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I laughed at said – I think that you are missing some more!

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russell simmons

Never Thought that Russell Simmons.. Hip Hop Could Change My Life

russell s...


Something weird, great, unusual and yet so liberating happened to me in the early part of this year of 2008. I was fighting to come out of yet another storm that the Lord saw that I needed to go through and he sent me to Barnes n Nobles.

Personally when I am in certain storms, I need DIFFERENT things to help SUSTAIN ME while I am in it. Therefore, in the end…. I shall .. will.. did come out as pure gold.. Anyway I went to the self help, business then back to the political section and as I was scanning over titles and book covers I thought of music in general.

By this point I was like Lord.. “” seriously.. I have way too many cd’s as it is!! you cant be telling me to buy some MORE music””… then I saw Russell Simmons book called Do You.I bought it, read it.. cried over it.. and I changed!

I started this new and improved version of  life when I was talking to  a wonderful pastor friend of mine who is just exploding in ministry right now in the Maryland area..

Then I  was like wow.. what I am feeling.. the urgency to want more and do better for the Kingdom sake is really also for EVERYONE.. We can get tired but we cant stop……

Just for the record,,, and not that you would ever need any promising words from me..

I wanted you to know that i am so Godly.. brotherly.. and sisterly proud of anyone who is REALLY trying to make it in this place that we called “life/ the world/ america.. and I love you dearly.. as a people we dont support one another and in the body we surely dont support each other…

So if you dont feel appreciated where you are… just know that you have love, prayers and support from someone currently in the Pennslvania Region!

I really do…  just think back.. if you can recall.. all of the serioius struggles that WE ALL had in our lives..

From the early 1990’s til being honest.. even present….I think we  all talk about starting something etc.. then not finishing etc..

I pushed ,cheered and help build other people on and helped them become something .. someone great…..

You think that I would have gotten the ephipany as early as 2000 that I needed to revamp my life.. my mind.. my friends.. my enviorment…

I have done so much in life already.. and thank God that he has given me several gifts and talents.. but still realized with all that I have done over the past 15 years.. that I was lacking things.. within…….

PLEASE dont be silly like me and misjude russell simmons cause he does hip hop!  

Read his book called,  DO YOU!  if you can read Donald Trump and Oprah, then you can take a snag at this one too!!

Well.. what I have realized is if you are tired NOW and going thru.. dont get too comfy because as you are about to come out…. you are also about to go back in..

But turn to your neighbor and say FRET NOT!!

God is guiding you.. ( AND ME ) never allowing you to stumble for the devil’s sake.. always for your own.. because God is always trying to show you off.. and will do whatever he has to do “remind” folk who you belong to.. and what you were “hand picked” to do!

I said all of that to say…… alot can change inside of you if you just READ and be open to whatever and however God is trying to talk to you to get you to your next Kingdom Assignment!!

You may sound gitty and jibberish like I do now! but its a good thang!!