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Encouraging Myself –


It is fascinating to hear stories of people who have survived tragic events.  Someone makes it out alive of a landslide. Someone survives a crash. Someone survives after days at sea.  We are never promised to come out alive, but we can know survival in our hearts if we trust Jesus. There is spiritual survival for the believer. How can we survive in the storms of life?

The disciples were told to go over to the other side in Mark 4:35. Jesus was with them in the ship. They did not know, but their survival was due to the fact of the presence of Jesus in their vessel. How can we  experience peace in the storms? The answer is simple, we must have Jesus on board.

Many people are uncomfortable with Jesus in their ship.  Many people want to run their own ship. They don’t want to answer to the Captain, they don’t want to take orders, they want to be at the helm and chart their own course. SURVIVAL……HOW CAN WE SURVIVE in the year 2013?

How can we endure through the storms of this up-coming new year of 2014?  How can we survive the temptations to quit our faith?  How can we survive the pressures of everyday life?  How can we survive family members in disarray? How can we survive in a stormy marriage?  How can we survive criticism?  How can we survive the bad news we will get this year?   If YOU ARE  hoping to go through life without pressure, without criticism, without temptations, without bad news, without tragedy, then you are living on FANTASY ISLAND.

TO SURVIVE…..WE MUST KNOW THAT JESUS IS ON BOARD OUR SHIP. I hope every person has ask Jesus to be the captain of their lives. There are numerous ADVANTAGES OF HAVING JESUS ON BOARD!!!!

WE HAVE PURPOSE.   In Jesus, I know why I’m here!


What Do You See? (via yourself)


If our self-image is based on comparing ourselves to others or by what others say or think about us, it can affect us in three ways: lack of confidence, making bad decisions or choices, and low self-esteem. A bad self-image can lead to lack of confidence, so we make bad decisions or choices, which lowers our self-esteem. Our low self-esteem further deteriorates our confidence, which leads to more bad decisions or choices, which leave us feeling worse. This feeling can be paralyzing, which fosters helplessness and hopelessness. We see no way out. We feel trapped. We are victims.

Perhaps you can relate: your relationship, job or business failed, and your self-image and self-confidence takes a nose dive. Don’t beat yourself up about it, and don’t think that you can’t do anything about it. No matter what you have done or what choices you made, it doesn’t mean your life is over.

There is no sense beating ourselves up over mistakes of the past. There are no such things as mistakes, only lessons.