Online Foolishness


I was with a girl pal of mine and we both was online and she set up a profile page for me… Now I told you guys a few weeks ago why online dating “is not my thing” There was this guy who reached out to me… and I was like he probably dont even dress like that because the profile photo was in a business suit and all of his others were “hood / street” clothing.. which is a HUGE NO – NO for me! I dont care if it is online….off the grocery store…at the mall…at church – REGARDLESS!

Well she started replying to him “for me” and he turned out to be a HORRID liar and she was soo appalled and upset because he said in an email that he was a producer and sent links to his work and 2 of them were documentaries and she is like see…. he seems to be ok. I told her that ANYONE who is about anything would NOT give out so much information about themselves up front so quickly…

But moving right along with the SILLY but so REAL story…..I said he is trying to be too cocky or maybe presenting his information so that he can be seen as a legit person maybe.. BUT I still dont trust he is all put together like he is trying to present… So he sent one more link stating this was another project that he did….

( of course I already deleted my picture and account info and made her promise she would NEVER do nothing like this again….)

At that moment I told my friend that he is NOT LEGIT and she was like you are soo against meeting people online…I said no – it is all about PRESENTATION!! I was trying to explain to her if the guy was STEPHEN SPIELBERG, TYLER PERRY or RON HOWARD they would not be sending links of their work at all because they would want to see if the woman is interested in them rather than their money – fame and success…. She still thought that I was being too judgemental…..


Lo and behold..we opened the last link that the fake producer sent and it was a very CHEAP – LOW BUDGET – SEMI PORN GANGSTER FLICK!!!

I laughed so hard while she fussed and almost cussed at the computer! ……

So now do you see why the photo in this picture is VALID IN MY BOOK!!!! LOL

I told her to  stop-sign trying to HURRY me along to be with someone – Wisdom tells me when to say YES or NO!



Hmmmm… I dont know why people are so into setting me up on a blind date and pushing me to do online dating… Welp, I have my own feeling that people online LIE…… they want to appear to be something that they are not. Granted it is not everyone I am sure… I have even read that a great deal of actresses and singers have went to online sites and have had major success stories…

Okay to PROVE my point to my friends I signed up and went onto a site and CLEARLY stated my interests short and sweet below:

 The Basics

  • · 5’3″ / 160 cm
  • · Female
  • · Black/African
  • · Average Build
  • · Divorced
  • · Has Children at home
  • · Advanced Degree
  • · Christian
  • · Doesn’t smoke
  • · Doesn’t drink


1. Skin color doesnt matter – Interracial Dating is Fine
2. I dont date those who smoke nor drink
3. Must have personal relationship with Jesus Christ
4. If MARRIED<<<< DO NOT contact me! Even if you are seperated, that means that you are STILL MARRIED-Thanks!

Perfect Match edit

There is no perfect match but 2 people who are different that are WILLING to making a Christian relationship work can be a match!



 War Movies ( 300 / Troy / Gladiator ) Drama ( Love Stories ( P.S. I Love You ) Documentaries ( Michael Moore ) Asian Flims ( The Curse of the Golden Flower )


 Biographies, ( U.S.Presidents, Italian and Russian Political Leaders ) Political, ( Bill Clinton, Juan Williams) Bill Cosby – Come on PeopleSPORTS / Football
Baltimore Ravensand Pittsburgh SteelersSPORTS / Baseball
Philadelphia Phillies

Now after that quick info.. I have gotten over 100 emails wanting to talk to me more via email or telephone…


I was so furious! My buddies are looking through the pictures of the guys that reached out to me and they could not understand why I was being so up tight.


Well while they were looking at the PHOTOS of the men that were sending me messages…


I was quickly directing them to THEIR PROFILE INFORMATION!


I pointed out that it was very evident that NONE of the men even READ my profile information because everyone who contacted me had the following below:

1. married

2. seperated

3. smokes socially

4. drinks socially

5. atheist or Catholic

So they ONLY viewed my photo and did not take the time to read ABOUT ME…. so there you have it.. no online dating sites for me! I am glad that I PROVED MY POINT TO THEM!!!

The wait is long but I will wait on the Lord because He surely has waited on me to get myself together… I will wait to see what He has prepared for me!

” Lord dont take too much longer please”….. LOL