the story that her doctor shared with me and my oldest sister was mind boggling via my mommy’s “previous condition” before she went under the knife… God is amazing and I soo enjoyed the look on the doctor’s face when he could NOT EXPLAIN NOR UNDERSTAND how she was even still alive –

I simply told him that it was by the GRACE OF GOD – Gosh..I absolutely LOVE this woman!!


Every Day is A Good Day –


Isnt she lovely? Isnt she wonderful? She makes ME HAPPY……So very happy!! I am indeed a happy camper! A happy daughter! A happy kid in a candy store!

From dealing with hospitals, wires, doctors, nurses, emergency rooms, iv’s, heart machines and hearing the words code blue over the intercom way too many times – ANY DAY above ground is a good day! People please love on your PARENTS –

Being with my ” Mommy – Cakes” MAKES ME understand what living in the moment is really all about – It teaches me not to complain and to hold my peace / hold my tounge about a few things! That is ONE of many things that I admire about her.

When it comes to ” my mother “…….There are some people that really rub me the wrong way and I have not yet arrived to the place where she is mentally…emotionally…and spiritually in regards to DEALING with these “special types” of people! Nonetheless, like I stated – it is helping me to GROW – ( LOL )

Back to “reality”  LOL – She is doing great and I am great because she is great and that is all that really matters to me these days… Life is full of ups and downs and I am just always praying that on all of these CRAZY AND OUT OF THE BLUE roller coaster rides – God grants ME the STRENGTH, STRATEGIES AND TACTICS to just simply ” hold on “……………..not to the things of Life but HIM which who has granted and given me LIFE


My Baby’s Tastebuds….

I have to admit that some days his after school snacks are a break between healthy and unhealthy…… I hate to say unhealthy because he does have a variety of all of the food groups….. We are ALWAYS RIPPING AND RUNNING with his activities and cooking at home is ummmm….. like a 2 day a weekk thing! This boy has something to do EVERYDAY of the week literally…..

I do know that we are cutting out the bread…. well at least he can have bread twice a week but that is it…. He eats tons of fruit…. tons of Gatorade… tons of SPECIAL K Products and even a great deal of protein bars….. However, Wish I had the money to just build a chain of gyms for kids….I know that I would make a killing because at least 85 percent of kids in AMERICA is overweight – INCLUDING MINE!

Crazy thing is that he is in shape like he weighed like a skinny kid….

From martial arts…. he is alright… From soccer..he is alright… From baseball…he is alright… From basketball…he is alright..

I should have went ahead and signed him up for swimming – I know that would have SERIOUSLY helped us both shed some pounds….

Just even THINKING about putting this boy in another activity gives me a panic attack! LOL – It is just plumb exhausting and in a minute… His part time nanny will become his mother because I am tired!

It isnt too late but who wants to pay $300.00 for yet ANOTHER ACTIVITY! I already have to buy another instrument for this kid….. I tell him that he costs too much and needs to get a job… His reply is mom I did ask you to work but you said that I am too youn! UGGHH….. ” HUSH IT BOY ”

Helping Self...

Complaining 101 – “STOP”

My mindset RIGHT at this moment is a sincere notion of saying…… I will NEVER – (try my best to) and fill in the blank.

After watching this….

I mean seriously I will NEVER complain again. (try my best to) >> SERIOUSLY!

complain about the many errands I have to run
complain about me not getting enough rest
complain about the rain
complain about it being too cold
complain about it being too hot
complain about having to wait in lines
complain about traffic
complain about my make up
complain about my clothes
complain aboutmy weight
complain about my bills
complain about church
complain about what is not on sale
complain about what food chain I wont go to
complain about what mall is too far
complain about my teacher
complain about my family ( Hmm…. I need help with this one )               complain about high gas prices                                                                                complain about school                                                                                                  complain about who did what and where

I shall practice The Art Form of shutting up….”more often”